Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mom ...

My mother died last week.  We buried her yesterday.  It was sad, yes, but at the same time glad because she was so ready to go rest.  She celebrated her 98th birthday on the 13th.  I drove up to see her two days before she passed and she was truly all smiles while I was there -- awake and aware, not in pain.  She expressed a regret that she wouldn't get to see her newest great-grandchild (due this December).  And she stated that she "didn't know exactly what to expect".  I told her not to fear that I was sure that all was well with her soul.  We had a good visit, all things considered.

Here's an homage to Mom in pictures ...
Mom.  Probably about 3 or 4 years old.

Uncle Keith, Aunt Rosie & Mom.  On the back porch steps.

About 11 years old (4th grade).

Dad (Everett Schooley) and Mom (Nina Lee) in high school.  She's 16 and he's 17.

The original "Friends" ... dad & mom snuggled down in the back seat together (Dad's hangin' out wearing work shoes, white socks and rolled up dungarees).

On the back of picture it says "My boy-friend off and on in high school. Then I ended up marrying the guy! Ha!"  

Mom with me, just home from the hospital.

Skipping several years, Nancy, Mom, Dawn & Madeleine.

Mom with her brothers Roger & Keith and sister Rosie.

Mom and Dad with all their grands (at the time).

At their 50th wedding anniversary.

Just a few short years ago at the Lee Reunion with Gloria.

Happy in her cozy apartment at River Terrace.  This is how I'll try to remember her.  That smile.
1918 - 2016 ... She worked a whole lot of living into that dash.