Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A tea party ...

The Owen County Extension Homemakers had a wonderful tea this a.m.!  I am sooooo glad I went!  Our new county president hosted it with lots of help along the way from some very creative women who decorated for the event.  And our speaker was just great.  Meeghan had spent two years in England with her family and told us all about what it was like living there.  She had some excellent stories.  And oh yes, tea is very important there!

I took LOTS of pix but here are a few ... I was really hung up on the table decorations as you can see, so I took pictures of every table, but I'll only bore you with a few ...

Each table had a centerpiece vignette centered on a hat.  Everyone was asked to wear "unique" hats and carry or wear gloves.

Barbara Jordan of Spencer did these centerpieces. She is a very creative woman.

Each table had six places set and two plates of tea cakes.  (Delicious!)

At each place was a little journal, cake-in-a-cup mix, M&Ms, and the program printed on a cut-out of a tea pot.

Various flavors of tea were at the table in a fabric-wrapped basket.

Barbara Tuttle's mother has a huge collection of tea cups and everyone had their own unique cup and saucer!  She also has a collection of tea pots and each table was brought a pot of boiling water for tea making.
Everyone was encouraged to wear hats and gloves.  Here I am in mine -- a hard hat with flower and work gloves with some rhinestone bling.  (With my eyes closed of course.  Usually I have my mouth open AND my eyes closed ...)

Our very worthy Prez, Barbara T., greeting people at the door.  She chose a witch's hat; pun intended Barbara?

Oh my!  It was a great day.  Now I'm home and have to get back to reality.  Sigh ...