Some quilts I've made; made more than this but given several away.  Hope to do more of that ... making and giving.  Enjoy!

Egg Money (king size)

(Egg Money, close-up)
Blue Homespun (king-size)

(Blue Homespun, close-up)
Blue & Yellow Yo-Yo, purely decorative (king-size)

(Blue & Yellow Yo-Yo, close-up)

Hexagon, from an antique top

(Hexagon, close-up)

Log Cabin (90x74)

(Log Cabin, close-up)
Sampler (90x76)
(Sampler close-up)

Mystery (90x76)

(Mystery, close-up)

Seminole Ribbon (90x76)
(Seminole Ribbon, close-up)
Aunt Grace (80x64)

(Aunt Grace, close-up)

Antique Fans, from antique quilt blocks (74x64)

(Antique Fans, close-up)

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