Here I am, a senior at Petroleum High School, ready to go to my Jr-Sr Reception, stag.  Hey, I did have a good time ... I went to the dinner at the Dutch Mill, skipped the Lighted Acres get-together for some cruising around Bluffton with some buds, then went back to the school to see what was up and have my picture taken. 
I'm ready to go to the Jr-Sr Reception (at most schools called "the prom").  This is my brother Gale, who was a senior.  I went with a guy called Tom Poling, a senior.  I actually don't remember who Gale went with (?).  I was a sophomore.  Mom always made us look into the sun; makes for a lovely picture, yes? ...

At Wendell's house, driving our family's car (the same one pictured above).  Is that a '55 or a '56 Chevy? 

On our senior trip, at a nightclub in NYC.  Dick, Gene & I are stuck at the table with the adults.
The 3 Musketeers!  Me, Vesta & Leanna.
This was taken in NYC on our senior trip, April of '62.  Everyone in my class is pictured here except three -- Dick was taking the picture and Barbara and Martha weren't able to go.  I'm front row right in the pink.
Here I am in my initiation-to-4H-camp outfit.  Can't remember why I had a paper plate tied behind my head?!

Along with a group of girls from PHS, here we are being initiated at 4-H Camp the summer of 1960.  It was fun!  We had half of our faces made up and paper plates tied around our necks (?).  I'm front row, right. (For some unknown reason I'm ALWAYS front row something ...)
Senior class play, "The Campbells are Coming!"  I'm the second girl from the right.
Wendell & I at his house, 1961.
Good ole' PHS ... it's long gone.  Just a corn field and a marker on the corner.
Here I am going through my blond phase ... taken in the fall of 1962 on the steps of the Domestic Church of Christ (where I was later married).

Spring of 1962, going stag to the Petroleum Junior-Senior Reception.

4-H Junior Leader Conference, Depauw University, Greencastle, I'm front row left.
My official senior picture from PHS, class of '62.