Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ft. Bayard and beyond...

Fort Bayard NM, National Military Cemetery

Fort Bayard NM, Doctor's Row

Yesterday we visited historic Ft. Bayard, just 7 miles east of Silver City.  We walked and walked!  The main feature of the fort today is the modern VA hospital at the entrance to the old fort.  Two years ago they built a new hospital and moved from the old fort grounds into the new facility.  At present the locals are trying to acquire preservation status for most of the buildings at the old fort.  It sort of reminds me of Ft. Harrison in that there are lots of old homes, such as the big duplexes pictured above where the doctors lived.  Also lots of smaller single family dwellings which were officer and nurses homes in the day.  The old hospital is still standing and is a huge building in the shape of an "H".  It was a great day to walk around.  There are lots of placards around the grounds telling the history and showing old views compared to what you see today.  There has been a fort here since the 1870s.

The military cemetery was very inspiring.  When we first got there a burial was in process (the flag was at half staff) so we returned later in the afternoon.  Just walking and sitting quietly there was awesome.  This one picture does not capture the size and scope of the place.  Nothing like Arlington but still ...

I'm putting a couple more pictures at right.  Also, I have finished a couple of crocheted scarves while here (gave one to the owner and she loved it) and putting a picture of one opposite, top.  At present, in the evening I'm working on another prayer shawl in navy/navy variegated yarns.  It is going slow but should be done soon.

Finally, mother is settling in back at River Terrace in their health care unit.  She is in a double room so that is a big difference for her.  She is in a wheel chair and wheeling herself about now; had just got back from wheeling herself to and from lunch when I talked to her today.  And is getting her hair cut and styled tomorrow.  I was hearing more positive talk and she intends to walk again!  (So there doctors!)  Thanks for your prayers and positive thoughts for my Mom.