Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I need sun!

Gloomy here this a.m. and as I look out this window I see grass that needs to be mowed.  Again!  We've had so much rain.  So different than last year.  But the flowers and vegetables are doing so well this summer that I hate to complain too much.  We had almost 5" of rain last Saturday.  We were in Vincennes and came back through Worthington right after it rained.  I drove through water on the highway in downtown Worthington that I probably shouldn't have driven through.  I've never seen it like that before in town!  But I was told it went away quickly.  We got some wonderful peaches at the Big Peach that day.  And other goodies we don't grow in our garden.  Sorry to see that the place is for sale.  Hope someone buys it and keeps the orchards open!  They have the best peaches.

I've been enjoying going through the magazines the kids got us for our anniversary.  They are all from February 1963 (50 years ago).  Some things I noticed:  Roger Penske was driving in GP races and winning (I didn't know he ever drove!).  There are lots of ads for book clubs and record clubs.  People were complaining about government waste and boondoggles then, too.  Professional athletes dressed in suits, white shirts and ties to be interviewed (and they weren't tattooed from head to toe, or sporting holes in their ears).  People dressed up to go to professional baseball games!  (I had forgotten that.)  Women and men wore hats a lot.  Children were not worshiped but were depicted as a part of the whole (family).  Automobiles were heavily represented in advertising volume, no matter the type of magazine.  All in all it has been very interesting and I have just been skimming.  I will go through them again this winter.

The dentist has been playing an important role in my life lately and I HATE IT!  In about 3 weeks I go to see if my regular dentist can accomplish what my odontist (sp?) was unable to -- save this tooth.  Have you ever heard of pulling 1/3 of a tooth?  Well, he is going to give it a shot and if that doesn't work the whole thing will come out.  I feel confident.  Positive.  Breath deep.  Think good thoughts.  (I did read the odontist's letter to him and she admitted making a blunder in there [perforating something?] and so now I am in this fix.)

If you're interested, I'm going to begin putting the pictures from our anniversary party slide show right column, bottom.  May take a few sessions to get them all posted so bear with me.  Life interferes sometimes with what I want to do...

Now, thought I'd post a few pictures that show what I've been doing, seeing and thinking about lately:

Every year I plant button jew in my little monkey boy planter and this is the first year the rabbits haven't eaten it!  Yeah!  He is nestled at the edge of the lamb's ear so maybe they are protecting him.  Chiggers are especially bad this year and Margo says she thinks they live in lamb's ear flower heads.  I am constantly treating chigger bites!  Yikes!  Maybe I need to stay out of the flower beds...

I found another paint-by-number recently and really love this one!  Got this for 50 cents at the thrift store in Spencer!  This is all I need; something else to collect.  LOL!

The day lilies are really doing well this year.  They look even better now than they did when I took this picture!  I think it must be all the rain; last year I thought they needed to be dug out and thinned but now I don't know -- they're doing okay!

I took this picture at the Owen Co. 4-H Fair.  This is the biggest rabbit I have ever seen; I wish there was something here to give him some scale ...  He was friendly, soft, beautiful and sleepy.

This Jersey Giant rooster was so cocky I had to show him to you.  He was the second-best overall rooster at the Owen Co. 4-H Fair.  The Champion was out of his cage being "dusted".  Never saw that done before but he was white, so ....

I entered several items in the Owen Co. Open Class Fair and did pretty well (even though we live in Greene County, I belong to a home extension club in Freedom, so I can enter items there).  Also I entered a hooked rug and a quilt in the Greene County Open Class Fair.  I am proud to say I won the Grand Champion ribbon for my rug and Reserve for my quilt