Thursday, November 25, 2010

Where do I begin?

Thanksgiving.  Today was family time.  Son Jeff here and just the three of us enjoyed a non-traditional dinner of roast leg of lamb.  I did throw in some bread dressing and cranberries, along with the green bean casserole we "always" have.  Tried a new recipe for dessert ... pumpkin CRUMB pie.  It was the hit of the day!  Delicious and sinfully rich.  We played bid euchre in the afternoon and the TV was on to the football games in the background.  Rained almost all day, but we need it here in southwest Indiana so no one complained.  All-in-all a quiet, enjoyable day with family.

Tomorrow I do some errands and begin to think about the Christmas holidays coming up.  The rest of our family is in Grand Rapids MI and we got to see them last weekend, so I feel pretty blessed.