Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Look at this! Spring is coming!

I was digging around in the old dry lambs' ear mound just off the front deck and look what I found!  Life 'springs' back!  Honestly, this little bit of living green plant made my day.  Now I know that soon I can get out there, really dig around, get rid of all that old debris and uncover flowers/treasures.  Tomorrow is the first day of spring and it can't come soon enough for us.  I can't BEGIN to tell you how many people have asked us why in the world we stuck around Indiana this winter.  (Good question!)

Wendell and I helped move mom out of the healthcare unit there at River Terrace where she lives, and into an Assisted Living small apartment.  All of her 'stuff' had to be moved.  Wendell and I were there for the heavy stuff on Thursday and then some more, lighter stuff on Friday a.m.  We did a little sorting and some things went to the Bargain Hut (thrift store) in Bluffton.  She only had to do away with 2 pieces of furniture so that was a good thing.  It's been almost two weeks and after talking with her yesterday on the phone, I think she still has a little adjustment time left, but she's getting there.  Some of her things are packed in boxes that she needs, so when those things get unearthed she'll be AOK I think.  Biggest change for her is, now she has all of her meals in the dining room.  So she'll have to get out of bed in the a.m.!  I think mom is like me and is used to poking around in her robe in the morning ...  But the big move is complete.  

She gave me the old oak library desk and we've already passed it on to Neil to perk up for us.  Here's Neil & Wendell loading it in the back of their truck ...
The drawer is already loaded.  This is the back of the desk; as you can see on Wendell's side, the back is missing one vertical trim piece and one is broken.  I know Neil can tighten it up and fix it up and it will look smashing!  I'll post a pix on the blog when it comes back home.

We had just had lunch at Casa Sevilla in Bloomfield before this picture was taken.  I gotta say that this newly reopened restaurant looks great; clean and freshly painted.  And the food was good, too.  They're still getting up to speed, but our favorite server, Alex, is working there so it's all good.  They were pretty busy when we arrived and Margo and I decided we needed to go about a half-hour later next time.  But I recommend it.

The Owen County Home Extension clubs hosted the district meeting last Friday (includes nine southwest Indiana counties) and it was a real success.  There were over 170 people in attendance.  Our club, Jolly Homemakers, catered the lunch which was excellent I might add.  The event committee did a wonderful job of planning, decorating, and executing a full and interesting program.  And I had such a fun time being a greeter!  I said 'welcome!  please register at those tables by county and breakfast is being served by the kitchen' so many times I was dreaming about it in my sleep for a couple nights.  Our club president, Sandy, told me last night that she served that lunch in her dreams several times as well!  I'll bet we all do that sort of thing; dreaming what "it's" going to be like, then dreaming about what actually happened.  Like moving mom; I moved her stuff several times in my head before we even got there ...

Tomorrow is daytime hooking at the library.  Glad to say I'm done with the sheep rug/wall hanging I've been hooking for the past several weeks except for the binding (and hooking the "wool" sheep's body -- that will be absolutely last).  I'm taking it tomorrow to bind as my project.  Lunch with Laurie is something I'm looking forward to as well; she's been to New Orleans to a retreat that I want to hear all about.  So we'll do lunch before we go to the library to hook.  

Another event in the near future is the church fish fry this Saturday that I have to help organize (along with Norma, Emma, Jim & Ruth).  This event will either be "too few" people come or a "more than expected" event.  Just heard that a sheriff's candidate is going to show up looking for votes ... Don't know what to think about that.  On the plus side, he's helping fry the fish so I don't have to do that!  Look on the bright side, right?  I think I'll take pictures ...  Ciao!