Sunday, July 24, 2016

VBS and other stuff ...

Just got home from church where the VBS kids program happened.  We had a one-day VBS last Friday and Wendell and I were one of four story-telling teams.  Ours was the story of Jesus walking on the water to rescue Peter on the Sea of Galilee.  We told our story to four different age groups, from babes to 12-year-olds.  Actually, it was really a lot of fun.  I was sort of worried because it's been years since I've "done" VBS.  We had "special effects" -- wind (fan), sea mist (squirt bottle) & thunder (foil pans) which the kids really enjoyed doing for us.  We had a "boat" outline taped out on the floor and two canoe paddles; mountains on the walls to surround the 'sea' (which conveniently was blue carpet).  The kids seemed to enjoy it.  We rowed about 3 miles Friday!  Whew!
Last week was busy and fun.  We squeezed a mowing of the grass in there.  One day we went to the Big Peach north of Vincennes to get some produce.

They're under new ownership (the people who used to run Prairie Acres in Oaktown) and have really spruced up the place!  We were very impressed.  And I might say that everything we got was good -- peaches, melon, tomatoes (because our one plant hasn't started producing yet), and cukes.  Also, they bake pies -- regular size or mini-pies -- Wendell got a mini pecan pie.  Yum!  Only negative was finding out that the restaurant at Prairie Acres is now closed; they're still a produce stand but not a restaurant.

We were on the way home from Terre Haute couple weeks ago and came across this unusual farm.  The pictures aren't the best because they're from my puny phone.  This guy had all sorts of bells -- church bells, school bells, etc.  Also chains.  Some really heavy chain like you'd see on an ocean going vessel.  Just a fluke; we'd taken a back road and there it was. 

Gotta tell you, I found the neatest shop in Spencer called The Dragonfly Gallery!  That's where I got these really cool sunglasses!  It's on the west side of the courthouse square.  I highly recommend it and if you live nearby you should check it out!  I hope they can make a go of it; it's a pretty tricky thing anymore, getting a shop to work in a small-town downtown.  Also, there's a little restaurant on the south side of the square that we like, too, called Jit's.  They have very limited hours and days of operation so I hope they can stay in business, too.

I think I forgot to tell you, we went to Teresa Kinman's 2-year open house for Woolen Heirlooms last month!  Had a really good day.  Wendell likes to go along to visit with T.'s hubby, Jay.  He's a good man; he was cranking out the burgers & dogs.  She was pretty busy that day and had the shop decorated really spiffy.  I loved the antiqued American flags that she gave as gifts to all who attended.  She had a table of hooking books and I found a new one to add to my collection.  The shop's cozy but she has a LOT of wool packed in there, so if you're in the vicinity (Newburgh) and you're a hooker, look up Woolen Heirlooms and check her out.  Stopped at a winery on the way back ... just a good day.

Gotta ask you ... have you ever seen anything like this?  In the midst of my coneflowers, there's this weird yellow, hairy-centered flower!  I wonder if it's a wild sunflower "planted" by a bird?  I'm too prone to chigger bites to dig in there and see what's at the root of things.  Just had to share this with you though ...

Oscar, the neighborhood dog, came over for a snack two nights ago. (I got him a ham bone from Rural King.)  As you might see from the damp stones near his tail, he'd been to the river for a swim before he dropped by.
Oh, BTW ... just today I finished (but not bound yet) this "Trick or Treat" mat!  I'm pretty happy with it ... now, to get it bound and on to another project.

Well, I can hear the Brickyard 400 getting ready to start in the other room; think I'll join Wendell and see how it goes.  Hope you're having a relaxing Sabbath, too.  Have a good week! -- and remember, God is good.