Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Is this July or May ???

I'm already tired of summer and it's not even officially here yet!  Yikes!  

Here's what I've been about recently...

Recently finished four pieces of punch needle work and used fabric glue to quickly attach three of them to these little zippered canvas bags.  I think they'll make nice gifts.

Went to Betty M.'s home in Huntingburg recently and several of us from the HHRHG made these quillie trees, Betty giving the instruction.  Such fun!  The hardest part was making the quillies themselves.  There were about 10 of us plus some who just came to visit.  Betty's home is lavishly decorated and her wool room is to die for!  I hate to hear that she will be moving from Indiana soon!  Betty, I'll miss you for sure.  My tree was finished at home but I still need a bird or something for a 'topper'.  When they were all lined up for a photo I was ashamed to be the only one not finished but I TALKED too much -- who's surprised ...  For pictures of everyone's tree, look at our Guild's blog at: hoosierhills.blogspot.com
At Project Kindness we finally finished our walker pockets for veterans.  Here's the ones for the Navy guys.  (My guy was an AF guy and we did some for that branch, too!)  We took some to Linton Nursing Home and some to Autumn Trace, also in Linton.  Decided that the women at the Linton NH needed some, too, so that's our next project, along with more meal-time cover-ups.

Here's one of three carpenter bee traps Wendell made this spring.  He's trapped a lot of them so far.  That means just a few less holes they can drill in our decks and outside stairways!  Very simple to make fix. 

Here's my new chicken and chicks!  Aren't they cute?  Got these in Ft. Davis this winter and just moved them outside last week so maybe they can take care of some of the millions of bugs around here!  LOL!   Very cute!

I saw this sign at a flea market and just like liked it ... in case you can't make it out, the line in yellow says "$3.00 to fly, $70.00 to land"  Love it!

Now, I'll close with a story about something that happened here this a.m.  ... The day started early for us and several other people.  Before 10:00 all of this happened here or within sight and sound: I went out and worked in the side yard on the flower beds, county highway dept. man meets W. below our house on the road to talk about some work that needs to be done on a culvert on the lower driveway, lawn service comes to mow the property back the lane below us, farmer John discs his field on the west side of the association driveway, farmer south across the road begins to plant, neighbor kid rides his 4-wheeler around their pond & field, neighbor George does a little mowing.  

Now I'm beginning with that description of activities to explain why the next thing to happen was so extraordinary.  After I was finished in the yard I went to the porch to sit a spell and W. joined me there, walking up from his truck which he'd just parked out by his garage (after talking to the highway dept. guy).  I had just seen a doe in the yard and she ran back into the woods when she saw him come up to the front of the house.  As we were sitting there she came back out a couple more time, acting 'funny'.  Then I said, "Look!  There's a fawn!"  Well, it was a just-born fawn.  Literally, just born.  Doe was still bloody about the tail and back legs, and the fawn could hardly walk and was just wobbling all over the place.  She was trying to get him/her SOMEWHERE where there was nothing going on!  I felt so sorry for her.  We watched quietly for about half an hour until she finally coaxed it north across our driveway into the next lot (even though George was still out -- and he has a dog).  That poor fawn bleated continually like a little lamb!  I had never heard that before and I've seen lots of fawns but never one just-born.  I was so worried about it.  It could barely walk.  And the poor mother ran here and there in a panic and must have not been feeling 100% herself!  Wendell said, 'aren't you going to try to take some pictures?' but I wanted to respect her privacy.  Is that silly?

Well, just another day in the country I guess.  See what you're missing!?   Come sit with me on the porch some time.  God is good.

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Janie Sexton said...

Hey cousin....I just love looking at your projects. The zippered bags are adorable. I look at my rug you sent me EVERY day.....I just love it! Hope all is well with you both. I am just getting over a severe bacterial infection that started in January! I was so ill.....many rounds of antibiotics..not fun. Clegg and I battle arthritis....thank God we help each other. Love you both and think of you so often.....Janie...xoxo