Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooked ... again

The Decorah eagles are once again busy hatching eggs and providing entertainment for me.  I have been spending WAY too much time watching an eagle sit/set (?) on the next ... check it out:

You can just watch ... you don't have to join.

Also busy contemplating and found myself writing these things in my journal a couple day ago (which probably indicates how my days have been going):
  • Life is short.  Stop doing things you don't enjoy.  Now.
  • When you think you're done there's always one more thing to do.  Don't bother sitting down.
  • No matter how carefully you plan (i.e., control) something or someone throws you a curve.
  • Don't stay in organizations or groups or on committees where you have no input and/or the decisions have already been made before the body meets.  Someone else can take up that space and you can be somewhere else, doing something you enjoy.  (See point #1.)
In a nut shell; we mowed, things broke, problems came up, money was spent, I slept, I ate, etc.  I wish I could say "But it's all good."  Maybe next time.  But the mindlessness of watching eagles hatch, that I can manage this week.  I'm off to see mother tomorrow.  The drive will give me lots of time to unwind and think.


Margo said...

Sounds like not a good week. Stop knitting! Bet I didn't have to tell you that! LOL And DO sit more thing and be done later or another day. Life is too short to do it all one day!

Judith Foster said...

I've had better days/weeks. This post even alerted my son that something was wrong. OOOOOOMMMMMMM (that's me meditating)