Sunday, May 3, 2020

Day 51 ...

Well, here we are on day 51 of lock down.  (Isn't that a prison term?!?)  What's up with you?

I've been keeping busy, spending lots of time outdoors.  I'll bet SOME of you will have a nice tan on your arms too, at least a little head start going into summer!  (Look on the bright side, right?)  And even though I've been doing more eating than I should, I've been offsetting it by doing some outdoor chores.  

Also, I've cleaned things I didn't even know needed cleaning.  LOL!!!  For instance, I went through my "junk" drawer and have a little less junk in it!  Yeah!  Cleaned out the closet under the basement stairs and discarded lots of old paint!  Cleaned and discarded some fingernail polish.  Went through my first aid basket.  Changed my winter-into-summer clothes for W. & I and started a Goodwill bag.  I'll bet you've been doing things like this also.

We go to Rural King a lot more now -- a place we can get a large variety of things.  I've bought my fair share of mulch, weed n' feed, roundup, etc.etc.etc. at RK these last couple months!  One of my favorite things is to check out the poultry.  Here's the ducks ... I love how the dark brown ones have dark bills and the yellow ones have yellow bills!  Aren't they cute??!!  Also thought these little black chicks (below) were so soft and cuddly looking.  Makes you want to go into the chicken business!

Thought it was ironic; went downtown Spencer last week to pick up some carry-out and noticed that although all of the shops around the square were shuttered, the court house is open and lots of cars in the parking lot ... government is never locked down. 

This statue that's in downtown Washington was outfitted for the times ... mask for the virus and sunglasses for the sunny spring day.  The sad thing was, as we were leaving town we drove by a home where a woman was watching a child skateboard in the driveway and she was sitting out in the sun, on her lawn chair, wearing her mask.  Outdoors.  Now people, that is fear.
Finally finished the "Cat Eyes" mat.  I like it!  Came sooooo close to running out of the lavender for the border background.  (See below!)  Now I have to steam it and bind it.  Did get it done before the first of the month, so I met my self-imposed deadline!  Yeah!

This is what was left of that border wool!!!!  Two strips and some fuzz.  Yikes.

Well, that's about it for now.  Hopefully when I next write you will be somewhat more free.  But I read in Gov. Holcomb's 5-step plan that us "old folks" will have to be home until sometime in July.  Right ... You know I'll be all over that.  😇

God is good!

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