Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Home ... and it's snowing right now!

ARGH!  I guess we needed to stay another two weeks in AZ, at least.  But we're back.  Off to a quick start with an interesting meeting of the hooking guild Saturday.  I was caught up on the laundry and had flipped the dust bunnies around, so I went.  The Guild is moving right along with preparations for the fiber fair and almost everything looks good!  

Some interesting yard art north of Benson AZ
Some of the pictures I took in AZ were just unusual things I saw as we drove around.  What people put in their yards is always interesting to me.

Wouldn't you love to live next door to this guy?
Just north of Sunsites was this (what I call) helicopter graveyard.  This guy has a lot of them and scavenges parts to put together one good helicopter.  Then he sells them.  (You know, like the guy near you who collects old Ford pickups?)  But ... here's the question: would you want to fly in his "new/used" helicopter?

I loved this large rock that had been moved to the entrance to the new Pearce, AZ cemetery.  These holes were made when native Americans ground food on them .  I love seeing these metate rocks in their original settings, and they can be found.
Here's another piece of yard art in Sunsites: a barbed wire cactus (I guess there weren't enough REAL cactus there?) with a buzzard perching thereon.  (In the back yard was an OLD pickup truck with a cactus bed in the bed.)  It was a very interesting place.

BTW, I've moved all of the AZ pictures to the bottom of my blog.

Just wanted to let you know in this way, with these pictures today, I'm still thinking of the warmth and the BLUE SKY we saw on almost a daily basis during January and February.  And missing it.  But, I'm back.  God bless you.