Friday, June 8, 2012

Who'd have thunk it ???

Here in the country it's always been "us vs. them" ... by that I mean the VERMIN that disguise themselves as cute little Bambi's.  Our trees, our flowers, our garden -- all victims. They even drink from the bird bath, for Pete's sake!

Here's the latest ... A few years ago I brought back some prickly pear cactus lobes from Arizona.  I used some rooting hormone and successfully potted them.  (You who know us know that it's been about 5 years since we've been there.)  Believe it or not, those cactus have remained alive but were "just there" -- not growing any.  Well, this spring I told Wendell, I'm putting them out in the ground and they either make it or not here in Indiana.  So I did.

Well, I was elated that two of the three plants have developed new lobes, almost immediately!  Yeah!  Right?  Wrong!  Here is what I saw two days ago:

See the lovely new growth on my cactus?  See the BIG BITES taken from them!!!!  I know you're saying, "but how do you know that deer did that?"  See below ...
This is a close-up of a deer track right in front of these cactus ...  I rest my case.

What can I say.  It's my life (in Indiana).

P.S.  I'll tell you about our washing machine disaster later ... sigh ...