Penny mat, made while in NM.

Wool "feather" tree, made in a class taught by Margo White.

Needlepunch - Crow & Stars (a Margaret Shaw design)

A run of woven rag rugs, completed summer of 2015

This Holy Family nativity ornament was made for the HHRHG 2014 Christmas party ornament exchange.

This is my first attempt at serious penny rug making.  I used an old Army blanket that a friend gave me and some off-white wool I had on hand.  The stitching is in heavy pearle cotton.  This was a fun / learning project for me and I look forward to doing more in the future.  I looked at some penny pieces a friend did and wanted to give up; her stitches are just perfect and mine are far from that!  This pattern/idea was from the Maggie Bonanomi book, "Nature".
I hand painted the cloth, then tacked some yo-yo's to the front. Gave this to my Veronica! She seemed to love it and was going to use it in the car on the way home from Grandma's. Made my day!

Placemats, woven from quilting cotton selvages (the ultimate recycling project).

Placemats woven with silk ribbon.  Gave these to Benjie.

Doll clothes for Veronica's 18" friend.

Halloween Cat lapel pin.  From a Maggie Bonanomi book.

Crocheted mesh market bag.  I take this with me to the Farmer's Market in Spencer.

Some of the hats & scarves I crocheted for Project Warmth in Spencer couple years ago.

Quilted wall hanging.  Took this class from Margaret Scott at Runaway Quilt Retreat, Maple Mount KY.
Wool applique top on refinished antique stool.  This is a Maggie Bonanomi pattern.

Green wool crocheted scarf.  I did this in Silver City NM when we stayed there one winter.
Vintage picnic basket with hooked lid cover in the Cat's Paw pattern.
First prayer shawl I crocheted. It went to "Bus" Kay.
Crocheted novelty yarn scarf; a gift for my sister-in-law Nancy.
Crocheted prayer shawl #2; I made this in Silver City NM.  It went to an Indiana Extension Homemaker Project.
Sunflower pillow with hooked center, 100% wool.

Santa ornaments made from dried okra.

Hooked and prodded lapel pins.
Mystery Quilt, 2012.  The "mystery" was deciding how to arrange the blocks to make your own unique design.  It was fun!
"Basic Colors" woven rug, cotton.
9 ft. woven runner -- Looks like Christmas!
Just finished this nice-sized blue jean woven rug (December 2014).  I'll give it away for Christmas this year.
Wool applique pillow; this was a Maggie Bonanomi design.

Needle punched Halloween cat.

Needle-punched rabbit design on a denim purse; gave this to Veronica.
Hand stenciled pillow top.  Enjoying this on the front porch!
Needlepunch piece affixed to a tin holder.  I have it hanging from my corner hutch now.
T-shirt woven rug.  Lumpy & bumpy but fun looking!