Thursday, June 30, 2022

This year's half way over!

It's the end of June!  Hard to believe that this year is flying by so quickly!  Lately I've been contemplating some changes I've had to make in my life.  One of the things is, I've been thinking about my pronouns.  No, I'm not going politically correct on you.  

I'm thinking of how now it's not our granddaughter, it's my granddaughter.  It's not since we moved to Winchester; now it's since I've moved to Winchester.  Now I'm saying "I" and not us.  Mine or my and not ours.  

I'm still experiencing grief and I'm not on any schedule that you find in a book or at a bereavement support group, but my own.  Recently I was worrying about a friend of mine who lost her husband just this past winter and was wondering if she should really be making the big move she's planning "already".  But for her that's the right thing.  It's not my business, not my schedule.  It's hers.  

And now I'm finding out the true meaning of the terms "fifth wheel" and "two's company-three's a crowd."  So.  I'm flying solo.

Well, you know, one of the things I like to do is go to antiques malls and I snap photos of 'sayings' plaques.  Just something that I like to do.  Wanted to share a few with you ...

I think this is my motto now!

I have been keeping as busy as I'd like to be.  Our knit and crochet group has reached it's goal of 800 hats made for Life Stream of east central Indiana!  Yeah!!!!!  Now I'm back to crocheting lap blankets and dish cloths for other local charities.  I'm still doing Geri-fit two times a week -- stretching and finding out just how much I've lost in the shoulders.  And I bought a $15 bike at a garage sale -- Jeff fixed it up for me and I finally got up the nerve to ride it.  (I wondered if I might just fall over like President Biden did!)  But I didn't fall and break a hip (that's what folks were saying "don't fall and break a hip".  LOL!)  I've got a good place to ride here at Summer's Pointe -- nice and level.  Also, getting ready to enter a few items in the local Randolph county open class fair.  (I'll keep you posted on how I do.)  So, I keep occupied.

Cool little art show I visited in Portland recently.  You know, if you look you can always find talented people.  I'm a sucker for local art!  Not only did they have artists at work, a small inside gallery, but also a guitar player who was really good.  Cool jazz!

Well, enough.  God bless you wherever you are today and whatever you're doing.  And as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our great country, pray for our nation.  We surely need it.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Memorial Day!

It looks to be a lovely weekend coming up.  My plans are to go to the cemeteries tomorrow to decorate family graves and check out an art show in Portland along the way.  Should be enjoyable.  I truly appreciate the flags on all the veteran's graves and all the lovely flowers at this time of year.  I recall that my mother used to cut peonies and iris and put in quart jars, covered with foil to fancy them up, and take to Stahl Cemetery to Grandma and Grandpa Lee's graves.  Then we'd go down to Montpelier to decorate the graves of Grandma and Grandpa Schooley.  There were more distant relative's graves that they would walk to and recall stories about the people buried there ...  Good memories.  Now we're "beyond" foil-covered quart jars of flowers you grow in your own yard; not good enough.  I've just created some pots of petunias and marigolds to take up to Wells County tomorrow.

Well, here's what I've been doing lately!  [Yikes!  Slowly getting tired of crocheting hats.  Don't know how much longer I'll last ...... ] Think I already mentioned that the knit n' crochet group I belong to has committed to making 800 hats for a senior Christmas project.  We are now almost to 500!  Yeah!!!  I figure if I can turn in at least five hats a week I've done my part.

I've visited a few antiques places near me this spring.  It's been fun, exploring western Ohio and other places in Indiana.  I'm trying my best to not buy too much.  Or not start any more collections.  (I have to keep reminding myself how much I sold when we moved here.)  But it's difficult!  I've already bought an entire set of dishes (that I don't need!).  And am now collecting cream and sugars.  Oh well...  

Here's some photos taken at a few of the places I've found:

There are two nice antiques shops in Verona, Ohio -- Baltimore House and R.S. Goines.  Both in the same family and really nice people!  Goines has three very different barns/sheds full of good primitives.  I ended up buying a couple things there.

This photo was taken in Lewisburg, Ohio, which is just a couple miles south of Verona.  (Very convenient!) They have several nice shops downtown Lewisburg.  It's an old town with interesting Federalist architecture.  This was taken in Brick Rhod Antiques.  They also have a great little bistro in the same building where I've had lunch a couple times now.  Wonderful chicken salad, and desserts to die for!  Another great shop in town is Yankee Clover, plus there's a book store downtown, too.

This was taken just a week ago at the Pennville General Store.  I've been here a few times now since we moved to Winchester.  She has great country decorator items with a few antiques thrown in.  This is the place to go for silk flowers, signs, and other wall decor.  They have some neat cabinets, too.  Not old but neat.

Well, as I said, I did buy a couple things along the way ...

I'm a sucker for little original paintings!  Why, why, why do I keep buying them!?  Here's two I found in Ohio.  I know I posted the one on here last time but just really looked at these and I see I have a theme going and didn't even know it.  Oh, well.

It's been a good week in this respect:  Went to our one and only granddaughter's graduation party.  She then graduated Tuesday night with a 3.8 grade average.  So proud!!!  Now it's on to college for her!  

Well, that's all for now.  I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Remember to honor the people who fought for our freedom in some way.  God bless America!