Friday, October 11, 2019

Three-quarter century club ...

My brother Don informed me this week that I've officially joined the "3/4 Century Club".  Oh, yeah!  Thanks Don ... (I guess).  I knew it was my birthday but hadn't thought too hard about that particular fact.  But there it is -- I'm officially "old".  

Had a wonderful weekend in MI with our youngest son, his wife, and our one and only grand, Veronica.  And she truly is grand.  We love her so.  And are so proud of her.  It was a good way to celebrate my birthday.  The weather was just perfect (to me).  And the long drive was uneventful.  Did stop in Kokomo on the way home Monday and Jeff came to spend some time with us at lunch.  So except for our Jane, we saw our entire family this past weekend.  That should hold me for a while.

Let's see, what else have I been doing?  Well, I have this new computer.  I love it except for some reason I'm undoubtedly dragging a finger or thumb over SOME KEY that either wipes everything out or moves the cursor to the top of the page or the beginning of a paragraph.  Or SOMETHING.  I need to practice more I guess.  Maybe raise my chair to get a different angle on it?  But I'll get the hang of it.  And really, I like this new laptop.  And thank goodness for that undo key that brings back everything I unintentionally wipe out ...

Well, here are some photos that I've taken along my way:

We stayed in a really nice, new motel in Kalamazoo and look what was parked next to me?!  Yes, that's a bullet hole.  Sort of shocking to see, me being a back-woods girl from Greene County, Indiana. (Maybe they were from Chicago?  LOL!)

While in MI, Wendell and I went to eat at the Walldorff Pub in Hastings ... what do you think of the outfit?

Couple weeks ago we went to Moonshine, IL for a world-famous cheeseburger.  Worth the wait and the company was interesting as always.  Perfect day weather-wise.  Highly recommend if you're into hole-in-the-wall type of funky out-of-the-way places.

Laurie brought these cute table decorations from a banquet at ATHA-Denver to show us at hooking.  Just another use for quillies!  I love this and and see the possibilities of other projects using quillies!

Finally made it to Vendor's Village in the Honey Creek Mall in Terre Haute.  And guess what?  My favorite local artist has a booth there!  I won't bore you with all the pictures I took but here's the back wall.  You go Steve!

I showed you my mother's wedding dress in my last post.  Well, here's my Grandma Lee's (Margaret Grace Fleming Lee) wedding dress.  I feel so honored to have both of these dresses.  And Grandma made this dress.  She was so tiny.  I would love to have Veronica try this dress on; she would fit into it I'll bet.  And she's the only person I want to pass this dress on to someday.
My good friend Judy Mason Habegger lost her husband last week.  Took that long drive to Bluffton (one more time) to see her and just be there.  What a sad day.  But also positive and confident in the knowledge that John is in a better place now.  Transitioning to a life without your best friend, the person you've spent 57 years with, will be difficult for Judy, but I trust in her faith in God.  And her lovely family to step up and be there for her.

Well, I'll close for now.  You know what -- I don't feel nearly as old now as I did when I first started writing this post!  Writing is cathartic for me.  Life goes on, doesn't it?  You can't stop it.  Just LIVE with it!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Sooooo over summer ...

Are you tired of sweating?  of the hot, humid weather that makes you feel like a wet blanket was thrown over you when you walk out the door?  of your flag drooping and damp, like it just rained last night (but it didn't)?  Are you over the bugs and poison ivy?  of mowing the lawn every other day?  not being able to sleep with the windows open and feeling like a prisoner in your home?  of the constant battle with your husband about what temp is comfortable for the AC to be set at?  Well ... you get the idea.  I'm getting worn out by the heat.  And I heard on the news last night that there's no break in sight for the next few weeks!  YIKES!  And our family reunion is this Saturday, with lots of bugs and sweating to look forward to!  But enough of that, right?  Sorry!!!

Well, our laptop is almost dead.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  I've taken it off of life support (unplugged it).  And I'm getting a new one next week because I can't stand to be out here in this man(smelling)-cave for very much longer.  I think W. thinks if this drags on long enough he'll get the entire garage cleaned up ... think again Buster!  Not doing it.  I don't dwell with lizards and maybe snakes ... and an old computer that has sticky keyboard keys.  (If I make some typos, be gentle.)

Here's what I've been up to lately ... but not all, been too long to put all of the pictures on here I'd like to.  I promise, I'll do better when I get a new snazzy laptop!  😂  At least, I'll try.  

Been working on mending my mother's wedding dress.  It had some small seam tears.  She made this!  Can you imagine all of those buttons!?  And there's all those tiny little button loops.  It's really beautiful.  Now I have my mom's AND grandma's wedding dresses.  Wonder what will happen to them some day?  Who will want them?  Will Veronica?  It makes me sad ...
Getting ready to make another couple quillie trees!  Margo is having a tree making session at her house in October.  Looking forward to that.  And I 'think' I'm almost ready; have quillies made for one red and one green tree.  I'll put some pictures on here from our fun day in October, I promise.
Before this hot, humid weather came back, we were enjoying eating some of our meals on the porch.  It was very comfy.  But not anymore ... (did I say, I hate summer?).

If you've never been, you HAVE to go to -ISH in Graysville Indiana!  It's just south of the main intersection; you can't miss it.  They have limited hours so check before you go, but check it out ... here's a picture of some of the front porch.  I guarantee, you will love this place!!!  We were here recently on our way to Illinois.
When we were in  an antiques shop in Oblong IL we came across this Elvis on velvet.  The unbelievable thing was the "sold" tag on the side!  YIKES.  (It wasn't me!)  BTW -- When we were in Patagonia AZ a couple years ago we met my brother Don and wife Nancy at a good little pizza restaurant there called The Velvet Elvis and I 'think' they had this identical picture, only larger (shiver).
When we were at the WRVAA show last week I watched this hunky guy for several minutes (here and below) -- hubba, hubba! ... made my day.

Here's a few things I've found at antiques shops in Illinois the last couple years ... one of the reasons I enjoy going to Oblong, Palestine, and Robinson.  I found the old plant stand in Palestine and some of the green flower pots there and in Oblong.  I will say this about the heat and humidity; I may not love the weather but this fern sure does!

Finally got a run of rugs cut off the loom!  You should have seen me carry this roll/load upstairs!  Spent several days knotting these rugs in my spare time.  Got 10 rugs on this run of warp; there's a longish runner hanging around the corner.  Was getting too large to roll any more on the drum.  Now I have to wash them ... (there's always one more thing, right?😊).

Well, I'll stop here.  I've been blessed.  How about you?  And let's pray for more 'normal' weather, shall we?  I'm going to ...