Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I guess winter is here ...

Well, it snowed today!  Pretty good, too.  We had to go to Terre Haute, and travel between Worthington and Shelburn was iffy with several cars in the ditch.  But when we got on U.S. 41 there it was AOK from there on in to TH.  If Wendell hadn't had to keep his appointment I think we might have called off that trip.  But it really went well.  Got some errands done and picked up a little extra present for Veronica at Nancy's Antique Mall.  Since we were ill our family Christmas was postponed until this weekend, so I have some bonus time for shopping.  Thankfully we are back to "normal" ... whatever that might be.

I have been enjoying going through some old family pictures, looking for some with my cousin or her family in them.  Of course you have to look through a lot of pictures to find what you're looking for, and that makes it fun.  Great memories!  I think I'll compile some for my sons.  I sure did put them into some awful outfits when they were kids and I think some of my friends would enjoy seeing those pix .....

Wendell & I have decided that if we hadn't bought a gallon of ice cream last week we would still be ill.  We've had a dish each evening and it has done wonders!  We're just about back to perfect health!  Ah, the wonder of chocolate!

Went to the UMW meeting tonight and our President forgot about it!  We are a small group so we called when she was 15 minutes late ... (She thought it was Monday all day today!  LOL!  Bless her heart!)  So we went ahead without her and did ok I guess.  We did a lesson, talked a little financial business, reported on our shopping trip for our Christmas children, and at the end of the meeting had a little fun.  One of the members, Barbara J., brought a HUGE bag of beautiful yarn donated to us for our new prayer shawl ministry by her sister-in-law.  So I brought some home to take with me to NM!   

Well, yesterday I started threading the heddles on my loom.  It is a very intensive job with much concentration involved.  If you skip a heddle, put two warp threads through one dent on the harp, not thread the proper harness (front, back, front, back, etc.), or fail to bring the warp threads through in the proper order, things get messed up.  I stopped OFTEN to run the treadles up and down and be sure I am threading it properly.  I have about 8" threaded with 22" more to go!  At the pace I worked yesterday it should take me about 6 more hours to finish.  I keep telling Wendell if I had a helper it would go faster but ..... (he's busy he says ...)  I don't know if I'll manage it but I would love to at least start a rug before we leave for New Mexico!  Wish me luck.  

More later about my 2011 new year resolutions and how I did ...  And what I have in store for 2012.  Keep warm!