Monday, November 25, 2019

The Holy Hookers ATHA challenge!

The group of women I hook with in Worthington revealed their challenge mats last week at our regular daytime hooking get-together.  And what fun!  We started with lunch at the Route 67 Diner, then adjourned to the library for the big show n' tell.  What a great afternoon!  It was gloomy and rainy outside, but warm and sunny inside the Worthington-Jefferson Public Library that day!

Let me back up just a bit.  Last fall I gave this pattern to each of the hookers.  It was a free pattern from a back issue of ATHA magazine ...  I said 'make this your own'!  I didn't show them the article it came from or the picture in the magazine -- I just wanted to see what they would all came up with.  It's relatively small, about 12"x16".  

Some of these women have been hooking for 20+ years and some only two or three years.  

So here's mine. I purposely decided to make mine very close to the magazine picture in colors and in following the pattern, but I left out the 'dots' in the middle.

Here's how the other hookers interpreted this pattern!  AND I LOVE IT!







Okay ... here we are as a group.  I should probably award a prize for the first person (not present) who emails me with the difference between these two pics.  😂😂😂 (

Hopefully I can get this all sent in to the ATHA magazine, along with our story, and they'll want to share it with their readership.  It was fun.  And rest assured, everyone got a participation award!

More later ...

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