Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And then something beautiful appears ...

I was having a bad week recently.  I guess it showed ... But then something good always comes along, doesn't it?  To wipe out those bad times.

A week or so ago Wendell and I went for a drive.  As we were wandering along, looking at work on the new I-69 near Petersburg, we wandered further west and there along highway 65 was this sign saying "Azalea Path Arboretum".  (It's near Union, Indiana and has a Hazelton address.)  We took the lovely twisty, turny road and in a couple miles there it was!  What a gem in the country!  I urge anyone in the area to go take a look.  There is a website and I'm putting it here to help you.  

Since we've had such an early Spring, things there were blooming earlier than usual they told us.  (Very nice people work there!)  But they have lots of varieties of azaleas that bloom at different times in spring.  So it surely would be something to go see for at least a couple more weeks.  Here are some pictures I took there ...  [And BTW we ended the day in Warrenton at the Log Inn for dinner ... chicken livers for me ... YUM!]

This lovely wisteria is framing the patio where you can sit a spell.
One of the trails through the pines.
There are some architectural salvage pieces worked into the landscape.
One area has a lot of chainsaw sculpture.
And other pieces of sculpture are there also ...
There are a couple of lakes and a waterfall.  Just a lovely place to walk, observe, listen to the birds, and just contemplate how life really is good after all!

This past weekend was Easter and I'm going to write about it later in the week.  Everything's good ....