Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's almost over ... but a whole new one is just around the corner.

What a wonderful Christmas!  We had our family get-together at son Adrian's home in Michigan.  All seven of us were there.  Here's a picture from the day of Veronica hiding in one of the boxes.  Even nine-year-olds still enjoy seeing if they can fit into a big box!  She got a lot of great presents and we all enjoyed watching her open them and spoiling her.  I think her two favorites that day were the big green machine from Uncle Jeff and the harmonica from Wendell and I.  (I don't know about the popularity of that harmonica by the end of the day but WE thought it was a great gift!) 

It was such a good day!  We all enjoyed watching the new puppy, catching up on what everyone's been doing, eating too much (Gloria is a wonderful cook!), opening gifts, watching Adrian put the big green machine together in the living room, and then we ate some more.  Ahhhhhh!  

That night, after we got back to the motel and were relaxing with a cup of coffee, the power went off.  An ice storm had started about dark.  Actually as I write this some people are still without power up there and it's been a week now.  It was about 9:30 and we were tired so we just went to bed about 10-ish.  The power went out again the next a.m. as I was in the middle of a shower ... thank goodness Wendell had brought the flashlight up to the room so with it shining in the bathroom mirror, I finished showering and he got shaved without too much blood.  After a cold, dark breakfast we hit the road and by the time we were back in Indiana the roads were normal, though we did drive home in the rain.  Listening to the Colts on the radio, winning, made the trip go by quickly.  

We saw lots of utility company vehicles and highway workers removing trees from the secondary highway as we started out on in Michigan.  As we got closer to home we heard about all of the rain we had received here in southern Indiana and wondered if our road would be flooded and we would have to walk in on the RR tracks.  But all was well.  However, we were flooded in for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  We didn't want to go anywhere anyway so ...  Now everything's back to normal (whatever that is).

Here's our Christmas tree this year.  We need new lights I think.  And probably a new tree ... This area is where the gun cabinet used to be.  We took it to Adrian this Christmas.  I want to put something else here but not sure just now what it's going to be.  There is some discussion going on about that at our house ... LOL!  I'll keep you updated.

We've been having some absolutely beautiful sunrises lately.  I'm usually up for them, making coffee.  Here's the view out my kitchen window last week with the sun just getting ready to come up over Kelly's Ridge.  I wanted to share this with you.

This was one of my very favorite gifts this year.  From our newest almost-family member, Jane.  She made it; inside this flat glass ornament is our 50th Wedding Anniversary invitation in strips.  It is the neatest thing!  What a clever idea.  Thank you Jane!  She fits right in; we are blessed.
Next time I write it will probably be 2014.  So much to do and so little time.  Time -- it's flying by and I still have so much to accomplish in life.  

God bless you all.  And I wish you a very happy new year.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Busy busy busy ...

And So This is Christmas.  That's my favorite Christmas song of the day.  John Lennon.  Funny, I really never was a Beatle fan.  But I like that song right now.  Heard it again today in the car on the way home from the dentist and really cranked it up.  I got him to hold off on the major dental work until January.  So the minor work is done for now and I have about 5 weeks break until I go back to the dentist again for the expensive stuff.  OH, YEAH!

I think I'm done Christmas shopping!  I just have one more thing ordered and it's for the big guy so I still have a week till that's needed.  Son called tonight to warn of maybe rotten weather for our family Christmas up north.  Well, it could happen.  But we'll make it there and back one way or another.

Found these three dish towels (I suppose) at an antique mall recently.  Like them a lot.  Now, what to do with them?  I could use them for pillows maybe? ... 

Also found these quilt blocks at the same place.  They appear to be pretty old.  I have them on the design wall and am trying to figure out what to put with them.  They're big -- 18" square.  The more I look at them the more I like them ...

I baked all of these cookies and two of the three events I baked them for were cancelled due to weather, so now we have 7 dozen cookies in the freezer.  Guess we'll have to choke them down ourselves ... (sigh).  Actually, we never have welcomed our new neighbors and we could do so with a plate of cookies!  Also disappointing was that the rug hooking guild I belong to cancelled their Christmas party and it only rained.  What can I say?  We have turned into a country controlled by the weatherman.  I refuse to participate.  For instance, the antique tractor association we belong to was going to have a Christmas in the Village event and I understood when they cancelled the first weekend; there was a big storm.  But last weekend?  It rained for Pete's sake!  Oh well, like I said ... 

Tomorrow is hooking at the Library and I'm looking forward to that.  Hope someone shows up!  At least I know Laurie is coming from Indy.  Isn't that something?  She and I may be the only ones there.  And she's driving all the way here from Indy.  I think these local gals are trying to tell me something about daytime hooking -- Not popular!  And obviously everyone knows that most hookers do their best work at night!  Ya gotta laugh.  It's my life.

Have a blessed Christmas holiday.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Colts week ...

I went to my first regular season Colts game last Sunday and they won!  It was ugly but exciting and they came away with a "W" so who can complain?  There weren't very many empty seats and lots of noise!  I'm so glad I went.  Two more home games; we have the application for playoff tickets and pondering what to do ...

Then on Tuesday we went to the Colts Complex on 56th Street in Indy for a season ticket appreciation luncheon.  We are "charter" season ticket holders (30 years this year) and they invited 100 people like me, plus a guest, to a nice lunch.  By the way, they said there are only 1,600 charter season ticket owners.  We got a pep talk from the head of customer relations, Larry Hall, and then Bob Lamey spoke.  Then two Colts players came on for a sort of Q&A with Bob -- Robert Mathis and Anthony Castonzo.  This was very interesting and before I knew it, it was over.  (Well, they gave away some really nice door prizes but of course we didn't win anything.)  If you hadn't had the opportunity before, the Super Bowl trophy was there and people lined up to take pictures of it or with it or whatever.  They even let people touch it and hold it!  (We had already seen it the year they won; we went to Crawfordsville and stood in line to see it then -- we were so excited!)  All in all it was a great day.
Everyone had a chance to go onto the indoor practice field and I got a shot before anyone had a chance to get out there.  It would have been nicer if there had been actual players practicing but ...
This is a poor picture; sorta blurry and, yes, I should have zoomed but that's Lamey, Castonzo and Mathis, I swear.

Right now the Colts are on TV and if I stay in here they might stand a chance of winning.  See that's the trouble; when I actually go to the game I can't "leave the room".  Well, I guess I could go out in the concourse and walk around but that would be sort of dumb ...

We got all ready for Christmas in the Village at Elnora, which the White River Valley Antique Association is sponsoring, but then the snow came!  It snowed out Christmas in the Village Friday and Saturday!  Who would have thought it would happen?!  Santa LOVES snow!  But anyway, we'll work it next weekend.  My 4 dozen cookies are in the freezer ready to go.  We're supposed to work in the shelter house, handing out cookies and drinks and keeping the fire blazing.  Wendell went down Wednesday and spent most of the day putting out luminaries (which are now probably covered with snow).
Looking west from the front of our house.  This looks like a black & white picture, doesn't it? 

Looking south through the screen on the porch. (As I type this, there is a huge flock of Canada geese out there.)

Saturday morning there was a beautiful fog that started below over the river, as this picture depicts.  Then it crept up the hill and sort of swept through our area.  It was breath taking ... I've never seen anything like it.

Another picture taken early Saturday.
It did snow to beat the band Friday and I took pictures.  I think we got about 8-10".  We have been keeping the bird feeder stocked and also enjoying the woodpeckers at the suet feeder.  Took a walk in the snow yesterday (the mail carrier actually came down our road) and got the card from the game camera.  It looks like the big buck who lives around here escaped the gun season.  But we haven't seen our doe and twin fawns since mid-November.

This a.m. we went to church and someone plowed our road.  How nice!  We were blessed to be chosen to light the second candle of Advent.  Despite the poor road conditions, there was a really nice crowd for church.  (Maybe they had cabin fever, too! LOL!)

Have a blessed week.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Blue Monday ...

I'm guess I'm feeling "blue" because I'm so COLD!

Five reasons I'm blue:
1. Again, it's Monday and it's cold, AND there's no sun,
2. The Colts lost yesterday,
3. Hubby ill (again),
4. Haven't done any Christmas shopping yet, and
5. Just heard about the knock out game for the first time. (What's happening people?)

Interesting time in the life of my car. Taken last week. This won't happen again!  LOL!
I finished binding the "Mother Cat with Lost Kittens" rug and also hooked and bound the Three Chicks rug (for the fourth time) and this one I'm keeping.  Here's a picture of it ...

It was a beautiful weekend.  I went into Worthington Saturday a.m. and especially for Worthington Antiques holiday open house.  All I can say is Wow!  The shop was packed.  I ran into a lot of hookers, too!  I saw (and hugged) Tammy, Heidi, Maddy, Debbie, Teri, and Kandy.  Denise has outdone herself in decorating her shop for the holidays.  Just some really unique things can be found there, too.  I bought a (very) few Christmas decorations -- three bottle brush trees, a blown glass sheep ornament, and a yummy smelling gingerbread man to add a nice smell to my basket of grapevine balls.  She had some delicious refreshments, too!  Couldn't check out too many of the shops because I was worried about W. at home not feeling 100%.  I especially want to go back into town and go to the newly opened downtown antique mall ran by the Vanderventer's.  

Sunday we went for a short drive over to Greenup to Cameo Winery.  Stopped along the way to see if Moonshine was still there and yes, it was ...
Love the signs -- "Moonshine" & "Store Population 2" -- they do have a sense of humor.  There were cats everywhere and one very happy dog.  And we saw one of the "2" who live above the store ... (not as happy as the dog).

This will be a busy week for me.  I'm making cookies for commitments I've made.  So far I have 8 dozen in the freezer and I think just 4 dozen more to go (I need to go back and look at my calendar tho ...).  Made chocolate chip Friday and snickerdoodles today and think I'll make sugar cookies decorated for Christmas tomorrow or Wednesday. Plan on getting one of the new hookers started on her second project this evening; she'll be here after she gets off work.  Tomorrow I get my eyes checked.  Yeah; I need new glasses!  I'll be so glad to get them.  (Now if I could just get up the nerve to go back to the ENT ...)  While I'm in Linton I'll do the dreaded grocery buying along with probably a couple hundred others shopping for Thanksgiving.  (sigh ...) Maybe while I'm over there I can check out a couple new (to me) shops in and near Linton.  

And so it goes ... it's my life.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Here's what I have to be thankful for: my mate, my family, my friends, my church family, my very life.  Ahhhh! I am blessed.  How about you?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting ready for the winter holidays?

Me too!  Was sitting in an extension homemaker meeting last night, comparing busy lives with the woman across the table from me.  We decided we were both crazy!  It was a good "Jolly" meeting with three guest speakers.  I originally joined homemakers to 1) learn something and 2) have fun.  Neither has been happening recently and you might say this meeting came just in the nick of time.  The county extension educator gave a Power Point demo on Pinterest and now I think I know how to use it ... I'll try some day when I have a half day to mess around with it and before I forget everything I learned last night.  Other two speakers were from Owen Valley Health Campus, speaking and demonstrating yoga exercises you can do in bed before you get up and the other lady demonstrated simple exercises you can do to help with flexibility.  Both things I needed to hear and learn more about.  And dinner was delicious with three different kinds of soup, and salads.  And of course, desserts!  It was a good evening.  The business meeting was blessedly short ...

[I've been having mucho problems with Blogger and some days I could pull my hair out.  That is why I haven't been posting as often as in the past.  I bounce in and out, trying to finish what I start.  Sorry about that!]   

Been keeping busy lately.  Though we got the loom warped I haven't threaded the heddles yet so that means I haven't started weaving yet ...   have however been sewing cut and ripped fabric into long pieces and rolling them into balls for the weft.  The warp I'm using for the next run of rugs is a linen color, so I'm going to be making rugs in medium shades.  Looking forward to it!

Also been hooking a lot!  Finished a rug called "Mother Cat with Lost Kittens".  Pix below.

"Mother Cat with Lost Kittens", a Margo White design.  Just finished hooking but not bound.

Then, I started on the fourth hooking of a little mat I first made years ago called Three Chicks.  It's a Needl'love design and I've given the other three away -- this one I'm keeping.  I'll put a picture of it here when I get it bound.  The Holy Hookers met at Select Insurance on October first and it was a good night ... rainy outside but warm and cozy inside.  Jane is so welcoming!  We had a nice group and a nice visit.  Doesn't everyone enjoy being with kindred spirits?!  I hook in spurts and stops.  Same with crochet, weaving and reading.  I have been reading books like a fiend until just recently but only reading lately has been catching up on magazines ...

Recently we went for a day-long drive.  Our final destination was Salem to have dinner at Christopher's on the Square.  It was a good day even though it was overcast.  The leaves were just starting to turn and it was good to get away from work at home.  We stopped at a winery and a couple antiques shops along the way, as well at the art center in Nashville.  Here's some pix from that day.  

Enjoy and have a blessed upcoming weekend! 

We went for a drive couple weeks ago and came across this old covered bridge near Medora, IN.  It is said to be the longest surviving covered bridge in the U.S.  You can't drive over it; the new bridge is out of sight to the right.

On the same road trip we went through Story, IN.  Here's the restaurant.  Delicious but slightly overpriced food.  I loved all of the antiques, inside and out.

We've had two little snows so far.  I think way too early for this time and place.  What happened to that man-made global warming "they" keep talking about?  We need some warming here and now...

Friday, November 1, 2013

Warped ...

HAPPY (LATE) HALLOWEEN!  This is Margo White's cute little Halloween cat.  Got it at the Made in Greene County event at WRV a few weeks ago.

Here's a few of us "Jolly" women all dolled up at the Hobo Heaven dinner in Spencer.  Bernadene, me, Karla & Penny.  It was a fun Halloween event!  So glad I went!  We have a really good County President this year with lots of creative ideas. 
Well, the loom is warped for another run of rugs.  Now all I have to do is thread the heddles and reed.  That's the easy part, though sometimes tedious.  I'm looking forward to using up lots more of my quilting cotton.  Plus I've been collecting such things as chenille bedspreads, wool that's too heavy or too lightweight for hooking, plastic shopping bags (!) and men's ties, to try some interesting effects!  We'll see ...  Wendell was a big help!  There was one problem spool of warp that kept running off the end, so one of us had to keep a finger on the end of that spool.  And the other one cranked.  ARGH!  Anyway, it's done now.

Last week I taught four very interested women how to hook.  The class was in Spencer so I'm "spreading the word" out of Greene County, into Owen County!  It's sort of like my mission, I guess.  They were all doing well by the end of the evening and we had a very comfortable place to use as a classroom.  And lots of fun and laughs.  What more could you ask?  There is always the fear that I'll find someone who just doesn't get it.  That's only happened for me one time.  I keep my fingers crossed every time I have newbies ...

I'm on the fellowship dinner committee now at church, so today I'll be roasting the turkey for Sunday's dinner.  Tomorrow I'll make a pumpkin pie and Sunday afternoon the bread dressing in the crock pot.  Hope I can do a decent job to replace the woman who was the lead person on that committee.  Nothing like being thrown right in, not only on the committee, but as the lead.  That's what prayer is all about, right?  That and a good cookbook ...

We've had several turkeys here lately.  Here's a few that visited several days ago.  They spent a lot of time out west of the house and I'm hoping they ate all of the box elder bugs!
We had lots of rain and wind yesterday and I'm thinking the gutters are probably filled with leaves today.  Poor Wendell ...  But now you can see through the trees and when a train goes through I can probably count the number of cars.  (Sometimes the high point of my day in the winter ...)  I was amazed that the leaves were being blown all of the way from the woods to the driveway !  Yikes !  It was way windy.  

Have a great weekend.  God Bless!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Since last we met ...

I've been busy!  Here's that rug I finished, "The Flying Gardener".  I really love her and want to give it to my grand daughter but don't know if she'd like it.  But I also would like to keep it for a while to enter in the fair next year.  Decisions, decisions ...
"The Flying Gardener", a JuJu Vail design.  Been hooking on this rug for more than a year; it was WAY out of the box for me because I usually choose more muted colors ...  Plus, it's pretty big, too!
We enjoyed lunch with my brother Don and his wife Nancy around the first of the month.  Went to Greencastle to Almost Home.  It was a good lunch and a great visit.  While we were there about a bazillion old Ford Model T's and A's went through.  We were all distracted (except Don, who had his back to the window) by the stream of cars going through on the highway!  I wish you could have seen all of those old cars!  W. talked to a couple who came into the restaurant to eat, and they said they were traveling as a group and headed to Rockville.  You know, that Covered Bridge Festival is going on there right now ...

The Holy Hookers had their first meeting at Select Insurance in the conference room and we had a great time.  I think it'll work!  There were 5 of us I think.  We think more could easily fit in and even spill out into the front room and/or hallway!  It was fun.  And good to catch up on what's going on with Jane & Deb!  However, the daytime group -- not so much.  I was the only one to show up at the library in September and yesterday it was just Margo and I.  So I'll give the daytime group till the end of the year then probably pull the plug.  It was a good idea but ...  Hey, I really do enjoy the time away from distractions here at home, where I can just sit and hook and get a lot done!

We had a good visit to Michigan to visit Ray, Gloria and Veronica.  We watched a soccer game (and they won).  W. & I are impressed with the improvement in play that just one season makes.  The team is doing well.   Ray took us to a nice brew pub in Hastings for my birthday lunch while we were there.  (Oh yes, I did have another one on the 7th ...)  I've gotta say, Gloria is a most excellent cook!  We had two amazing dinners at their house!  (And I'm not just kissing up.)  On the way there we stopped in Kalamazoo and I got an 8-dent reed for my loom so I can change the look somewhat on my next run.  The trees were changing up there and it was a beautiful drive home.  We took a detour through Bluffton and visited with Mom for a while, getting home LATE Sunday night.  She is doing really well and was in good spirits.  Here's a pix from the soccer game.
That's our little #27!
Also went to another Hoosier Hills Guild meeting and the Jolly Homemakers met, too.  It keeps me hoppin!  Made a big fruit tray for the church men's breakfast but was told only 9 guys showed up!  (frown)  Jeff and Jane came through and we met in Bloomington at the Trojan Horse for dinner Saturday night.  Another birthday celebration for me!  All in all, I've been busy.  Best news, I get to scratch "paint exterior doors" off my to-do list!  When I get those flower beds cleaned I can say I'm ready for winter.  Sign .....
The view from our front porch ... fall is here.

Have a blessed weekend! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Painting, dyeing, etc....

These past few days have been full.  Want to start by showing you a little lapel pin I made.  I based it on an applique pattern I saw in a Maggie Bonanomi book, adapting it to make a lightly stuffed pin.
I pinned it on this denim shirt to give you an idea of how he looks ...
I've been hooking, too, and finally finished a rug (I don't know what to call it but it's a woman watering her cats) that I've been working on for about a year at least.  Now I can start hooking something new!  Also, thrown in there, I've been painting.  Painted the garage door on the house and the man door on the garage.  Gotta still do the big garage door over there.  We are painting the doors a dark red/brown.  AND I cleaned my work room ... YEAH!  And Wendell is cleaning some at the garage, too.  I guess we're getting ready for autumn.

I also spent a little time dyeing wool with marigolds.  Will add a "page" at right on "how to dye with marigolds" as I have time to pour the pix in here ...  It is fun to dye this way but takes time (waiting, waiting, waiting).  I think I'll try dyeing with tomato leaves and vines, too; supposed to make a nice green even though it's sort of fugitive.  But I really needed the yellows.  The greens?  Not so much ... we'll see.

We finally got over to Madison.  It was just a beautiful day and I gotta say this is my time of year!  I love the blue, blue skies and the clear air.  We walked the whole downtown and stopped at a few interesting shops.  Wendell did spend a little time sitting on benches, waiting for me, at some places.  But all in all he did good!  (LOL!)  My favorite place was the Galena Garlic Company where I got some interesting olive oil, smoked paprika, and a Greek meat rub.  Also found a cute little enamel saucer (it's shown in the Uncle Sam picture below) at a antique store I could only describe as a jumble!

Of course you gotta go see the Lanier Mansion when you're in Madison.  They have refurbished it since we were there last.  I should have taken a picture from the porch, facing the river, which is to my back in this picture ...

Here's an Uncle Sam whirligig Neil White made.  I LOVE it!  (the little enamelware saucer I mentioned is holding the candle)
This weekend I think we'll go to the Made in Greene County event at the WRV High School.  Second year for it and we didn't make it last year.  But we gotta get up early for the best things so I'll set the alarm.  Hope you have a good weekend, too.  And let's all pray for rain here in Indiana!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love this weather ...

Getting close to the end of the garden ... tomorrow night we'll have stuffed peppers ...
Today has to be one of the most beautiful days ever!  Up early and to church; home and enjoyed sweeping the porch, shelling seeds from some dried hollyhock pods to plant for next year, and getting a light lunch on the table.  Wendell's on the porch listening to the Colts game.  It is DEFINITELY a front porch day here!

It's been a mixed week for me ... Some sorrow and some pleasure; some heat and some cold.  Two church friends died this week; one from our "old" church in Worthington and one from Freedom church where we attend now.  

Marilyn Burnside was such a dear person; she had such a wonderful smile!  We really became close friends when we attended Disciple Bible Study with her for three 9-month sessions.  (You really get to know someone in a group like that!)  At her memorial service Friday there were lots of slides shown of her with her family and friends.  Such a rich, full life she led!  And she was such a good person and a true Christian.  Someone to emulate for sure.  

At our Freedom church a true leader died, Ken McCollum.  He was the president of our administrative board and had been an educator in Owen County for more than 30 years.  Very well respected in our congregation and community!  He was a big fellow, taller than Wendell.  He stayed active in a senior softball league until just last year, with he and Jane traveling all over the U.S. to games (and Ken played golf wherever he went, too).  Ken will truly be missed at our little Freedom U.M. Church!

The week started out very hot; in fact Tuesday and Wednesday had record high temps.  Then on Thursday the weather turned and that night we had a near record low!  Brrrrrrr!  (We pulled our quilt up!)  Can you guess which part of the week I enjoyed the most?  The down side of course; I HATE to sweat!  LOL!

Wednesday night the Holy Hookers met here for a light dinner buffet and some hooking time (and some knitting and crocheting).  It was a good evening and the group decided on new meeting times.  We'll meet two times a month, once in the evening and once during the day.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm excited about this change!  TWO opportunities to hook a month.  You know, even if that was the only time each month I hooked, I could get a lot done that way!  

Yesterday I went to Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild in Washington and that was a good day, too.  There were 13 members present and we had a really fun day with not too much "meeting" and lots of hooking, visiting and eating!  I believe the sharing of our work is the most important aspect of our meetings.  The fact that we're from such a wide area (Evansville, Tell City, Washington, Winslow, Bloomfield, Olney, Robinson ... and Worthington, et. al. ) brings lots of different ideas to the table each month!  I so enjoy that group!

Here's a picture of a table of wool one of the women brought to show off her dyeing skills.  Wonderful!  This sort of thing makes each meeting worthwhile.  Jan Cabel also shared her book on dyeing with flowers and plants with us.  And there were also lemon bars, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and other goodies!  What more could a person want!?

Wendell and I are going to try to get to Madison some day this week.  We love going to the Thomas Family Winery there for a fruit, bread, cheese and wine lunch.  And Madison is great for walking downtown with different types of shops and some house museums thrown in, too.  (We never did get time away after our 50th anniversary party like we wanted ...)  It will just be a day trip but I'm looking forward to it anyway.  And we plan on getting up to see the kids in Michigan very soon, too.  That's my life this week ...  You have a good week, too.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keepin' on ...

Just now getting over a summer cold.  Ugh!  Today is the first day I've felt back to normal.  And so we mow!  The grass is dormant but the weeds aren't!  It is a beautiful morning.  I'm sitting here in a long sleeve shirt and shorts!  It will soon be shed for a short-sleeve one and off to do the grass after the dew dries.

Week ago last Friday we went to Rantoul IL for the Half Century of Progress show.  First time we've been.  It's a tractor thing ... We decided it was a test to see if we could still "do it".  And we lasted until well into the afternoon.  I have NEVER seen such a large tractor show!  The demonstrations were awesome with combining, picking, plowing, discing, tilling, planting ... on and on.  Lots of flea markets.  Lots of food booths.  Lots of TRACTORS.  Tractors of every age.  There was even draft horses working in one area. The show took place on the old Chanute Air Force Base.  Does that tell you anything?   there was not a tree in sight.  And it was in the mid-80's.  (It's still in use as a municipal airport and National Guard place.)  I'm posting a few pix below.  

Funny thing happened.  When we got in and parked there was a school bus picking people up in the lot.  We figured it must be some distance to walk in so we got on.  After the bus chugged along and picked up people until we were loaded, we proceeded to drive the distance of perhaps 1/2 a block as the crow files and they dropped us off at the admission gate.  We could have walked in and seen half the show in the time it took us to be shuttled in!  (Well, that might be an exaggeration.)  Perhaps if we hadn't been on the front row of the parking lot the shuttle would have been useful (?).  Just a good laugh to us to start the day.  The number of people on golf carts and atv's was amazing.  Don't people WALK anywhere anymore?!  No wonder our country is in such a mess physically!  (And I'm not slinging stones because you who know me know I could use a good walk every day ... and that day I got a good one.)  It was annoying to be dodging the golf carts though, and we decided "been there, done that" when the day was through.

We went through Elnora's show grounds last night.  Both of us had been so sick of being sick we had to get out for a drive.  That steam/tractor show doesn't open for a few days and it is already about filled up with exhibits and campers!  Amazing!  The way we're both feeling, we will not be working much, perhaps Saturday only.  But it made me excited about going through the flea markets and seeing some of the demonstrations Saturday before I have to work in one of the admission gates.  I see it's going to be hot that day though; 87 degrees!  ARGH!  I hate to sweat!  LOL!

Am getting ready for some hookers to visit next week.  Hope we have a good evening.  And decide what our future will be ...

Have a blessed week, what's left of it, and I hope you don't catch my cold!  Here's a few pix from Rantoul.
Here's a Case tractor from 1976.  We ALWAYS have to check the Case equipment area very carefully ...
This guy was "driving" his tractor from a really old wagon.  The huge flag shown in the background is the largest flag I've ever seen!  It was hoisted and held between two cranes.  We could see it from several miles out; we knew we were headed in the right direction when we spotted it. 
"Jeeps on the Farm" was a special tented exhibit with Willys jeeps adapted to several different uses.  This one with the sickle bar mower was unique I thought ...
Here's a soybean field being harvested by several different pieces of equipment.  I wanted to ask someone how they got the corn and beans prematurely ready for harvest like this but didn't want to show my ignorance.  All around the landing strips at this airport were fields of mature crops ready for the demonstrations.  Awesome!  These fields would be just LINED with golf carts and atv's with people SITTING and watching...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

OK ...

I was just thinking, I say that to myself a lot!  "OK".  It means, what?  Probably that I have finished something and can move on to the next task?  Who knows!  It's like checking something off of an imaginary list in my head.  Is it a sign of getting old?  No, I think I've been doing this for some time ........ 

I was just getting a quick loaf of bread into the bread machine (we both love the smell and taste of this bread and it is really too simple).  Finished and said "OK" to myself and went on to flip some dust.  And I'm sure I'd say OK when I finished that but flipping dust never ends.  But it makes me feel satisfied that one more little task is done I guess.  Thinking about this simple thing somehow made me feel satisfied this morning.

What have I been doing?  Other than fretting over what is happening to this dumb tooth, nothing outstanding.  (The 1/3 of the tooth was pulled and now we're waiting to see how it all works out; found out it's called a hemisection.)  I did get some beets canned this week; they'll taste good this winter.  We love them pickled and Harvard-style.  My big surprise here was that these beets were supposed to be ivory colored.  They were not even yellow!  They were just BEETS.  Oh, well.  I may buy some cucumbers at the Amish store and make some more lime pickles yet, but it depends on if I get in "the mood".  Here's a picture of the flower garden; our house is in the background.  These flowers have done really well and I'm so glad I did this.  The coreopsis are HUGE (tall) and I plan on saving seeds for next year.  And I always love cock's comb ...  the drooping white flowers are moon flowers and you have to get up pretty early in the a.m. to see them in full bloom.  The sunflowers are perfect to cut for the house, as you can see (these however are already starting to loose petals).

The moving Vietnam wall was in Spencer a couple weeks ago and Wendell and I went to see it.  I took lots of pictures but here are just a couple.  We went on a Sunday evening at dinner time and still there were lots of people there.  And I was told that the opening ceremony was attended by an estimated crowd of 1,000.  That's a lot when you consider that the population of Spencer is about 2,200 souls ...

We dug the garlic last week and they look really good!  This is the second year we've grown garlic; these will store well in the basement for use this winter!  Yum!

I saw this idea at the fair last year in the Garden Club booth.  I used an old fruit jar and tied it to the handle of this old pitch fork (found at a yard sale) with twine.  I have been trying to keep fresh flowers here.  It's right by the front entry.
Well, this summer is flying by.  Next up will be the WRVAA steam & tractor show in Elnora.  I'm working the ticket booth one afternoon and hooking in the log cabin other times when I can get down there.  Come visit me!  I do have to take a morning off to go see that *@##^=%@ dentist again but hopefully I'll be there other times.  Have a blessed weekend!  Life is good.   

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Actually, I'm not a "summer person" ...

I don't especially like summer, though this one has been really really nice up until this week.  Now we are into what I call a typical Indiana summer -- hot, humid with white-hot overcast skies.  And we have to mow today.  Joy joy.  (But hey, I CAN mow.)  We are still getting enough rain to make weekly mowing necessary.  Our extra lot was mowed and baled this week, a first for us.  We told the neighbor/farmer John that if he wanted to mow it and bale it he was welcome to it and he got four of those big bales from it.  We were both surprised at that much from about 2 acres.  It sure smells good, the smell of freshly baled hay is hard to beat.

Went yard sale-ing last Saturday and while in Worthington I was attracted to Denise's back door.  She owns Worthington Antiques on the triangle (we're not big enough for a square).  And the front of her business is always well done, but I thought her back door was equally well put together and wanted to share these two pictures with you.

While in town I went to the church thrift shop.  They were having an "$8 a grocery bag" sale so I cleaned them out of men's neckties.  I intend to weave a wall hanging with ties and this is a start on my tie collection for that project.  Here's the 48 ties I got there.  Also found some other things I can weave with, and a blouse for myself, and all for $8.  Felt pret-ty good when I left that store!  Went to a couple yard sales in Worthington and found a wonderful old sled for $10 to use for decoration outside the front door at Christmas time.  All I'll need is a bow and maybe some mittens!  Must say though, that after that my yard sale-ing in Bloomfield and Linton was a bust.  Went to several but just a bunch of junk.
My 48 thrift store ties ... just the beginning!

[Psssst --- here's a "special" tie I found in the lot.  Let's just say that if the ladies at the thrift store had REALLY looked at this one they would have thrown it away!  LOL!  I'll not open it out but just use your imagination about what's below the fold ... How do I keep W. from wearing it to Lodge ???]
Here's my first attempt at drying tomatoes.  Came out pretty good.  Am storing them in the freezer and am anxious to begin using them in pizza and other appropriate dishes.  Got this dehydrator at a yard sale (of course) for $2.
The garden is doin' good and I think I'll have beets to can this week or early next.  The tomatoes are plentiful and delicious, and we're already giving them away.  I don't plan on canning any but may try to make a little of Teresa B.'s recipe for tomato marmalade again.  (Yummy! and we're on the last jar from last year right now.)  I'm going to dry some more, too.  The best part of the garden this year is the flowers; I planted half of the garden in flowers!  Now they're so big you can't even roto-till in there except around the edge.  Yeah!  Less work!  And it's beautiful, especially the sunflowers.  I'll take pictures and put here soonest ...

Say a prayer for me; next Wednesday I go to the dentist for major work on that dumb tooth I've been bellyaching about (sorry).  Hopefully he will "do good".  Each day is precious ...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I need sun!

Gloomy here this a.m. and as I look out this window I see grass that needs to be mowed.  Again!  We've had so much rain.  So different than last year.  But the flowers and vegetables are doing so well this summer that I hate to complain too much.  We had almost 5" of rain last Saturday.  We were in Vincennes and came back through Worthington right after it rained.  I drove through water on the highway in downtown Worthington that I probably shouldn't have driven through.  I've never seen it like that before in town!  But I was told it went away quickly.  We got some wonderful peaches at the Big Peach that day.  And other goodies we don't grow in our garden.  Sorry to see that the place is for sale.  Hope someone buys it and keeps the orchards open!  They have the best peaches.

I've been enjoying going through the magazines the kids got us for our anniversary.  They are all from February 1963 (50 years ago).  Some things I noticed:  Roger Penske was driving in GP races and winning (I didn't know he ever drove!).  There are lots of ads for book clubs and record clubs.  People were complaining about government waste and boondoggles then, too.  Professional athletes dressed in suits, white shirts and ties to be interviewed (and they weren't tattooed from head to toe, or sporting holes in their ears).  People dressed up to go to professional baseball games!  (I had forgotten that.)  Women and men wore hats a lot.  Children were not worshiped but were depicted as a part of the whole (family).  Automobiles were heavily represented in advertising volume, no matter the type of magazine.  All in all it has been very interesting and I have just been skimming.  I will go through them again this winter.

The dentist has been playing an important role in my life lately and I HATE IT!  In about 3 weeks I go to see if my regular dentist can accomplish what my odontist (sp?) was unable to -- save this tooth.  Have you ever heard of pulling 1/3 of a tooth?  Well, he is going to give it a shot and if that doesn't work the whole thing will come out.  I feel confident.  Positive.  Breath deep.  Think good thoughts.  (I did read the odontist's letter to him and she admitted making a blunder in there [perforating something?] and so now I am in this fix.)

If you're interested, I'm going to begin putting the pictures from our anniversary party slide show right column, bottom.  May take a few sessions to get them all posted so bear with me.  Life interferes sometimes with what I want to do...

Now, thought I'd post a few pictures that show what I've been doing, seeing and thinking about lately:

Every year I plant button jew in my little monkey boy planter and this is the first year the rabbits haven't eaten it!  Yeah!  He is nestled at the edge of the lamb's ear so maybe they are protecting him.  Chiggers are especially bad this year and Margo says she thinks they live in lamb's ear flower heads.  I am constantly treating chigger bites!  Yikes!  Maybe I need to stay out of the flower beds...

I found another paint-by-number recently and really love this one!  Got this for 50 cents at the thrift store in Spencer!  This is all I need; something else to collect.  LOL!

The day lilies are really doing well this year.  They look even better now than they did when I took this picture!  I think it must be all the rain; last year I thought they needed to be dug out and thinned but now I don't know -- they're doing okay!

I took this picture at the Owen Co. 4-H Fair.  This is the biggest rabbit I have ever seen; I wish there was something here to give him some scale ...  He was friendly, soft, beautiful and sleepy.

This Jersey Giant rooster was so cocky I had to show him to you.  He was the second-best overall rooster at the Owen Co. 4-H Fair.  The Champion was out of his cage being "dusted".  Never saw that done before but he was white, so ....

I entered several items in the Owen Co. Open Class Fair and did pretty well (even though we live in Greene County, I belong to a home extension club in Freedom, so I can enter items there).  Also I entered a hooked rug and a quilt in the Greene County Open Class Fair.  I am proud to say I won the Grand Champion ribbon for my rug and Reserve for my quilt