Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April showers today ...

Today we're having showers.  Just finished mowing for the first time Monday and finally finished cleaning the flower beds today! Whew!  Just in the nick.  I cleaned and Preened this a.m. and now this nice gentle rain is releasing the magic crystals of Preen! LOL!  Actually, I don't think Preen is as powerful as it used to be.  Probably thanks to big brother who is always taking care of us so we won't hurt ourselves ... Right.  Anyway, hopefully the weeds will be kept at bay for a month or so at least until I recover my strength to do the weeding thing all over again!

We've had a tough week or so.  Really, things sort of turned sour for Wendell with the new year.  Long story short after a wearing a heart monitor and having a stress test, they decided he needed a heart cath.  Did that last week.  They found one small blockage but inserted no stent at the time.  He's having an MRI this week to determine if a stent would help.  So more stressful waiting to see what they find and decide they want to do.  Well, really, it's me getting stressed out; he just goes about his days really relaxed.  Wish I could do that.  Today for instance, while I was doing the flower bed thing he was repairing one of the mowers and tried out his new chain saw.  I try to keep very busy -- hooking, sewing, cleaning, reading.  Some days I do better than others.  If I stay calm I can force myself to live for the day and not for tomorrow.  Wow ... way too much about this, right?

I said previously I went to the Bloomington Quilt Show in early March and promised pictures.  So many great quilts were displayed there!  I had a tough time deciding which quilt to vote for as my "viewer's favorite".  I'm in the middle of working on two quilts at the same time, rotating from one to the other.  I sort of like it that way; you don't get tired of either of them!  Just me ... So going to this show really has kept me inspired.  Hope you enjoy seeing just a little piece of what I saw that day ...

This was judged "Best of Show".  Very nice.  Tons of detail.  Better in person than in this picture.  It's wall hanging size.  Just gorgeous!

This was my favorite.  I loved all of the borders!  Just look at each layer as you work your eye from the edge into the center medallion!  And those baskets have such tiny pieces.  It's just an awesome quilt in person.  And it's bed-sized, too!  Check out the close-up below of the 3-D corner flowers!  Wow!

I really was taken with this wall hanging, too.  If you'll look at the close-up photo below, you'll see why ...

Close-up of wall hanging above ...  Wow!

I wasn't taken with the colors used in this quilt, but I love this geometric design ...  Future project?

These three little gems were my favorites of a special display of 8"x10" mini-quilts they hung along a hallway.  Just little works of art.  I think there were about 25 of them in all!  I was impressed!
One of my favorite parts of the quilt show is the vendor hall.  They had lots of quilting booths of course, but there was other fiber related vendors as well.  Sort of made me miss working with the vendors at our rug hooking guild's fiber fair (we used to have).  Speaking of which, don't forget, if you're a 'yarn person', the Fiber Event will be happening in Greencastle April 15 & 16!  It's always an interesting place to go if you're looking for yarn or roving or associated products.  So if you knit or crochet or do needlepunch or weaving, check it out.  And have lunch at Almost Home!

Wish us luck at the hospital this Friday.  God is so good to us.  Why do I keep worrying?  (It's my job!)