Here's the hooked rugs that I intend to keep forever (LOL!), in the order in which I hooked them ...  I've given more away than I've made now.  And that's just the way I want it to be!

"Heart & Hands"

"Scrappy Circles"


"Tumbling Blocks Runner"
"Posy Crows"

"Kind-Hearted Woman"

"Willow & Saltboxes"

"Hit n' Miss Log Cabin"

"Sheep in the Orchard"
"Row Houses"

"Yellow Ware Pitcher

"Leaping Sheep"
"Flower Basket"

"Three Dancing Rabbits"

"Picnic Basket with Cat's Paw Lid"

"Scrappy Squares"

"Deck of Cards Runner"

"The Flying Gardener"

"Woolly Sheep"
"Maggie's Flowers"

"King of the Jungle"

"Maggie's Neutrals"

"Star Flower Runner"
"Trick or Treat"
"Two Roosters"