Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thought I'd put a few pictures here and say a little about what we're doing.

Wendell has not been feeling well for several weeks now so we're not doing as much as I'd like.  He finally went to an urgent care place last week, but what they prescribed and suggested have done no good.  In fact, he is doing much worse just now.  He does have some good days but mostly not so good.  I'm feeling blue.  I wanted to go home at the end of January but he persisted in wanting to stay on, so here we stay ...

On the plus side, the weather here has been fantastic.  I have absolutely no complaints.  It's usually in the high 60's to low 70's with very low humidity (teens to low 20's) and sun, sun sun.  What's not to love?  If I'm out in the sun for long I have to have a hat on and short sleeves.  I haven't gotten W. out of his long sleeves except for one day.  I sit out in the sun on the patio in the afternoon and feel sleepy and sluggish, like an old dog.  I've not walked as much as I should and intend to begin again tomorrow.  I've been staying in with W. because I'm so worried about him, but I have to get out and walk for my knee's sake!

This house we're staying at is wonderful.  So nice, modern, clean, comfortable; everything we could have asked for inside.  I have no complaints about the house at all.  The neighborhood is another thing.  The population hereabout (Las Cruces & El Paso) is predominately Mexican-American, strong on the Mexican.  I've tried to strike up conversations two times with neighbors but they look at you and shrug their shoulders and say something in Spanglish and walk away.  Very disconcerting.  So I don't try any more; I just wave.  Multi-generational homes are very common in this neighborhood.  The young men like loud cars and loud music.  And they warm up their vehicles for long periods before they leave (in this climate? why?).  We've never slept later than about 6:30 a.m. during the week.  One home, catty-corner across from us, have 5 vehicles and they all leave in the morning ....... But like I say, we're the outsider here and this is their life.  Not ours.  I'm torn about how to review this place on Airbnb when we leave ... what would you do?  I feel it would have been nice if we'd been sort of forewarned before we came that we shouldn't expect quiet.  But we're doing okay.  We've both mellowed a lot in our old age ...  And they seem to sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays.  

Well, I'm spouted off enough about that.  Here's some pictures of what we've done that's been fun and interesting.

Visited the Sunday market in the Old Mesilla, the old town part of Las Cruces.

There were three walls of crosses in this shop in the Old Mesilla!  (Well, Las Cruces means ' the crosses'.)

I really loved these dream catchers and especially the fact that they had a crocheted center!  Gives me ideas!

The Catholic church on the north side of the plaza in the Old Mesilla.  Lovely!  Look at that sky!

A courtyard at LaPosta Restaurant.  This is one huge, wonderful restaurant!

Part of LaPosta restaurant in the Old Mesilla.

We went to the War Eagles Museum about 30 minutes south of us in Santa Teresa.  Great day!  Cars and planes!

On the way home from the War Eagles Museum, we stopped at the Rio Grande River in the Mesilla Valley.  There was a guy there playing fetch with his dog in the river bed.  Something we don't see along the White River in Indiana.  Very interesting!  Dry dry dry here ...

Well, I'd better sign off.  We took another couple day trips that I'll post pictures of here soon.  Off to bed with my latest book.  I have got a LOT of reading done here.  See -- there's always something good to say.  God is so good!

Have a great Valentine's Day y'all.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

This, that and the other thing ...

I'm writing this after midnight because I can't sleep.  Don't ask me why ... well, actually my knee hurts, plus I have a lot on my mind.  So I'll just catch up here, how about that?

Today was another beautiful day.  The weather here in Las Cruces, NM has been sort of what I expected (from reading up on it on the Internet) but not what W. would like for it to be.  It's usually in the 60s with clear sunny skies.  When you're out in it, and it's not breezy, it feels very warm.  Short sleeves, sunglasses, visor hat weather.  So I have been very well pleased.  At night it gets cold.  It's clear so it gets down into the 30s at night.  But I'm not out at night so what do I care?  LOL!  I'm loving the weather.  W. not so much.  He actually got overheated one day; we were at the farmer's market and he had on a t-shirt, flannel shirt and his jacket.  He was standing in a line at a food truck waiting for burritos and got dizzy from being way too warm (it snuck up on him).  Some day I'll get him out of that flannel shirt!  Anyway ...

We've been out and about these past few days.  Wendell has not been feeling 100% so until recently we've stayed in more than we'd like.  But here's what we've seen recently ... Oh, before I elaborate, let me say we've been to a couple different churches here.  And next week we'll try another one.  First time we've not been able to immediately find something pleasing.  Too complicated to go into detail but we've tried Methodist and then Lutheran and this Sunday, who knows?  Maybe Baptist?  It's beginning to be amusing.

Went out to the Organ Mountains and enjoyed the drive through the desert. It was somewhat overcast that day, so we didn't go for the walk we would have liked to ...
Enjoyed everything about the 3-block long farmer's market, held every Saturday year round, on Main Street in old downtown Las Cruces.  BTW ... Las Cruces means 'the crosses'.  Here's some street musicians at the market.
While we were stuck in the house, we finished this jigsaw puzzle.  That was fun (thanks Neil & Margo).  Also played several games of Quiddler; we enjoy word games.  I also crocheted a new scarf and finished a penny mat.
Drove to Hatch one day and ate at Sparky's Restaurant.  It was interesting; just as colorful inside as outside and their green chili cheeseburger was good.  Hatch is the chili pepper capital of NM and they have some interesting gift shops.
We went to the NM Farm & Ranch Museum and it was GREAT!  The most interesting thing we've done so far to me.  All sorts of old farm equipment, 20+ breeds of cattle, horses, sheep & goats, a greenhouse and a water tank metal sculpture that was awesome.  Plus the indoor museum was overwhelming.  The art galleries were wonderful and we think we need to go back to visit them again.  Plus they have an interesting gift shop & snack bar with free wine tasting of NM wines.  Here's some pictures from that ...

Look at that blue sky!  Can you blame me for loving the weather in this area?!  When I think of what it's probably like most days in the winter in IN in January and February, I am glad to be here.  Overcast skies = a blue Judy.

Well, maybe I should get back in bed and see if I can sleep.  God bless you and I'll write more later.