Monday, September 27, 2021

Autumn is my favorite time of year!

I love the change of seasons in Indiana.  I think I would get so tired if it was always nice, or always rainy (like in the NW), or always hot.  So I'm enjoying this fall weather.  Today it's very windy. So much so that it's blowing up my outdoor rug on the patio, flipping chairs and actually blowing the water out of the bird bath!  I thought it was windy in the country up on the hill; that was nothing compared to what I have here.  In fact, I have had a persistent leak down my furnace exhaust and into the utility closet, and after the repair guy finally got "exhausted" he's telling me the HVAC people say the exhaust is just sucking up the rain because it is so windy right here.  So there ...  NOW.  Whenever something like that happens to me now I think of what Wendell would do/say/think/curse over, etc. ... LOL!  He would not be buying that story I can tell you that.  But there it is.  I have to deal with it.  That's the beginning of the story of how a new widow makes her way in the world.  LOLOLOL!  It's been interesting so far.  

I know that things are different now, AC (after covid) but really, why doesn't any repair person answer their phone at least to say 'sorry, I'm covered up and can't get to you until 2023'.  But no.  They just don't return your calls.  So I have calls out to electricians, HVAC people and flooring people, and I'm not holding my breath till they call back.  At least I found a good plumber ...

Someone asked me how I fill my time now and, well, I do a lot of driving around.  Exploring my new world.  I still have a long way to go (within one day) until I've seen everything I want to see and go everywhere I want to go.  Soon I'll start packing an overnight bag.  I'm not kidding.  Also, I've been doing some needlepunch and lots of crochet.  I've crocheted about a dozen washcloths and several lap robes.  Also crocheting a neat scarf for myself.  I've been quilting some.  But no rug hooking; haven't pulled a loop since retreat in March.  And I try to walk a little every day (unless the weather won't cooperate).  Found out my right knee is now bone-on-bone so my walking is not a lot but a little.  

Well, let me look at my photos and share some with you.  They tell what I've been up to more than anything.

Found this old photo of mom in a book recently.  Guess I was using it as a bookmark.  Actually, I've been through lots of photos recently.  I laugh, I cry ... it's my life.

These two murals are in Portland.
They also have a new one that is being worked on right now.  I take
lots of mural photos now and I'll share them, too.

This mural is in a stairwell in Geneva.  For a split-second when I first saw it I thought it was a real person.  It's right next to an antiques store and on the side of the library building.

Did I already show you this quilt top?  (Sorry if I did.)  I guess it is one of the favorite things I have made recently.  Sent it along to Jane to be quilted and donated to the HEbron Boys Home in Lyons, Indiana.  It was fun to work on!

Well, next time I'll share some sayings plaques I've come across in antiques shops recently.  I'm collecting photos of them ... not buying them.  LOL!

Till next time, stay strong and make good use of each day.  God bless you.

Monday, August 23, 2021

My life goes on ...

I thought I'd post some photos with a little info about some things that happened in my life recently and also not so recently.  Some memories, things done, things seen, etc.  I don't have as much enthusiasm as I used to have for what I see because I don't have my best friend to share it all with.  So take this as I throw it out ... no particular order.

We went to Bear's Mill just east of Greenville back in the winter.  It was really interesting place to tour and we had a wonderful drive that day, too.  Besides touring the working mill they have an art gallery where we bought some Christmas gifts and a pretty good-sized gift shop.  And very nice volunteer workers.  What a dream job!  Here's Wendell looking at the area where the grain is fed down to the stones to be ground.  As you can see we were dutifully masked... 

Here's a wonderful standing desk that was on the second level of the mill.  Just one piece of many up there that I took photos of; too many to bore you with.

This photo was taken at the candy shop in Farmland!  Oh my!  It's a wonderful place.  And to add the cherry on top, there's another large room with antiques right there!  My ideal place to spend an hour or so.  Yes, we took home some candy.

I completed this flannel raggedy quilt in the winter.  It's very warm!  Almost too much so.  You should have seen the lint filter at the laundromat when we were done!  

One day we drove to Fort Recovery and did the town.  Visited monument park where this obelisk stands commemorating two battles that were fought here over 200 years ago.  It's a lovely park and it was a good day of walking here, at the other park in town where the fort is (as in Ft. Recovery), and downtown.  They have a lovely little downtown with a brick street.  And a wonderful furniture store, too BTW ...

When I was wandering one day, trying to drive my blues away, I found the highest spot in Indiana and it is right here in Randolph County!  Bet you didn't know that ...

I finished this twin-size flannel quilt that I'm going to give to the Journey Home, here in Winchester, when the weather starts getting cooler.  It's a shelter for veterans who are having difficulties.  And unfortunately it is badly needed here ... and elsewhere I'm thinking.  This was made from the left-overs of my raggedy quilt.

I met Deb H. at Cambridge City about a month ago and I went to the Overbeck Museum there before Deb made it to town (she lives in Indy).  It was very interesting.  I would LOVE to own a piece of their pottery but it is very rare and $$$.  My big surprise was that besides the usual pottery, they also did painting, sculpture, and other forms of art.  Four very talented women.  I bought a book about them and am in the process of slugging through it.  And Cambridge City is a wonderful place if you like antiques!!!  Just sayin ...

I made this quilt and have had it quilted just within the past three months.  Used up lots of scraps.  Made it in queen-size and am thinking I will use it on a new bed for me.  Smaller bed.  Lonelier bed.  Cold bed.

I'll close with this interesting silo photo.  When I saw it from the highway I turned around and went back to take the picture.  It's on a side road so I wasn't impeding traffic.  How about this?  And it's a pretty good sized tree.  I think I'll go back and check it out some day to see if it's living.

Well, I'm trying to adjust to this new life alone.  But it is not easy.  At my grief support group last week there was a new guy.  Dave.  He lost his wife in January and he had a very interesting story that I won't go into completely, but briefly, he said that his wife had developed Alzheimers disease about 7 years ago and the last 2 or 3 years she didn't even know who he was.  He kept her at home and never had her put in a nursing home.  He loved her very much.  He is devastated now without his 'job' of being her caregiver.  So, whose grief is worse?  Someone who sees their spouse die slowly or someone who looses their spouse suddenly?  Remember, it's not a contest.  Both Dave and I are in pretty sorry shape.

But I'm going to keep moving along.  It's my life.  Now.