Monday, September 19, 2011

Friendship last week ...

Just some of the reenacter camps at Friendship, IN.

Inside a typical tent where they stayed for the week.

My newest heroine! She was some shooter and just about my age.
And of course she loaded her own.

Wendell & I went to Madison for three days last week and enjoyed the time away. The weather was just ideal -- typical wonderful fall-like Indiana weather. We stayed at the Clifty Falls State Park Inn and the only downer was that due to lack of rain recently there was no water going over the falls. No problem! One day was spent in the town of Madison where we visited shops and enjoyed a couple of restaurants.

One day we drove out to Friendship to the NMLRA event there; it's all about muzzle loaders. We enjoyed watching shooting with modern muzzle-loaded long guns, hand guns, and antique weapons. They were shooting at targets, clays, etc. Also there were bow/arrow shooting, hatchet and long knife throwing, and in the primitive area there were people in period costume shooting antique muzzle loaders at targets. I got a kick out of one target; a red-coat! Also there was a huge area for reenacters. It was fun walking from tent to tent, looking at how they live there for the week. I know a lot of time and effort went into making each encampment as authentic as possible.

There was a great Indian fry bread tent and you could have anything on fry bread! Savory or sweet! It was a great place for lunch. We met a few really nice people at lunch and enjoyed hearing about how they enjoy this as a hobby, how they got interested, how long they've been doing it, etc.

There were two large flea market areas in addition to permanent booths on the main grounds selling everything related to muzzle loaders, reenacters, and beyond, and since we put the "marketing" off until the end of the day we only hit one of the two flea market areas. We were tired!

The drive home was good but we hated to end our little vacation. We took highway 250 west and it is a twisty, turny highway and very scenic. Just our kind of road.

Saturday night we were pleased to visit some friends' new home ... lovely! It was a great way to end a good week. Sunday I stayed home from the Colts game and hooked and am almost done with another row of my runner rug! YEAH! The Colts, not so much 'yeah' ...