Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooked ... again

The Decorah eagles are once again busy hatching eggs and providing entertainment for me.  I have been spending WAY too much time watching an eagle sit/set (?) on the next ... check it out:

You can just watch ... you don't have to join.

Also busy contemplating and found myself writing these things in my journal a couple day ago (which probably indicates how my days have been going):
  • Life is short.  Stop doing things you don't enjoy.  Now.
  • When you think you're done there's always one more thing to do.  Don't bother sitting down.
  • No matter how carefully you plan (i.e., control) something or someone throws you a curve.
  • Don't stay in organizations or groups or on committees where you have no input and/or the decisions have already been made before the body meets.  Someone else can take up that space and you can be somewhere else, doing something you enjoy.  (See point #1.)
In a nut shell; we mowed, things broke, problems came up, money was spent, I slept, I ate, etc.  I wish I could say "But it's all good."  Maybe next time.  But the mindlessness of watching eagles hatch, that I can manage this week.  I'm off to see mother tomorrow.  The drive will give me lots of time to unwind and think.