Tuesday, October 6, 2020

We're moving ...

Well, it was bound to happen -- one way or the other.  Just moving forward into another phase of life.  The past few weeks have been full of research, looking, talking/dealing, waiting, buying, more waiting, and now preparing to leave this lovely place and relocate.

This is what we're leaving -- you can see why I'm torn about the move.  And you can also see it's lovely, but observe the depth of outdoor chores that this lovely place entails:  For instance, about 2 acres of trees.  Which are always shedding branches, loosing leaves and worse-case-scenario -- falling down.  Then there's driveways to grade and keep stone on.  Weeds to spray.  Two acres of grass to mow.  Gutters to clean.  Trim to paint.  Flower beds to maintain.  Yada yada yada.  Inside is okay with the exception of stairs to climb.  One of my least favorite things lately is carrying bags of groceries up a flight of stairs.  So ...  we move.

We've found a nice little condo in Winchester.  It really has everything we need.  And is just right for us just now.  So to Winchester we go (eventually).  Right now we're sorting, packing, and waiting for the painter to paint the interior of our new home.  I'd guess we'll get out of here in the next few weeks.  I realize now that everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much as first estimated.  Heard this before but never realized it so much as I have the past month.  When we get moved I'll put a photo on here of the place!  I'm excited, nervous, anxious, worried, happy -- sometimes all at the same time.  Frankly, I'll be glad when it's all over.  But it will be a while because getting this place emptied and sold will be another obstacle.  I'll worry about that when that comes!  LOL!

So what else?  Wendell sold his Case tractor and all of the equipment -- and his flat-bed trailer.  Here he is the last day he had the tractor here.  It was a sad day.  He put LOTS of time and love into the restoration of his tractor.  I know the pastor says we shouldn't say we love 'things' but he really loved his tractor.

Also ......

Did I tell you I'm seeing lots of these this fall?  Yikes!  You know what black wooly worms mean?!  My DIL says we need to move before the snow flies and I'm with her.

Margo & Neil gave me two bowling balls -- from their collection of bowling balls which they keep in a livestock watering tank (?????) -- and I made two F-bombs. Gave one to Jeff and wanted to give one to Ray but he didn't want it 😕.  So Wendell has his own now ... not that he needs this ...  Thanks M&N!

I said I've been sorting and packing -- well, here's one thing I don't have room for.  Actually I'm crying over several things that I would love to pack but can't.  Just no room in a 2-bedroom condo for a floor loom.  So I've been trying to sell it.  No takers.  Not even one.  If you're interested I'm selling it with extra reed (8" & 12"), 5 shuttles, and other "stuff" for $350.  Let me know if you're interested!  You have to pick it up here in rural Worthington IN.  😀

Well, I'll sign off.  Maybe the next time I write I'll have a new address.  Hope so.  I'll keep you posted.  God bless you and please say a prayer for us if you will.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Harmony Welcome? .....

We decided on Labor Day to go to New Harmony, Indiana.  Wendell said, it's Labor Day; it'll be busy and touristy but I said, come on, let's go anyway.  We were both surprised.  Let's just say from now on I'll choose to remember quaint little towns like this as they used to be and not try to go back ...

We've been to New Harmony in the past on holidays and experienced that lively feeling of being with others and enjoying the beauty of the village and the shops and the surroundings.  All that's left of New Harmony is history and memories. 

As we drove into town we were greeted by these banners on every other post and I had a premonition of what we might be seeing on the ground ...

There was almost no one parked along the streets downtown and we had no problem finding a place in the shade.  We walked the business district on Church Street then went around the corner to Main and walked it for a couple blocks, both sides.  I would say we saw about 10-12 other people on the streets total.  Most of those were going into the restaurant.  The word I'm looking for is "sad".

Only four shops and one restaurant were open downtown.  (The Red Geranium was closed; that's where we had hoped to eat lunch.) But times have changed.  What was usually one of their busiest days of the year was definitely not this year.  But why would anyone want to come here when this is what you're greeted with at each door?  This is how just a few of the businesses were greeting customers ...

So would you ring the bell or knock, wear their rubber gloves,  take a mask if you didn't have one (we did), have your temperature taken?  I asked the woman who "greeted" me (and I use the term loosely) at the door of The Mews with a thermometer in her hand if she was a nurse.  That's where I drew the line.  I wasn't asking to enter a hospital -- it was a shop that sells things that are not necessities.  So we ended up looking through one antiques shop and one soap-making shop.  

Here's what Main Street, west side, looks like now.  Every shop is vacant.  Again -- sad.  What are we doing to ourselves?!  (The one on the right used to be a wonderful book shop!)  Historic towns like this will die and all of that history will be lost.

As I got into the car I walked out into the street and took this photo.  This is the main east/west street through New Harmony.  This says it all.

On the positive side, we had a beautiful day for a drive, saw some lovely country back roads scenery, got some walking in, bought a delicious cantaloupe at a farm stand, and found a restaurant in Poseyville for lunch where we enjoyed chicken livers!  Yum!  

So I leave you with this (again): I've said it before, it's my theme, I start each day by looking at this thought written on a post-it on my kitchen cabinet where I get my coffee cup: