Sunday, September 15, 2013

Love this weather ...

Getting close to the end of the garden ... tomorrow night we'll have stuffed peppers ...
Today has to be one of the most beautiful days ever!  Up early and to church; home and enjoyed sweeping the porch, shelling seeds from some dried hollyhock pods to plant for next year, and getting a light lunch on the table.  Wendell's on the porch listening to the Colts game.  It is DEFINITELY a front porch day here!

It's been a mixed week for me ... Some sorrow and some pleasure; some heat and some cold.  Two church friends died this week; one from our "old" church in Worthington and one from Freedom church where we attend now.  

Marilyn Burnside was such a dear person; she had such a wonderful smile!  We really became close friends when we attended Disciple Bible Study with her for three 9-month sessions.  (You really get to know someone in a group like that!)  At her memorial service Friday there were lots of slides shown of her with her family and friends.  Such a rich, full life she led!  And she was such a good person and a true Christian.  Someone to emulate for sure.  

At our Freedom church a true leader died, Ken McCollum.  He was the president of our administrative board and had been an educator in Owen County for more than 30 years.  Very well respected in our congregation and community!  He was a big fellow, taller than Wendell.  He stayed active in a senior softball league until just last year, with he and Jane traveling all over the U.S. to games (and Ken played golf wherever he went, too).  Ken will truly be missed at our little Freedom U.M. Church!

The week started out very hot; in fact Tuesday and Wednesday had record high temps.  Then on Thursday the weather turned and that night we had a near record low!  Brrrrrrr!  (We pulled our quilt up!)  Can you guess which part of the week I enjoyed the most?  The down side of course; I HATE to sweat!  LOL!

Wednesday night the Holy Hookers met here for a light dinner buffet and some hooking time (and some knitting and crocheting).  It was a good evening and the group decided on new meeting times.  We'll meet two times a month, once in the evening and once during the day.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm excited about this change!  TWO opportunities to hook a month.  You know, even if that was the only time each month I hooked, I could get a lot done that way!  

Yesterday I went to Hoosier Hills Rug Hooking Guild in Washington and that was a good day, too.  There were 13 members present and we had a really fun day with not too much "meeting" and lots of hooking, visiting and eating!  I believe the sharing of our work is the most important aspect of our meetings.  The fact that we're from such a wide area (Evansville, Tell City, Washington, Winslow, Bloomfield, Olney, Robinson ... and Worthington, et. al. ) brings lots of different ideas to the table each month!  I so enjoy that group!

Here's a picture of a table of wool one of the women brought to show off her dyeing skills.  Wonderful!  This sort of thing makes each meeting worthwhile.  Jan Cabel also shared her book on dyeing with flowers and plants with us.  And there were also lemon bars, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and other goodies!  What more could a person want!?

Wendell and I are going to try to get to Madison some day this week.  We love going to the Thomas Family Winery there for a fruit, bread, cheese and wine lunch.  And Madison is great for walking downtown with different types of shops and some house museums thrown in, too.  (We never did get time away after our 50th anniversary party like we wanted ...)  It will just be a day trip but I'm looking forward to it anyway.  And we plan on getting up to see the kids in Michigan very soon, too.  That's my life this week ...  You have a good week, too.