Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ft. Bayard and beyond...

Fort Bayard NM, National Military Cemetery

Fort Bayard NM, Doctor's Row

Yesterday we visited historic Ft. Bayard, just 7 miles east of Silver City.  We walked and walked!  The main feature of the fort today is the modern VA hospital at the entrance to the old fort.  Two years ago they built a new hospital and moved from the old fort grounds into the new facility.  At present the locals are trying to acquire preservation status for most of the buildings at the old fort.  It sort of reminds me of Ft. Harrison in that there are lots of old homes, such as the big duplexes pictured above where the doctors lived.  Also lots of smaller single family dwellings which were officer and nurses homes in the day.  The old hospital is still standing and is a huge building in the shape of an "H".  It was a great day to walk around.  There are lots of placards around the grounds telling the history and showing old views compared to what you see today.  There has been a fort here since the 1870s.

The military cemetery was very inspiring.  When we first got there a burial was in process (the flag was at half staff) so we returned later in the afternoon.  Just walking and sitting quietly there was awesome.  This one picture does not capture the size and scope of the place.  Nothing like Arlington but still ...

I'm putting a couple more pictures at right.  Also, I have finished a couple of crocheted scarves while here (gave one to the owner and she loved it) and putting a picture of one opposite, top.  At present, in the evening I'm working on another prayer shawl in navy/navy variegated yarns.  It is going slow but should be done soon.

Finally, mother is settling in back at River Terrace in their health care unit.  She is in a double room so that is a big difference for her.  She is in a wheel chair and wheeling herself about now; had just got back from wheeling herself to and from lunch when I talked to her today.  And is getting her hair cut and styled tomorrow.  I was hearing more positive talk and she intends to walk again!  (So there doctors!)  Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts for my Mom.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Such beautiful country ...

City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico

Wendell and I went to City of Rocks State Park today.  This picture was taken there.  I took LOTS of pictures there.  It was a beautiful sunny day with the temp 65 degrees at lunch time.  We ate a picnic lunch in the park. 

We took a country road south out of town, Ridge Line Road, sort of a short cut (yeah, right honey ...).  But as it turned out it was a good short cut and a lovely road.  Along the way today we picked up three geocaches.  A nice little extra.  This state park is on a secondary state highway with little traffic.  I drove after lunch and was able to go about 45 mph so we got to see a lot.  The highway borders the Mimbres River and there are several apple orchards along the way.  Also three lovely little Catholic churches, San Juan, San Rafael and San Jose.  We came across a winery, La Esperanza, and did some tasting -- also some buying.  Fun!

I'm going to post some pictures I've taken the past few days in the right side column.  Enjoy.

Now for some not so good news.  My brother called yesterday a.m. to tell me that mother fell and broke her leg again, same leg but below  the previous break.  I don't know how this will impact our time here but that isn't important.  Just this; please pray for my mother.  Thank you.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

An inauspicious beginning ...

Gallery in Gila NM

Well, we're here in Silver City NM ... it was a rough trip.  First day was great and after that, not so much.  Wendell got what I call his 'travel illness'.  It consists of a major sinus blowup ... picture riding three days in a truck cab with someone blowing his nose, pinching his nose, rubbing his nose, dabbing at his nose or rubbing his eyes, dabbing at his eyes ... well, you get the picture.  I've been here before.  Strangely this all clears up the day after we get wherever we're going.  I say he is allergic to being away from home.  LOL (not)!

Then I actually got ill for real.  Got a slight sore throat that got worse.  Imagine trying to find a doctor in a city you've only been in three days.  Well, it was a God moment.  Right around the corner from where we are staying is an ENT's office!  I just walked in and prayed they would see me.  This wonderful doctor worked me in within 15 minutes of walking through the door and actually took time with me.  She was very careful and obviously knew her stuff.  I'm now on drugs for yet another sinus infection and after two days am feeling almost back to normal.  It is obvious my sinus surgery of 5 years ago is wearing off ...

We went for a drive yesterday and saw some beautiful country.  We drove out to Bill Evans Lake, right along the Gila River, and did some geocaching along the way, picking up three caches (yeah!).  Wendell liked the lake and will probably go back out there and fish.  After leaving there we went through a little town called Gila where the picture above was taken.  It was a great little gallery with everything made from found materials.  This is how she decorates the outside (I'll never look at a piece of river wood the same again.)  This is about a mile from the Gila River and she finds her materials there.  Inside were smaller, similar items.  Right next door was an old hardware store so W. visited it.

Today we took a walk through some of Silver City's downtown.  We're only two blocks from downtown.  Obviously we'll have to go down there a few more times to cover everything!  There are lots of art galleries, a wonderful co-op grocery where we picked up some local cheese, an army surplus store, lots of gift shops, a fudge and candy shop, lots of antique shops and on and on!  Also a YARN shop!  (I have started a scarf with some really cool nubby mohair yarn I bought there today.)  There is gelatto shop which we'll have to try some time, too.  Lots of cool restaurants and coffee shops galore!  These people must love coffee; I think we saw at least five shops.  We had a great lunch at Vicki's in an old Eagles lodge building. 

I'll have more to write about later.  I'll tell you about this place we're staying later ...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year ...

Have recovered from flu, sinusitis, etc., had a wonderful family Christmas celebration (finally), and am 'almost' done threading the heddles & harp on the loom.  It's been a busy week!  Next week this time we hope to be in New Mexico.  Say a little prayer for us that we have a safe trip ... (thanks!)

Last night we went to HHH for dinner to celebrate a New Year coming and after dinner drove out to Pleasant Grove Farms for their Christmas light display.  Margo turned me on to this and I am soooooo glad we went!  I have never seen computer generated Christmas lights coordinated to patriotic music before!  We drove to the east side of the place and parked to watch.  They were playing the National Anthem when we drove up the lane and we stayed until the music cycled through and the Anthem started again.  They were broadcasting on 99.3 FM and the music was a great accompaniment to the light display.  God bless them!  I would recommend this to anyone in the area.  It is a little difficult to find but we just followed the lights on the gravel roads (just like going to our house...).  Just about 2 miles south of the gun club.

In 2011 my resolution was to finish as many fiber UFOs as possible and I did pretty good with the exception of that runner fun (see below right).  Tried to spur myself on in an attempt to finish before Laurie H. finished her cat rug but she beat me to the finish line!  Haven't had it out since November ...  But 2012 is a new year!  I WILL finish that rug this year.  I must admit that I only finished the projects I still cared for.  Others went into the sale at the fiber fair and still others into the Goodwill bag.  But that is ok too ... someone will love them and finish them.

So I guess my major resolutions this year are to finish the runner rug and do a good job on my high school 50 year class reunion memory book.  It has been a fun project so far and I'm looking forward to seeing as many classmates as can attend next May.  There were only 17 of us ...

My prayer is that each of you have a peaceful, prosperous and blessed new year.