Sunday, October 9, 2016

Time has slipped away! Sorry ...

Yes, time has slipped away from me and I've got a lot to tell you about what's been up with me lately. As usual I'll try to describe it in pictures ... I think that helps.

Couple weeks ago we went to West Union CafĂ© (Illinois) for lunch after church.  Wendell had heard on the news that there was a festival in progress on up Highway 1 in Marshall so after we finished lunch we drove on up there.  What a great surprise to find three blocks long -- both sides -- full of old cars! We love car shows so we walked the distance and it was well worth it.  Also went around the courthouse square and checked out the booths ... Here's a few pictures of my favs (cars, not booths, LOL!).  I took lots more pictures than this but just wanted to show you a few:

There's always some little interesting things I see that I just have to take a picture of ... for instance, here's a worm of some sort that I found on the outside grill cover.  What in the world is it? ...  What big eyes you have wormy!

One morning I got up and looked out the north window and there were our turkeys all around the garden shed!  They hung out there for quite a while.  (Sorry about the quality of this pic taken through the screen.)

We had some freaky weather two weeks ago with a brief downpour of small hail in mid-afternoon, followed quickly by the sun!  It was about 83 degrees at the time.   Global warming???
Well, here's another aspect of Mother Nature that I thoroughly enjoy -- the wonderful sunsets we've had recently.  I'm here to tell you though that the real thing is 100% better than my picture!

I finally got around to painting the gate on the lower drive.  Since it sits on the corner of our property, it's our responsibility to keep that area neat & tidy.  It looks so much better now (I should have taken before and after pictures!)
My birthday was last Friday; here's the flowers my sweetie sent me!

Now, about my birthday ... it was the best day ever! One of those days you don't want ever to end. Really!  We started out by taking some food to a funeral dinner and coincidentally had a very nice visit with some farmer neighbors there as we dropped off our salad. Then on to Vincennes and picked up some stuff for the house and grounds. Left there for Illinois where we took a great (!) drive through the country up to Robinson for a barbeque lunch at the Back Porch Smokehouse.  Wendell said it was my day to do whatever I wanted to do, so we followed lunch by a trip downtown to Antiques on the Square. Nice little shop. Also visited another one next door that was an eclectic mix of antiques and junk (heavy on the junk). My main objective though was Palestine, just east of Robinson. We went to S.D. Meadows Folk Art Gallery. My goal was to score my very own pothead! My how that place has grown since I was in there last! I was overwhelmed with the selection I had to choose from! (A thousand "!" would not be enough.) We toured the entire place; both floors. And I was more confused when I finished than when I began. But I finally agonized long enough (Wendell actually had to sit down) and picked my very own pothead!  Ta Da! .........

I know; after seeing this some of you are probably saying "big whoop" but I've always wanted one of these. You really need to see these in person to appreciate it. Well, also I guess you really would have to love folk art to appreciate it. You can read more about him online; if you just search "s.d. meadows" he'll pop up first few things. I'm keeping this one in the kitchen until next Spring, then I'll move him outdoors somewhere (?). ANYWAY ... after the trip home through Hutsonville, and stopping for a frappe at McDonald's along the way, my day was complete. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

I hope your day today is just half as good as my birthday was.  Remember: God is good, all the time.