Friday, September 9, 2011

Crocheting ...

Today has been weird! It is so cold here I can't believe it. Right now my toes and hands are as cold as if it were winter. Looks like rain (which we need) but we don't get any.

Tomorrow I work at the antique steam & tractor show in Elnora. My hooking guild always used to demonstrate rug hooking there but for some reason this year they decided not to do it. (I don't understand.) So I volunteered to take tickets at one of the gates in the a.m. instead. That should be fun; I like to meet people. I'll dress warm! Then I will be free to look at everything when my shift is over! In the past I didn't get to visit the entire show like I will be able to this year, so I guess not demonstrating rug hooking has some advantages. I think it is just hard to get people to commit to anything anymore, don't you? ... Just my opinion.

Today while I had some time to myself I crocheted some more. I've attached a picture of three scraves I've made recently, red white & blue ... I'm in a 9/11 mood I guess. Also hooked a little on my lady with the wild socks rug ... I should take a picture of it too to show you, but I'm ashamed to say I have not accomplished anything on that runner rug, so I'm not going to take pictures of ANY of my hooking until I get back on track!

I read recently where you shouldn't use caps or exclamation marks so much in your writing on the computer. Forget that! That is how I express myself! LOL!

Funny thing happened on the way home from seeing the kids (Michigan) Sunday. We got into a traffic jam on US31 south out of South Bend. We couldn't figure out what was going on. People were out in their yards like they were waiting for a parade or something and they kept looking to the north. This went on until we reached highway 6; it took us 45 minutes to make those few miles! Awful. Well, anyway, at one point we were sitting, stopped, in two lanes of traffic as far as you could see in front of you and behind you (just the southbound lanes); there was a person sitting on his porch and we were stopped right there. I rolled down my window and asked 'what are we waiting for?' He said (I thought ...) "the NBA ride". (National Basketball Association I thought ???) Actually I didn't reply because I was still trying to figure this out and just as I rolled up the window he added 'don't get your undies in a twist'. Wendell said, 'what did he say!?' and I just didn't respond because I didn't want conflict. So we moved along ... Finally I figured out, duh ... Labor Day weekend ... Jerry Lewis ... MDA telethon! We found out later it was a motorcycle ride starting somewhere in South Bend and it was BEHIND us ... go figure ... WHY the traffic was tied up in FRONT of a motorcycle ride? Who knows ...

It's good to be home.

I've added a few more old pictures to the bottom of the blog. Enjoy.