Thursday, August 8, 2013

Actually, I'm not a "summer person" ...

I don't especially like summer, though this one has been really really nice up until this week.  Now we are into what I call a typical Indiana summer -- hot, humid with white-hot overcast skies.  And we have to mow today.  Joy joy.  (But hey, I CAN mow.)  We are still getting enough rain to make weekly mowing necessary.  Our extra lot was mowed and baled this week, a first for us.  We told the neighbor/farmer John that if he wanted to mow it and bale it he was welcome to it and he got four of those big bales from it.  We were both surprised at that much from about 2 acres.  It sure smells good, the smell of freshly baled hay is hard to beat.

Went yard sale-ing last Saturday and while in Worthington I was attracted to Denise's back door.  She owns Worthington Antiques on the triangle (we're not big enough for a square).  And the front of her business is always well done, but I thought her back door was equally well put together and wanted to share these two pictures with you.

While in town I went to the church thrift shop.  They were having an "$8 a grocery bag" sale so I cleaned them out of men's neckties.  I intend to weave a wall hanging with ties and this is a start on my tie collection for that project.  Here's the 48 ties I got there.  Also found some other things I can weave with, and a blouse for myself, and all for $8.  Felt pret-ty good when I left that store!  Went to a couple yard sales in Worthington and found a wonderful old sled for $10 to use for decoration outside the front door at Christmas time.  All I'll need is a bow and maybe some mittens!  Must say though, that after that my yard sale-ing in Bloomfield and Linton was a bust.  Went to several but just a bunch of junk.
My 48 thrift store ties ... just the beginning!

[Psssst --- here's a "special" tie I found in the lot.  Let's just say that if the ladies at the thrift store had REALLY looked at this one they would have thrown it away!  LOL!  I'll not open it out but just use your imagination about what's below the fold ... How do I keep W. from wearing it to Lodge ???]
Here's my first attempt at drying tomatoes.  Came out pretty good.  Am storing them in the freezer and am anxious to begin using them in pizza and other appropriate dishes.  Got this dehydrator at a yard sale (of course) for $2.
The garden is doin' good and I think I'll have beets to can this week or early next.  The tomatoes are plentiful and delicious, and we're already giving them away.  I don't plan on canning any but may try to make a little of Teresa B.'s recipe for tomato marmalade again.  (Yummy! and we're on the last jar from last year right now.)  I'm going to dry some more, too.  The best part of the garden this year is the flowers; I planted half of the garden in flowers!  Now they're so big you can't even roto-till in there except around the edge.  Yeah!  Less work!  And it's beautiful, especially the sunflowers.  I'll take pictures and put here soonest ...

Say a prayer for me; next Wednesday I go to the dentist for major work on that dumb tooth I've been bellyaching about (sorry).  Hopefully he will "do good".  Each day is precious ...