Monday, November 14, 2016

Let's see ...

It's been an eventful autumn for us all.  I've been busy doing lots of stuff -- as much as I can do!  We've had some work done here by contractors, family and ourselves.  We're proud of what we've been able to accomplish together this fall, and thank God daily for giving us the strength and energy we need to get the job done.  I'm having good days and not so good days with my sore knee and I promise that next spring I'm going to get it "fixed".   

Some of the things we accomplished included: Finished cleaning out the flower beds.  Removed one flower bed completely and sowed grass seed.  Wendell removed two old evergreens and seeded those spots.  Got the garden shed re-roofed.  Painted the propane tank.  Got some landscaping done on the west side of the house.  Got my work room 'stuff' moved from the garage upstairs to the house basement.  Normal fall yard work including dumping all those now-frozen outdoor flower pots.  And we threw in some fun times, too.

We went to Cliff Stream Herb Farm near Commiskey, Indiana recently and had a WONDERFUL day! The drive, the weather, the place!  It was just great.  We were almost too late to shop for plants and herbs but we enjoyed lunch, walking through the gardens and greenhouse, shopping in the antiques building, and wine in the tasting room.  Just a great place to visit and I recommend it.  Here's some other pictures I took there ....

I was so proud of the work that Corey Mauder and his crew did on the west side of the house.  Wow!  Very well pleased and I'd recommend his company to anyone in our area who needs some help.  We needed something to mask the foundation there and prevent erosion, and when this grows I think it will do the job of moving the eye from the blank wall to the beautiful plants.  Got arborvitae, hydrangea, ornamental grasses, boxwood, rose bush and some small perennials.  Here's what it looks like ...

Last week we were driving out our road and about half way down the road saw this beautiful immature eagle, and his brother or sister who flew into a nearby tree when we drove up, but this one stayed and worked on his lunch.  Mom and Dad hovered overhead.  I turned off the ignition and we just sat and watched for some time.  So glad to see that an eagle pair has raised at least two 'kids' nearby -- probably along the river -- this summer!

(he's looking right at us!)


I 'think' I told you last time that I got a pothead (from S.D. Meadows Folk Art Gallery in Palestine IL) for myself for my birthday.  Well!  I was so inspired by Steve's work that I made my very own panhead for the side of the garden shed.  What do you think?
Finished this scrappy rug recently.  I'm giving it to a special person for Christmas.  Hope she'll like it ... 
We have gone for some interesting drives this fall.  Just to enjoy the color.  We hadn't been to the Gasthof Restaurant for a few months, so we drove down to Montgomery recently for a fried chicken lunch and a drive through Amish country.  As we were coming home, going by Graber Post, there in the field on our left was this team of work horses pulling a disc!  Wow!  A team of 8 belgians!  I was thrilled to get several pictures of these big guys at work.

When Mom died, my friends Jan and Jane gave me this beautiful mum plant.  I don't think I officially thanked them for this.  Thanks Jan & Jane!  It meant a lot to me and it's still out there (though a little worse for the freezing nights recently).  Every time I walk in or out I think of mother.
Also we've had a national election and that's been exciting, too.  I'm curious to see how it will all work out, but I know it will.  We have a strong country.  I was reassured to see the red and blue county-by-county U.S. map following the election.  Check it out online if you're interested.

And with that I'll call it a day.  May God continue to bless y'all.  And may God bless America!