Thursday, December 6, 2012

The price of homemade noodles?

Well, here's how I get myself in trouble ... yesterday I made a cake for Wendell to take to lodge that night.  Since it was a white cake, I had three egg yolks left over.  Wouldn't you agree that an egg yolk is a terrible thing to waste?  I think so!  So I got this crazy idea that I could try to make noodles with those yolks (pictured above drying on my washer/dryer). Yes; I did that.  Did you know that you have to knead the noodle dough for 10 MINUTES?  Yikes!  I should have stopped right then, when I read those directions.  And add to that the rolling out of the four equal balls of dough when you got to the actual noodle-making process!  And did you know that noodle dough is actually not made with flour and eggs like you think but with ELASTIC?!  It stretches right back, over and over and over, rolling and rolling and ....  Well, you get the idea.  ANYWAY, I came away from that experience with an extremely sore shoulder.  And it was already sore to begin with.  (Rita -- my NP -- would kill me.)  So I had to just show off those noodles since they have cost me so dearly.  No, I don't know how they taste; they're in the frig in a bag (and a pitifully small bag it is, I might add).  So, as to the title of this essay: the price of homemade noodles is a sore shoulder for this aging cook.  Never again; never never never!  Noodles are so cheap at the Freedom Country Store ...

Tuesday night was hooking at the Worthington Library.  There was one newbie.  Here is what some of the others brought for show and tell, or was working on:

Becky's brought this little cat mat, which she recently completed.
Becky must have been working on finishing UFO's before Christmas; here is another cat in a Margo White designed rug  she just completed.  I love the flowers in the border.  Great job, Becky!
Marilyn was working on this penny rug.  It's a Christmas gift.  (Wish I were on her list.)
Teresa was hooking on this large floral rug.  Everyone loved the colors she's selected; Teresa says she wants to use up some of her stash for this rug.
Teresa also brought some of these lovely fingerless mitten/head band sets.  She is selling the sets for $39 and taking custom orders.  Or she'll sell individually.  I have a pair of the mittens and I LOVE them!  These would make wonderful Christmas gifts.  Teresa always does a good job, whatever art/craft medium she is working in.  And as you can see, she is an excellent knitter.