Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Dog days for sure ...

July's almost over but still hot, hot, hot August to get through.  I don't like summer as much as the other three seasons for sure.  (At least here in Indiana we have four seasons.  Sometimes all in one month.)  Hate to complain but this girl just does not like the humidity of the Hoosier state!  Hate to sweat!  Whatever would we do without AC?!  I've tried to get out more this summer; been riding my bike in the cool of the evening, just as the sun is going down.  Around here by that time no one is around.  I can honestly say that since I have began to ride -- about a month now -- I have not met ONE vehicle in our complex.  I think that's amazing.  Doesn't anyone go out after dinner around here?!  LOL!!!  BUT I'm not complaining.  I have been wondering what I'd do if I was in any sort of traffic.  Actually, I doubt seriously if I'll ever ride outside the Summer's Pointe complex.  It's good exercise and helps keep my 'bad' knee limber.

Funny thing happened the other day.  I was just getting home from riding and rolled up on my driveway.  My neighbor from across the street was going out late to retrieve her mail.  I spoke to her and she turned and said 'hi' back.  Walked back across the street.  Turned and came back and right up on the driveway in front of me and said "who am I talking to?"  It was all I could do to not laugh right out loud.  I said my name and that I lived here (and just to be clear, we have talked several times since I've lived here).  She laughed and apologized and said she just didn't recognize me.  That I look different to her every time she sees me.  Say what?!  It was all I could do not to laugh ... again.  But we stood there and had a conversation.  But it makes me think.  Is that what getting old is like?  Am I old, too?  Have I said something equally (seemingly) outrageous myself recently?  Will she know me next time she sees me?  Am I really a chameleon?  

Another interesting thing ... this week Ray and family were here to visit.  We went to lunch at a local restaurant.  As we were being led to our table I walked right by my other DIL and didn't see her.  She had to stop me.  It was sort of embarrassing and I hoped she didn't think I was ignoring her.  After we got home we discussed it.  They all saw Jane as soon as they came in the door!  I didn't.  And here's why: When I go into a place like that I don't look around till I'm seated and have some time to casually, discretely survey the crowd.  Other people do that as soon as they enter a room.  I don't like to stare at people and I find it rude when people stare at me for more than the normal (?) period of time.  When we got home, we had some lively discussion about the staring thing and how what I did/do can be considered "stuck up" or cold.  Isn't life interesting?  I love it!  I doubt that I'll change at this late date ...

Thought I'd share a couple photos.  Our hat project at knit n' crochet is now complete (we reached our goal of 800 knit or crocheted hats) and now we're back to the usual charity projects.  Just picked up a new one today; to provide Life Stream with 150 dish cloths and 150 hot pads.  We already have a bunch in our treasure chest, but have until the end of August to complete that goal.  I don't think it will be a problem.  Anyway ... here's two lap covers I've completed and turned in since the hat project is over:

This one's my fav!  Love the colors.

Also, I did enter five items in the Randolph County open class fair couple weeks ago; a quilted wall hanging, a hat (of course), a quillie tree, a hooked mat and a bed-size quilt.  I had the most hope for the quilt but only got a 3rd place!  I was really surprised!  I think, from my observation of the judging (which they allow here) that it's not what you know but who you know.   And I don't know anyone here.  Yet.  I hate saying such things but this was way too obvious.  But I still love my quilt.  (BTW, two of my other projects -- the quillie tree and the hooked mat --- got grand champions but I was bummed out about the quilt.) Here's a photo:  

My sister and I went to Decatur about a month ago, had lunch and did one large antiques shop -- Yvonne Marie's -- and I just have to share a photo of the most unusual chenille robe I have EVER seen.  It is so ugly that it's beautiful.  We had a wonderful day!

Found this dove covered dish at another shop.  I now have a small collection of milk glass or white glass covered dishes.  Have several animals in that little collection!  I've got to stop starting new collections!!!  Already have birds, sheep, and colored glass bottles.  Halfway into cream & sugars!  ARGH!

Well, that's enough for now!   I have some more photos but I'll save them for another time.  Keep safe and keep cool.  God bless ya'll!

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