Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Ta da !!!

I'll bet you thought you'd never see me out of my old PT Cruiser.  Well, ta-da!  I traded for a '16 Subaru Outback last week.  So far I love it!  Soooooooo many gadgets!  Yikes!  But I'll get used to it, I'm sure.  Doesn't look like it in this shady picture but it's more blue than this looks ...  Anyway ... I'm out of the old and into the new.

I am so tired of this hot hot weather and thankful for this small pause of real spring weather, yesterday and today.  It's really NOT summer yet but we had no spring in my part of southwest Indiana.  I'm not a summer/hot/humid/sweaty lover, and if I could fast forward it would be to about September 15.  LOL!  The weeds are growing like crazy and we mow every week.  This is really not for me!!!  I already have chigger bites and I'm sure I'll be scratching until fall ...

Trying to get some sewing done for Project Kindness as these hot days slip by, and got this little cheater-cloth lap quilt done and 'handed in' to Jane.  It's a good way to stay cool, in my basement work area.  Also did a somewhat larger fleece quilt, using the discarded corners from fleece throws we made.  (Should have taken a picture of it, too; it turned out really cute.)  I always wonder where these things end up, and who is cuddling under them?  We sew again next week and I'm looking forward to it.  I think we're going to do pillow cases for Open Arms here in Greene County.  I'm on the lookout for a simple walker pocket pattern ... anyone know of one?

Someone asked me within the last month how I stored my wool.  Here's a quick (messy) picture of my wire mesh storage unit.  (All the white packets are lavender ... does look weird, doesn't it?)  I'm going to try to get through this year and not buy any wool.  Just use some of this (relatively small) stash that I have.  But anyway, this is how I store it.  I want air to get around it and try to keep in a semi-controlled environment, especially not too hot.  I don't think cold hurts wool at all.  And dry, too.  Though my work room is now downstairs, our basement is thankfully dry.

Couple weeks ago we had a fellowship dinner at church.  Wendell, Emma, Jackie & I decorated and planned the meal.  I thought our race day decor looked pretty neat (above).  Unfortunately, after all, we had a smaller than expected turnout.  But we did our part with a welcoming place to eat and delicious food.  We had LOADS of leftovers and people took lots of to-go plates home for later.  Our church is experiencing a dropping attendance and we need something ... prayer for sure.  I'm sure we're not alone ...

Well, I'm going to hook at the library tonight.  My favorite times are spent with kindred spirits and I will be doing just that this evening.  God is good!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pokin' along ...

I've been keeping busy and slowly getting back in the swing of things.  Sort of feeling blase' since we returned and don't know why.  But now I'm getting my groove back ...

We had a death in our family.  Lost my sweet Aunt Rosie.   Her funeral was last week in Dayton and I attended with Wendell and brother Don.  All of my sibs were there and it was good to sit around the table, having lunch with them, even though it was a sad occasion.  Sort of a neat thing, for the luncheon following the service her kids -- Dave, Pam and Rita -- decided to serve some of her favorite things to eat.  We had pizza from her fav place, fruit salad, delicious pies, and on the tables were bowls of her favorite candy -- dark chocolate covered raisins!  So yummy.  This was such a special melancholy time.  There were lots and lots of wonderful old pictures of Rosie and her family.  Here's one I happen to have from when she got married to Uncle Jack Sharpe.  Can you tell, it was during the war?  Lovely picture.  Now I just have one uncle living, my sweet sweet Uncle Roger Lee.  

Couple weeks ago we had lunch with Jeff and Jane at the Loft Restaurant at Trader's Point Creamery on the west side of Indy. Such a good day!  This is a great restaurant and I highly recommend it if you're in that area!  Jeff found it and I asked him how ... he said he googled 'unique restaurants' in Indy.  It sure is unique!  It is a dairy and they have a nice little shop where you can buy dairy products -- I can vouch for the excellent cheese.  They milk about 50 head of brown Swiss on the premises and if you're there at 7:30 in the evening you can observe.  W. and I order the cheese board and a bottle of wine before lunch and enjoyed it immensely.  But the best part was catching up with Jeff and Jane on their anniversary trip to the Biltmore in Asheville earlier in the month.  They had some beautiful pictures to show us.  And it's always good to see the kids!
Like how this sign is supported by milk cans!

Waiting area with fire pit outside the door to the shop & restaurant.

Our cheese board at the Loft: five cheeses, honey in the comb, fig preserves and lots of crusty bread.  And a bottle of chardonnay.  Yum!

We went to the annual garden and patio show at the Greene County Fairgrounds a week ago.  It seems to get bigger each year.  There were lots of vendors, it was a beautiful spring day, and I went away with a free tree, an unusual hosta plant ("curly fries"), and this cute garden angel.  Now, he's right by the front step to welcome you ... Just sayin' ...
Smile Carolyn!

My sleeping angel.

We've had a late spring and I'm thinking we're just rushing right into summer now because it's about 9:30 p.m. as I write this and still 77 degrees.  Our lawn has been looking good but needing lots of mowing :-( ... I don't mind the mowing it's the trimming I hate, even with a weed whip it tuckers me out since it's a long way around this place.  And it seems to get bigger each year.  This past week I finally got the garden shed cleaned out and all of my lawn 'decor' out and scattered here and there.  I found lots of remnants of mice and chipmunks in the shed, too.  Broke up some happy homes there with my broom.  At least no snakes this year ... so far.  Here's some outdoor pics I took after we mowed recently ...

Now all the leaves are on the trees and it looks so different than it did here in these pictures, just a week or so ago.  And my beautiful white viburnum is gone for the year ...  The dandelions are flourishing.  The toads and lizards are back.  The hummingbirds are fighting over the feeder.  The windows are rain-spotted.  All is right with the world here in Greene County. 

Well, we spent another day across the river in IL.  Had lunch at the Wabash Coffeehouse & Antiques in Hutsonville (ran into a hooking friend there) then traveled down to Palestine to S.D. Meadows  Folk Art Gallery.  I love love, love that place!  I won't take up room here with pictures from that trip (which I took a ton of) but will put them on the side to stay for a while to decorate the right side of my blog.  (Well, maybe one good one here .....)  His work just fascinates me.  I love it how he sees something someone else would call trash and makes art with it.  For instance, there was a small mirror that was framed with old, rusty screws.  Just screws!  All sizes and lengths.  Just take a look on the right.  But I guess you have to be into it to appreciate it.

I hope you have a wonderful rest-of-May.  Remember, God is good!  All the time!