Monday, February 20, 2017

Winding down ...

Sigh ..... We only have about 10 more days here and I'm already missing it. This has been the most beautiful place we've stayed and the view out our front windows/door is fantastic.  I just look and look, trying to fill up my soul with mountains. There was snow in the mountains over the weekend and today there's heavy clouds hanging around the tops of the highest peaks but down here in the valley it's sunny and nice.  Wendell is out getting his truck washed.  He wants to wax it before we head back home.  That'll keep him busy for a while for sure!

Here's what we've been doing lately ...

We went over to Tombstone recently.  The main reason "I" wanted to go was to see a quilt show that was at the community art gallery.  It was a beautiful day and we talked the entire length of Allen Street.  Very touristy!  There were lots of people there for a week day!  And there was some cowboys there, too.

You see the strangest things sometimes ...  We never figured out what this guy was supposed to be but he did have a hat out for change ... He didn't play or sing but he was a pretty frenetic dancer!
Well, this is just one of the 90+ quilts that were on display at the Tombstone Art Gallery.  I spent about 45 minutes in there; Wendell even looked around for a while.

We did go through Sonoita again recently; this is one of their "welcome" signs ...

 ... and here's the real thing; saw this longhorn just east of Sonoita on the Lower Elgin Road. There was a big herd -- more longhorns together in one place than we ever saw in TX!

I think I mentioned before that this is a fairly new city; established in the late 1950's.  They're pretty good at controlling the esthetics of urban growth.  For instance, the two pictures above are how they camouflage cell towers.  Also, signage regulations are pretty restrictive; most signs are very low. You won't see the big golden arches in SV.  (Sometimes that makes it hard for us to find things and we do a lot of missing a place and having to turn around to go back! lol!) And most of the power lines are buried. 
We drove out to Garden Canyon, on the Ft. Huachuca grounds, and we were both blown away.  It was the best canyon drive we've taken!  We are going to go back some day this week, we loved it so much!  The highlight was the hikes to see the petroglyphs ... The lowlight was the signs warning of bears!

This is just a few of the glyphs we saw in Garden Canyon ... they say there are over 70 different figures in all. You could figure out what most of them were, but the one that looks like a comb? Any ideas people?  I think during that entire drive we only encountered two other vehicles.  And the weather was great, sunny and cool.

Well, I see in my photo file I have lots more to share, so I'll write again later this week .  I hope you're enjoying a good Monday -- I am.  God bless you, and take care of yourself and those you love. Here's what we saw yesterday when we were out in the dessert ..... awesome!  All these clouds but no rain!