Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year ...

Have recovered from flu, sinusitis, etc., had a wonderful family Christmas celebration (finally), and am 'almost' done threading the heddles & harp on the loom.  It's been a busy week!  Next week this time we hope to be in New Mexico.  Say a little prayer for us that we have a safe trip ... (thanks!)

Last night we went to HHH for dinner to celebrate a New Year coming and after dinner drove out to Pleasant Grove Farms for their Christmas light display.  Margo turned me on to this and I am soooooo glad we went!  I have never seen computer generated Christmas lights coordinated to patriotic music before!  We drove to the east side of the place and parked to watch.  They were playing the National Anthem when we drove up the lane and we stayed until the music cycled through and the Anthem started again.  They were broadcasting on 99.3 FM and the music was a great accompaniment to the light display.  God bless them!  I would recommend this to anyone in the area.  It is a little difficult to find but we just followed the lights on the gravel roads (just like going to our house...).  Just about 2 miles south of the gun club.

In 2011 my resolution was to finish as many fiber UFOs as possible and I did pretty good with the exception of that runner fun (see below right).  Tried to spur myself on in an attempt to finish before Laurie H. finished her cat rug but she beat me to the finish line!  Haven't had it out since November ...  But 2012 is a new year!  I WILL finish that rug this year.  I must admit that I only finished the projects I still cared for.  Others went into the sale at the fiber fair and still others into the Goodwill bag.  But that is ok too ... someone will love them and finish them.

So I guess my major resolutions this year are to finish the runner rug and do a good job on my high school 50 year class reunion memory book.  It has been a fun project so far and I'm looking forward to seeing as many classmates as can attend next May.  There were only 17 of us ...

My prayer is that each of you have a peaceful, prosperous and blessed new year.