Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I saw the Rio Grande yesterday ! ...

[Along the Rio Grande east of Presidio, TX.]

Yesterday was a wonderful day!  We left Marfa in the a.m. and drove to Presidio.  Stopped at the ghost town, Shafter, on the way and picked up another geocache!  (It is our 51st to date!  Ta-da!)  It was about lunch time when we arrive on the Rio Grande and we ate lunch in a wonderful little cafe right on the main street.  One of those ordinary looking places which turn out to be surprisingly good.  I took a picture of a lovely Catholic church there in Presidio, which I'll post on this page.  After lunch we went on east out of town on FR170 to Fort Leaton and visited that state historic site.

After leaving Ft. Leaton. we drove on a few miles east and I took some pix of the Rio Grande ... it is pretty small.  Sort of the size of the White River near our home!  It was so quiet there and really beautiful.  I'll post a picture of that stop, too, and a couple others.

After we left the river we took off on another farm road, FR169, and it was a rough gravel road for 37 miles!  Then went back to pavement so it was smooth sailing back to Marfa.  But oh!  The beautiful country we saw out there!  And we did not meet one person on that road!  We saw longhorns grazing in the Big Bend Ranch State Park along the river, more javelinas, lots of little birds which did not seem afraid of people, and mile after mile of desert and mountain ranges.  AND it was 76 degrees!  What a jolt to get up this a.m. to about 10 degrees.  That is a big difference in such a short time.  Back home in Indiana that temperature fluctuation would result in a storm.  But not here.  They haven't had rain for four months.

Got my hair cut this a.m. at a sweet little place and the woman who cut my hair, Josie, was so nice.  And she did a great job.  You meet the nicest people when you're traveling!  More later ...