Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I may live ...

Back row: Don, Phyllis, Gale; Front row, me, Dave, Jane.  This was taken in the front yard at the farm where we lived, just north of Domestic, Indiana.  I won't say how long ago ... 

Well ... I don't know.   I think I am somewhat better.

Thanks for emailing, calling or sending word in other ways, wishing for our speedy recovery.  Actually Wendell is just about back to normal.  He went to Terre Haute yesterday for two doctor appointments, plus did some shopping; he had a pretty full day.  And he is eating just fine, so I think he is on the mend. 

Me on the other hand ... not so much.  I finally gave in and went to the NP yesterday a.m. because my stomach flu has morphed into sinisitus.  (What else is new ... every time I'm ill it is a sinus thingy ...)  Anyway ... I'm now into the second day of antibiotics and a new med he gave me for cough suppression which is working pretty well btw ... it is the weirdest looking pill ... a little round clear pill that is about the size of a pellet gun pellet.  Goes down easy!  (Hey ... I think I'm recoverying my sense of humor!)  When Gary said the magic word, "antibiotic", I pictured instant cure but then he went on to say not to expect that ...  Said it might take a few days but it should do the trick.  If I could just stop coughing I would feel 100% better!

So, our family Christmas was postponed to a later date ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these drugs work for me and that I'll be up and around in a few more days.  Heaven help Wendell if I'm not ... I think his days of "nursing" are numbered (I'm not a good patient).  He sort of cringes now when I say, "Honey ......"

On the plus side, I have been enjoying catching up with my cousin Jane via email!  We will do more of that when I get better.  Yesterday I went through my pictures and dug out some old ones of the family with her or her parents in them.  The one above is of some of us "cousins" ... enjoy.  And thanks again for asking about how we're doing.  Have a blessed Christmas, everyone.