Friday, January 27, 2023

Taking a breather ...

I haven't posted here for several months.  With this post I am officially giving myself permission to take a little breather.  I may not post here for a few weeks again ...

Life is so different.  I try filling most days with 'stuff' to keep me busy.  Make lists of things to do.  Have the cleanest house on my block I'm sure.  Missing Wendell is the theme of each day.  Although I've now been through two grief therapy groups, still ...  But I am doing better than I was a year ago.  I don't want to live in the past and know that God is not happy with me when I stay inside myself and don't give back to others some of the blessings I've been given in my life.  Also, boys/sons are great but sometimes I wish I had a daughter, too.  Females are more empathetic I believe.  That's what I need.  Someone with an imagination big enough to encompass the grief I am experiencing.

Positive: I had a surprisingly good holiday this past month though.  Can't complain at all!  All of our little family came here and we had a great day.  Good food, talk, gifts and Uno.  And the weather was really good for the Michiganders to travel down this way.  

Let me look at my blog photo file and see what I find there ...

I did find this little handmade decorative plate with three angels scribed on it.  
Still enjoy antiquing!

I really haven't been any place new lately.  Winter keeps me home more than it used to.  I've been sewing on a quilt for Jeff and Jane and finished the top just this week.  After I get it back from the machine quilters and get it bound, I'll put a photo of it on here.  I still go to knit n' crochet each week and Geri-Fit twice a week (stretching exercises).  Go to a new Bible study group I was invited to, Shepherds Care, twice a month.  That has been VERY good for me.  Also, my new year's resolution was to re-read the Bible again.  Once I did it straight through, then two years later I did it in chronological order.  This time I'm just reading four chapters a day.  I'll finish before the end of the year that way, but it'll give me some days to take off.

I tried to loose some weight the past several months and did pretty good until Christmas, loosing about 18 pounds, then everything went to hell.  Biggest weakness: out of control with the fancy coffee beverages .....  ARGH!

Next Monday I am getting my rug hooking back out and intend to complete the Two Cats rug I began at a guild retreat in Terre Haute two years ago!!  So ... since I wrote that here, now I have to do it!  (See what I did there?  It often works.  Although I'm a terrible procrastinator.  Don't hold your breath.)

Also, I was given a 15" tabletop loom!  God is so good to me.  How do I get so lucky?  (My old floor loom that I sold when we moved here was given to me, too.) This little loom looked pretty awful when I got it and I wondered if it was salvageable, but Jeff took it home with him, took it apart, cleaned it up, tightened things, replaced some hardware and it looks amazing now.  Just missing one major piece, and I'll also have to buy some warping tools (that I gave away when we moved), then I'll be able to begin weaving again.  This time it will be place mats and table runners, not rugs.  Maybe even some dish towels -- who knows.  (That would be a first for me.)  Hey!  I can make gifts!

This mural is in Fountain City, which is just south of me.  The Levi Coffin Underground Railroad House/Museum is there.  This mural is on a building nearby.  It's pretty neat.  The house and museum are well worth a visit!

Well, that's it for now.  Remember: new year, new challenges!  God bless y'all!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Deja Vu all over again ...

Geez ... I have COVID again.  Almost exactly a year from when I had it in 2021.  I am mind-blown that even though I've done everything asked of me (got the shot, wore a mask, stayed out of people's faces, etc.) I still got it.  This time the symptoms are somewhat different but still not fun.  As with last time, it's the coughing that is laying me low.  However, I go on.  Went to Walmart this a.m. and picked up a grocery order.  Lots of soup and Keto ice cream ... that combo should do the trick, don't you think?  This time, as opposed to last year, I was able to get my NP to respond to my phone messages and she prescribed Paxlovid.  Which I actually can't tell if it's doing any good or not.  My kids will say 'it probably would have been worse if you hadn't taken it'.  How can they tell!?  We are all just participating in a big pharmaceutical company clinical trial.  And my DIL reminded me that this virus is man-made.  Which I don't think people remember anymore.  I had forgotten that fact ...  SO!  As I said: I will persevere!

So ... what's up with me other than that dreary fact?  As you know I love antique malls and shops.  I found 72 cute, very old quilt blocks.  I looked at them and thought, 'those aren't too soiled looking but just in case ...'  So I bought some quilt soap and followed the directions and washed them by hand.  Wanted you to see what I saw:

Here's the soap I used.  Just a couple teaspoons in a dishpan of lukewarm water.  Let them soak for a while.  Then I swished them around for a couple minutes.  (Put all 72 in at once.  They're 5" square.)

And here's how dirty the water was then I finished!  YUCK! YIKES! 
Rinsed when done.

The moral of this story is: when you buy old quilt squares in antiques shop and think: 'those don't look so bad; I'll just use them as-is' -- Wrong!  Always take the time and effort to wash before you put them into a new/old quilt top!

What prompted me to buy these squares is that several of the fabrics I can tell are very old.  Probably over 100 years.  They match some fabrics in an old quilt that my Aunt LaVe gave me years ago that was made by her grandmother.  Which would be my great-great grandmother.  (I have since passed this quilt on to my neice Cathy, so it will stay in the Schooley family.)

Other stuff:  Okay ... About a month ago I heard on the radio one Saturday that there was going to be harness races at the Jay County Fairgrounds Saturday so I just drove up there to watch.  It was so laid back and fun and I'm glad I went.  The grandstand is pretty big, so the few people there sort of rattled around.  But everyone was having fun.  Especially the Amish.  But that's another story.  It was all so 1960s.  The starting gate attached to the old car was vintage.  Here's a couple photos.  About 12 races.  One winner was owned by an Amish family and about 6 little stair-step boys had their photo take with the horse (which surprised me right there).  It was a fun couple hours, the weather was lovely, and there was also an auction going on in a building on the grounds that I checked out before I left.  So I keep busy.

Somewhere in there I had a birthday.  Birthdays just aren't the same anymore without my other half; I miss Wendell so very much, but especially on special days.  Nevertheless, I sure was showered with lots of cards and well-wishes online.  And these beautiful flowers (below) from Jeff and Jane.  Just gorgeous!  So ... I'm another year older.  It was just another day for me this year.  On that day I didn't feel any older.  But I'll tell you, after THIS week (covid) I sure do!

In closing, I just want to say how proud I am of the group I meet with at the Farmland Community Center.  The photo below is a couple tables of our "stuff" that we've made over the past few months.  They were preparing to distribute some of it that day (lap covers to the VA), plus pulling things out to put in a couple local fall craft bazaars to sell.  When we sell, it makes money to buy supplies to make more items!  A nice, neat vicious circle, yes?!  I'm proud to have participated.  There are some really good people in this world, you know!?

God bless y'all.  Pray for me that I can defeat this COVID!