Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WAY too many showers ...

Keeping my feet up ......
We're flooded in here.  This is the longest we've been stranded at home, even longer than the June 2008 flood!  Freaky.  We were out to lunch, errands  and the library last Wednesday and drove through a 'little' water to do that.  That was the last time out.  Had to miss church Sunday -- bummer!

This was at the beginning of the flooding on our road; by Sunday you couldn't see the grass or the tops of the fence posts. So stunned when we drove down to look I didn't even take a picture! We thought it might have gone down but instead worse than this ...
Been busy though.  My house is the cleanest it's been for a long time.  And we've mowed the yard and got things whipped into shape outside, too -- mended fence, divided perennials, sprayed weeds, etc.  So it's not been all bad.  I've cleaned out drawers, polished furniture all over (not just the tops) and went through closets, starting Goodwill bags. 
I am getting low on meal ideas though and have only two possible dinner menus plans left!  Have plenty of main course items (meat) left, but I'm almost out of fruit and veggies; fresh is all gone as of yesterday and down to canned.  Not good!  Last night I took a half pound ground pork and half a package of tortellini and half a jar of marinara sauce, and made pasta and meat balls!  It was surprisingly good.  Used the last half package of frozen mixed veggies to go with.  Now all I have is a can of lima beans & some Chinese veggies!  On the plus side, I can make bread.  And I made a half gallon of espresso-Heath bar ice cream.  So we're good, really.  When you have ice cream & TP you have all you need to survive.  [But the bottom line is, in the future I'm keeping more staples on hand!]
Wendell had a special day April 29, receiving his Masonic 50 year award at his home lodge in Bluffton.   Adrian, Jeff & Jane were there.  It sure was an important event in his life and he so appreciated his family being with him.  I got to pin his gold award on his lapel!  Though it was raining mightily that day, it didn't dampen our enjoyment.
Wendell gets pinned!

I've been weaving this week.  We got the loom warped!  Actually, I don't think I could do the warping process by myself.  And I don't feel bad about that because Paul (my weaving mentor) says Marilyn has to help him, too.  I'm working on a t-shirt rug.  It should be very interesting; it's sort of lumpy and bumpy and bright!  I'll put some pictures on when I get some rugs complete, off the loom and knotted!
I finished a new quilt last fall and my friend Benjie quilted it while we were in AZ.  I got it bound this week, also.  (I told you I've been busy!)  Here's what it looks like, front and back.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Not my usual subdued colors for sure!  What do you think!?
Front ...
and back!
Well, gotta close and think about lunch!   But what do I have that I can prepare????  Got some boiled eggs, so I think it's going to be egg salad sandwiches on the last 3 slices of bread!  LOL! 

I'll close with these pictures from the yard.  Spring has sprung!

The first rose of summer ...
and the chives are blooming already!

Friday, April 21, 2017

April showers ...

It's been a while since I've written but it's been a busy time.  That's my excuse!  Got the flower beds cleaned and "preened".  Last week I got the yard d├ęcor (which I'm discarding more and more of each year) out of the garden shed and dispersed amongst the flower beds and the potting table.  Still have the big whirly-gig to put out yet.  That job will need some assistance from W.  He's mowed already of course; he got a new zero-turn mower.  I think it's the first new mower he's ever had; everything else has been purchased used.  He really likes his new mower!  (I don't think I'll learn how to drive this one ... LOL!)

As I was working that day, I saw this squiggly arrangement on the wall that's next to the basement door!  Yikes!  I hate snakes but this was sort of interesting ... the smaller one had his tail draped around the middle of the larger one.  I just let them alone; they weren't hurting me and obviously I wasn't bothering them.  HOWEVER, early this week W. whacked two smaller snakes which were hanging around on the front deck, way too close to our screened porch!  They don't need to be up there!  (I don't know what I'd do if he wasn't around to kill snakes, set mouse traps, and get spiders ...)

We've had some amazing sunsets here lately.  I'm sharing a couple.  I think there's something about sunsets that attract everyone, don't you?  Doesn't the Bible say something like, the skies proclaim the work of His hands?  I believe it!  But man-made things are awesome, too.  Earlier this week we were in Bloomfield for dinner and as we walked back to our car, we heard the train whistle blow.  I said, 'I'll bet I can get to the trestle before the train does!'  And I did. 
Here's a couple pictures I took.  We've been fortunate to see a few trains cross the trestle in the 20 years we've lived here and it never ceases to interest me!  (BTW ... they put out one of those 'little lending libraries' at the trestle overlook parking area and I found a neat old book on crafts!  Two birds ...)  And we met the nicest young couple there with their two little girls.  They came from Linton!  They've lived here all their lives and never saw a train go over the trestle so that was neat, sharing that with them.  Then, sadly, just as the train left the trestle this young couple came whirling in and they were very unhappy to have just missed it; they, too, had never seen a train cross this magnificent trestle!  All in all, it was a good day ...


We drove out to Goose Pond last week and saw rafts and rafts of pelicans (pictured below)!  When they fly you can see specks of black at the tips of their wings; beautiful in flight.  Also lots of ducks of several species, and plovers and sandpipers, as well as tons of red-wing black birds!  We saw the eagles nest that's on the Pleasantville Road but didn't see the eagles.  Hadn't been through Pleasantville recently and it was interesting to take note of their old high school gym, still standing and in use as a special-occasion rental facility.  It's a quiet little town; no businesses & just a few homes.

Well, I'll close with a photo of my favorite tree near the edge of the woods, taken from the deck just outside our front door.  Wish we had more dogwoods!  I love them.  Take care of yourself and enjoy this lovely spring weather!  And remember, these spring rains are good for the earth and good for us!