Thursday, December 31, 2015

Almost gone ... almost here ...

So, in about 12 hours this year will be gone and a new one begun.  Seems like it just flew by and I didn't get nearly enough accomplished!  One of the things I do before I go to sleep almost every night is think about what I want (or sometimes need) to do the next day.  I believe I need to make some changes and additions to my 'to do' lists in 2016!  I do believe I need more time for contemplation and doing for others each day next year.  Get more outside myself.  I'll see how I do on that ...  

When I looked out the dining room window just now I saw this pileated woodpecker at the suet feeder and remembered that I wanted to share a picture with you.  This year is the first time we've had them at our feeder!  I'm so glad they decided they could visit!  Just read about how to tell a male from a female and I 'think' this is a male.  As you can see from this picture, the suet is dwindling -- they really take a hunk out of it each time they're here.  When they peck away the suet chips fall and so that helps the ground feeding birds.  So they're on the job.  (Sorry about the quality of this picture; it's taken through the window/screen.)

Couple weeks ago we drove to Newburgh on a Sunday and visited Woolen Heirlooms for their Christmas open house.  Think I might have mentioned that before.  Teresa's been in business for a year now and her shop is something special.  Took a some pictures and wanted to share just a couple with you.  The wreath on her door was one of the door prizes.  If you're into anything having to do with wool, go see her in Newburgh, IN!  And check out her Facebook page.  Teresa took me on a tour of her home, decorated for Christmas.  All I can say is "Wow!"  It was looking good!

Teresa is not only good at her work, she's fast!  I really like the poinsettia pillow!

Here's the wreath ... and it was so warm that day that this door was often left open!
Of course about the first of December I discovered we needed a new Christmas tree when I remembered that we took our old one to Goodwill last winter.  Yikes!  Took a vote from among some of my friends at a couple places and asked -- pre-lit or not?  Pre-lit won so I took their advise and ordered a "slim" tree from Wayfair and I really love it.  (Wayfair is the best!  Love their service, and quick free shipping.)  Here's a picture, decorated.  For our little house this slim tree is just the right size.  Only negative was that the angel I bought for the top was too heavy for this tree, so I just put her in the Goodwill bag, too.  I guess I need to shop for a "slim" angel, too .....

Here's some other pictures of our Christmas d├ęcor ... way lot less than I used to do but just right for us now.
Santa collection on the kitchen windowsill.

Made this ceramic tree in Ridgeville, many many years ago.

Found this Charlie Brown nativity in the SonShine (thrift) Shop in Worthington for a dollar.

My bottle brush tree collection is all corralled in the hay wagon.
We've had a set of four musical instrument ornaments since the boys were babies.  My very favorites.  Our tree is not themed ... it's eclectic and I guess that's us. 
Lately I've been trying to not only eat more healthy (for both of us) but try to keep it interesting.  Made a pumpkin pie last week and cut the "sweet" in it by half; it was really just as good as it could be!  (Of course the Cool Whip helped ... LOL!!!!!!!!!!)  Wendell found this hexagon shaped pie pan somewhere and asked me to make him a pie.  With the help of a Pillsbury pie crust, here it is.  (Wish I could have shared a piece with you all!  And a cup of coffee!)
So this is my (semi) sweet ending of 2015.  Here's wishing you a great new year.
Prayers and blessings to you all.  To my friends -- thank you for "being there" for me these last few months.  It means the world to me.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Longing for snow (never thought I'd say that!) ...

Well, I am so over autumn and ready for winter!  If I have to stay here I want it to be cold and snow!  Especially for Christmas!  (Hope that doesn't backfire on me.)  Really, this warm weather is just freaky.  We did have some chilly weather couple weeks ago and I took this weird picture.  It frosted the screen on the EAST side of the porch, but not the other two sides!  What?

But since I took this picture it's gotten warm and I've painted the deck handrails, cut back some daylillies and raked leaves!  And had the windows open!

Just before Thanksgiving Worthington businesses had their holiday open house.  Santa came to town, the garden club had their soup lunch, Tri Kappa had their bake sale, and it was just an all around good place to be.  AND it snowed some while we were in town.  Made you start feeling like Christmas!  We visited Worthington Antiques, the SonShine Shop (thrift), Dyer's, Dusty Collectibles, Nicole's cute little shop on the corner, and ate lunch at the Route 67 Diner.  Here's some pictures I took that day.  (Of course, my fav is Denise's antique shop ...)  Bought some stuff from Denise and some fabric at the thrift shop, and Wendell bought a cake at the bake sale.
At Worthington Antiques ...

Also at W.A. ...

When we got home from town, here's what our north yard looked like.  It was magical!
After that the weather just got warmer and warmer!  And I think there's no end of this wonderful weather in sight!  ARGH!  But I'm thinking, maybe 2016 will bring us a surprise ...

Wendell's on the Worship Committee at church and they decorated couple weeks ago.  Here's two pictures of the interior of our little church when they finished decorating for the holidays.

The Freedom United Methodist Church (in Freedom, Indiana) really is a cozy, welcoming church.  It's just about the size of a side chapel in a big-city church, but so much more open and hospitable.  Everyone knows you; they need you and you need them.  I don't know what we'd do without our church family.  Wendell had a good time that day and the ladies put him to work doing the tall-guy stuff.  He slept well that night.  Most of the decorations are stored in the parsonage, upstairs, in a closet in a sort of difficult-to-get-to place that only one person at a time can access, so it was a teamwork sort of day.  But they persevered and all enjoyed chili soup together when they finished.  He had a good time!

Found these at the Gasthoff, in their gift shop annex.  I think I got a good buy for $3.00!
Our Washington hooking guild had their Christmas party at the Gasthoff in Montgomery last Saturday and it sure was fun!  There were about 18 of us there I think.  We had a great lunch.  Lots of talking and laughing.  Following lunch we had an ornament exchange and I got the cutest needle felted penguin (from Jan Cabel).  She told me she had made 17 of these guys!  She is fantastic.  They were for a party she was going to the following day.  What do you think?  Isn't he cute ...

I've put him in the basket with my Christmas cards and he's a good guard.  In a few days I'll blog again and show you some pictures of my new Christmas tree (yeah!) and from our trip to Newburgh for Woolen Heirlooms open house.

Have a blessed week!  And remember, God is good.  All the time.