Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Open House in Worthington was a success! The Holy Hookers had a rug display! Enjoy the pix...

Jane, Mike, Chuck & Deb had the lobby of Select Insurance in Worthington decorated for Christmas with this wonderful tree as the centerpiece. It was a great space for this display! Words can't express my appreciation for all they did to make the Holy Hookers rug show possible.

Rugs were displayed on this large green work table with matching chairs. My "Scrappy Squares" rug in on the floor below.

A couple of the rugs were displayed on this old office desk. My picnic basket with "Cat's Paws" lid sits below.

A general view of our display showing the antique office furniture that we were able to utilize.

Another view of the display in the lobby of Select Insurance.

Debbie and I worked together for this show. We demonstrated hooking and greeted people as they came in. A small door prize (a little mat) was given away. Deb works at Select Insurance and her help was invaluable. She served cookies and spiced cider from a decorated table. She completed this rug, called "Sheep with Flower Cart", early this year. It's displayed on an antique slant-top desk.

Becky's pillow (a gift to her Mother) was displayed on an old office chair.

Jane hooked this large chair pad from a Margo White design called "Springtime".

I brought this "Twin Cats" rug; thought the red and green colors would be appropriate. This rug is based on an antique pattern.

Since it was a holiday open house we had a couple of Christmas pieces. This "Folkart Santa" was done by Jane. It is a big rug and very impressive. Jane does excellent work!

This sweet little Santa chair pad is by Debbie; it was bound in homespun.

Jacque's "Running Horse" is a beauty! This was one of Jacque's first rugs and she did a great job. It is displayed on a table marked "free" ... and of course it flew out of there!

This little "Pumpkin Mat" was done by Nancy. She is a busy working woman and doesn't get to hook as much as she would like ... But she is very good at what she does.

Becky's "Pot of Posies" is a wonderful shape, don't you think? (Would make a good door topper.) Becky is a very precise hooker and I don't think she even needs to steam her rugs they are so even when she's done. Displayed on an antique office desk.

Jane had this wonderful table and chairs set up. Her "My Three Sons" rug is on top and my own four "Star" chair pads are on each chair (red, green, copper and gray).
BTW ... this table/chairs was for sale for $75 which I assume was snapped right up ...

I don't know what Jane calls this, but I entitled it "Moby Dick (the great white whale)". It is a cute little mat. Would be nice used as a table topper.

Stephanie's "July Cabin" was finished early this year. She entered it in the Owen County Fair this summer and received a blue ribbon! Way to go Steph!

This crescent shaped rug is called "Flowers in Bloom". Teresa found this old pattern and finished it this summer. I especially love the wool she chose for the border.

Deb hooked this "Flower Basket" mat and had it finished just in time for the show. Great job Debbie!

This rug is called "Cat's Paws" and was hooked by Becky. It is her own design and color plan. She has a wonder color sense!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prayer shawl ...

I completed this prayer shawl Sunday; may still put fringe on the ends (?). I am going to try to talk my local UMW unit into starting a prayer shawl ministry at our church for members, families, friends and neighbors. We actually don't do a lot for our own church as a unit, so I'm going to present this idea to them next Tuesday. I know at least two of them knit or crochet already. Although we're a small unit in size (six active members), if we each made one shawl every six months we could give a shawl away every month. And there always seems to be a need for something like this to give as a comfort, to wrap around a person in grief, illness, recovery, etc.

I hope the other ladies will agree ... If we can do big things for strangers in Africa surely we can do this small thing for our own community.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excellent week ...

Leeann's work space (with her priorities straight!)

Leeann's quilt top in progress

My work space and quilt top in progress

Jane's work space (isn't she neat!)

Jane's baby quilt in progress

Deb hooking (and watching IU basketball on TV, all at the same time!)

I've just had a great week. Been enjoying this really fine weather but last night the gloomy moved in; we had a real storm with wind but no damage. Wendell was cooking out on the deck and the rain started (of course) while he was out there, so he pulled the grill into the screened porch. Since I just freak out about the wind anymore, we moved the dinner to the wine room in the basement where it could be blowing 100 mph and you'd never hear it. Nice. By the time we finished a bottle and dinner it was calm top side. Ahhhhh ....

Had a wonderful retreat at Jane's last Friday & Saturday and I think all of us got a lot done! (Thank you again Jane for having us.) I know Leeann finished her quilt top and I am done with Benjie's mystery quilt #1 except for a couple of smallish borders. Some pix are above from the weekend. Jane has a WONDERFUL space for this sort of thing. We missed Benjie (she's in sunny FL) and Jane sent her a picture on the cell so she could share in a small way. Deb joined us and hooked. Jane was working on her newest grand baby's quilt. It was wonderful having all of that time to sew with no stopping except for short pizza and wine breaks and some sleep!

This week I'm trying to tie up loose ends and start thinking about Thanksgiving dinner and what I have to do revolving around that. I'll bet you're doing the same thing. Friday will be a fun day; I'm going to a quilt show in Columbus and stopping along the way at Homestead Weavers in Brown County. (I will get my loom warped and weave something before Christmas.) On the minus side, I took all of my hooking "stuff" back over to the garage so I probably won't get any more hooking (to amount to anything) done on that runner rug until the holidays are over. (Sigh ...)

This Saturday will be the Holy Hookers rug display at Select Insurance in Worthington from 10 to 2. I'm excited! I'm making labels on the printer and it looks like I need to email some of them again to bug them about bringing something! I probably should have done some sort of advertising, like an announcement in the local paper, but I just haven't gotten that done (yet). (Did I say I'm plenty good at procrastination?) But we'll be there if anyone knows about us or not. I'm thinking signage is all I need outside and hopefully the weather will be good enough to put a rug out front to point the way! People will be in town for the holiday open house and it will be fun! I was sad to hear that Wendy's antique shop will be closing after the holidays! Darn!

Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hooking was last night ...

We had a great time at the Library. Librarian Andrea told me there were 12 of us. A good sized group. Since there were no newbies I got to hook, too! I took the rug that has the woman with weird hair and I'd say I have about 1/3 to go. It's a pretty large rug. I am determined to NOT start anything new until I have it AND the dreaded runner rug complete! (If I don't get it done by Jan. 1 I will probably put it away again .....) I am just so tired of it! BUT it would be nice to have it down in the hall and actually use it before we move away from here to a house without a hallway ... LOL!

Wendell & Neil have been cutting wood the past few days and I have been over at my work room sewing. I finally have the mystery quilt organized and now all I have to do is sew it together. Sounds easy, doesn't it. My friend Jane is having a sewing marathon at her house in a few days and I expect to get lots done there. Yeah! Looking forward to that ...

One of the things we discussed last night was our upcoming rug display at the Select Insurance offices on November 19 in Worthington. We are looking forward to having the use of that space, especially because Jane has assembled some wonderful antique pieces in their front lobby that we can utilize as display units for our rugs! And Deb says the tree will be up! I am so excited! That date is the official kick-off for Christmas by the merchants. Worthington has a great assortment of antiques shops now and we will be right next to the bestest one, Worthington Antiques. You just have to see this shop! I am thrilled that Jane & Mike have let us use their business for our rug display. I think it will be a nice complement to the merchant's holiday open house.

I'm going to add a "page", to the right, from our last rug display which was at the fire station in Worthington a.s.a.p. Let me know what you think. I'll call it Holy Hookers Spring Show.

Well, I gotta accomplish a few little jobs around here today. I finally have ALL of the flower beds ready for winter. But I want to finish taking in my flowers in pots before they freeze & crack. So I think I'll finish that after lunch (along with the obligatory load of laundry). Hung the sheets out yesterday and they got plenty o' wind; smell so good! Tonight I think we're going to the Gasthoff for dinner, if Wendell can stand up. Neil is working his butt off! (Actually I think it's a contest.) And W. doesn't have much of a butt to lose! LOL!