Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's almost over ... but a whole new one is just around the corner.

What a wonderful Christmas!  We had our family get-together at son Adrian's home in Michigan.  All seven of us were there.  Here's a picture from the day of Veronica hiding in one of the boxes.  Even nine-year-olds still enjoy seeing if they can fit into a big box!  She got a lot of great presents and we all enjoyed watching her open them and spoiling her.  I think her two favorites that day were the big green machine from Uncle Jeff and the harmonica from Wendell and I.  (I don't know about the popularity of that harmonica by the end of the day but WE thought it was a great gift!) 

It was such a good day!  We all enjoyed watching the new puppy, catching up on what everyone's been doing, eating too much (Gloria is a wonderful cook!), opening gifts, watching Adrian put the big green machine together in the living room, and then we ate some more.  Ahhhhhh!  

That night, after we got back to the motel and were relaxing with a cup of coffee, the power went off.  An ice storm had started about dark.  Actually as I write this some people are still without power up there and it's been a week now.  It was about 9:30 and we were tired so we just went to bed about 10-ish.  The power went out again the next a.m. as I was in the middle of a shower ... thank goodness Wendell had brought the flashlight up to the room so with it shining in the bathroom mirror, I finished showering and he got shaved without too much blood.  After a cold, dark breakfast we hit the road and by the time we were back in Indiana the roads were normal, though we did drive home in the rain.  Listening to the Colts on the radio, winning, made the trip go by quickly.  

We saw lots of utility company vehicles and highway workers removing trees from the secondary highway as we started out on in Michigan.  As we got closer to home we heard about all of the rain we had received here in southern Indiana and wondered if our road would be flooded and we would have to walk in on the RR tracks.  But all was well.  However, we were flooded in for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  We didn't want to go anywhere anyway so ...  Now everything's back to normal (whatever that is).

Here's our Christmas tree this year.  We need new lights I think.  And probably a new tree ... This area is where the gun cabinet used to be.  We took it to Adrian this Christmas.  I want to put something else here but not sure just now what it's going to be.  There is some discussion going on about that at our house ... LOL!  I'll keep you updated.

We've been having some absolutely beautiful sunrises lately.  I'm usually up for them, making coffee.  Here's the view out my kitchen window last week with the sun just getting ready to come up over Kelly's Ridge.  I wanted to share this with you.

This was one of my very favorite gifts this year.  From our newest almost-family member, Jane.  She made it; inside this flat glass ornament is our 50th Wedding Anniversary invitation in strips.  It is the neatest thing!  What a clever idea.  Thank you Jane!  She fits right in; we are blessed.
Next time I write it will probably be 2014.  So much to do and so little time.  Time -- it's flying by and I still have so much to accomplish in life.  

God bless you all.  And I wish you a very happy new year.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Busy busy busy ...

And So This is Christmas.  That's my favorite Christmas song of the day.  John Lennon.  Funny, I really never was a Beatle fan.  But I like that song right now.  Heard it again today in the car on the way home from the dentist and really cranked it up.  I got him to hold off on the major dental work until January.  So the minor work is done for now and I have about 5 weeks break until I go back to the dentist again for the expensive stuff.  OH, YEAH!

I think I'm done Christmas shopping!  I just have one more thing ordered and it's for the big guy so I still have a week till that's needed.  Son called tonight to warn of maybe rotten weather for our family Christmas up north.  Well, it could happen.  But we'll make it there and back one way or another.

Found these three dish towels (I suppose) at an antique mall recently.  Like them a lot.  Now, what to do with them?  I could use them for pillows maybe? ... 

Also found these quilt blocks at the same place.  They appear to be pretty old.  I have them on the design wall and am trying to figure out what to put with them.  They're big -- 18" square.  The more I look at them the more I like them ...

I baked all of these cookies and two of the three events I baked them for were cancelled due to weather, so now we have 7 dozen cookies in the freezer.  Guess we'll have to choke them down ourselves ... (sigh).  Actually, we never have welcomed our new neighbors and we could do so with a plate of cookies!  Also disappointing was that the rug hooking guild I belong to cancelled their Christmas party and it only rained.  What can I say?  We have turned into a country controlled by the weatherman.  I refuse to participate.  For instance, the antique tractor association we belong to was going to have a Christmas in the Village event and I understood when they cancelled the first weekend; there was a big storm.  But last weekend?  It rained for Pete's sake!  Oh well, like I said ... 

Tomorrow is hooking at the Library and I'm looking forward to that.  Hope someone shows up!  At least I know Laurie is coming from Indy.  Isn't that something?  She and I may be the only ones there.  And she's driving all the way here from Indy.  I think these local gals are trying to tell me something about daytime hooking -- Not popular!  And obviously everyone knows that most hookers do their best work at night!  Ya gotta laugh.  It's my life.

Have a blessed Christmas holiday.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Colts week ...

I went to my first regular season Colts game last Sunday and they won!  It was ugly but exciting and they came away with a "W" so who can complain?  There weren't very many empty seats and lots of noise!  I'm so glad I went.  Two more home games; we have the application for playoff tickets and pondering what to do ...

Then on Tuesday we went to the Colts Complex on 56th Street in Indy for a season ticket appreciation luncheon.  We are "charter" season ticket holders (30 years this year) and they invited 100 people like me, plus a guest, to a nice lunch.  By the way, they said there are only 1,600 charter season ticket owners.  We got a pep talk from the head of customer relations, Larry Hall, and then Bob Lamey spoke.  Then two Colts players came on for a sort of Q&A with Bob -- Robert Mathis and Anthony Castonzo.  This was very interesting and before I knew it, it was over.  (Well, they gave away some really nice door prizes but of course we didn't win anything.)  If you hadn't had the opportunity before, the Super Bowl trophy was there and people lined up to take pictures of it or with it or whatever.  They even let people touch it and hold it!  (We had already seen it the year they won; we went to Crawfordsville and stood in line to see it then -- we were so excited!)  All in all it was a great day.
Everyone had a chance to go onto the indoor practice field and I got a shot before anyone had a chance to get out there.  It would have been nicer if there had been actual players practicing but ...
This is a poor picture; sorta blurry and, yes, I should have zoomed but that's Lamey, Castonzo and Mathis, I swear.

Right now the Colts are on TV and if I stay in here they might stand a chance of winning.  See that's the trouble; when I actually go to the game I can't "leave the room".  Well, I guess I could go out in the concourse and walk around but that would be sort of dumb ...

We got all ready for Christmas in the Village at Elnora, which the White River Valley Antique Association is sponsoring, but then the snow came!  It snowed out Christmas in the Village Friday and Saturday!  Who would have thought it would happen?!  Santa LOVES snow!  But anyway, we'll work it next weekend.  My 4 dozen cookies are in the freezer ready to go.  We're supposed to work in the shelter house, handing out cookies and drinks and keeping the fire blazing.  Wendell went down Wednesday and spent most of the day putting out luminaries (which are now probably covered with snow).
Looking west from the front of our house.  This looks like a black & white picture, doesn't it? 

Looking south through the screen on the porch. (As I type this, there is a huge flock of Canada geese out there.)

Saturday morning there was a beautiful fog that started below over the river, as this picture depicts.  Then it crept up the hill and sort of swept through our area.  It was breath taking ... I've never seen anything like it.

Another picture taken early Saturday.
It did snow to beat the band Friday and I took pictures.  I think we got about 8-10".  We have been keeping the bird feeder stocked and also enjoying the woodpeckers at the suet feeder.  Took a walk in the snow yesterday (the mail carrier actually came down our road) and got the card from the game camera.  It looks like the big buck who lives around here escaped the gun season.  But we haven't seen our doe and twin fawns since mid-November.

This a.m. we went to church and someone plowed our road.  How nice!  We were blessed to be chosen to light the second candle of Advent.  Despite the poor road conditions, there was a really nice crowd for church.  (Maybe they had cabin fever, too! LOL!)

Have a blessed week.