Thursday, October 15, 2015

Autunm in Greene County ...

So beautiful.  This is my favorite time of year.  We took a drive this week.  Hadn't done that, just driving for the sake of driving, in some time.  Wendell had an area in mind and it was really beautiful to be out this time of year on the back roads.  We visited a couple little towns I didn't know about.  One was Quincy in Owen County.  There's an old gym there and a historical marker about the school. When the school burned to the ground, they partitioned the gym and met there for several years (grades 1-8) before they moved to a newer, modern school. There was a railroad through there at one time and the remains of a couple old businesses ... Sort of sad but beautiful in its way.

After we found some lunch in Greencastle, we headed back through the country and wandered through Little Point and Eminence. Lots of farmers in the fields that day, and I took some foliage pictures. But you just can't capture the beauty of the autumn leaves on film like seeing it with your own eyes.

Today was daytime hooking in Worthington. Since Jane had to work and couldn't come to the library we took the hooking to her! Me, Margo, Laurie, and Nancy kept her company at Select Insurance in their board room! Great time -- non-stop talk, lots of hooking, what more could you ask? I got lots more done on my latest Maggie rug and I'm close to being done. Last time we met at the library I took a couple pictures and want to share them here ...
Jan finished this rug recently. It's pretty big! Jan's finishing it to be hung on the wall. When this was taken she hadn't done the binding yet but it's finished now ...  Great job Jan!

Laurie brought these to show us the results of some of her recent dyeing experiments.  She has some great looking pieces of wool here! Today she brought another couple pieces she'd recently dyed to show us.
Sunday we went into Worthington for a quick bite to eat after church. When we finished lunch we each got a dish of ice cream and took it outside to eat and enjoy the sun. As we were sitting there a slew of old cars drove in and the drivers went to the diner. They parked all around the triangle! What a treat. Like our own private car show. Here's a couple pictures ...
North side of the triangle, parked in front of Worthington Antiques & Select Insurance.

I loved the white one painted with flames!  Drivers are drifting over to the Rte. 67 Diner.

This was my fav !!! (Don't even know what make it is!)
I got to spend a day with an old friend last week. Teresa B., who used to live in Worthington but now in B-town, called and asked if I'd like to go to the Stitching Post in Washington with her. Well, yes! It was just a super day and yes, I did buy more fabric for another quilt! (ARGH! Someone stop me! I have three quilts in the works! Yikes!) We had a yummy lunch at Reid's and the weather was super, but the best part was catching up on what's going on in her very busy life. Such a dear, good, sweet person. It was the day after my birthday so it was like an extended celebration.

Speaking of that birthday, I had to get my drivers license renewed last week and I passed the eye exam with flying colors!!! YEAH!!! That cataract surgery was well worth it! Four years ago I think they just took pity on me and passed me. This time I have no driving restrictions! Double YEAH!!! While in the BMV I ran into Linda who used to hook with us and it was so fun to find out we share a birthday! And we're both procrastinators!

Our yard looks pretty good now, even though we need rain badly. We have slowed down on the mowing, thank goodness. I have all of the flower beds trimmed back and cleaned up as much as I'm going to. I've put on the fall application of Preen. Wendell cut down the dying asparagus and I still need to pull some weeds there. He's power washing the house and the decks and I've been trying to help some with that. We got a new roof on the house.  Things are looking good around here. 

Life is good. Here's a picture of my pineapple sage and roses. They look so vivid just now. Too bad the hummingbirds are gone for the winter ...


Have a blessed week!