Monday, June 25, 2012

Yeah ... (or, one down, one to go)


I passed the test ... the mammogram test that is!  Got the official "all's well" letter last week and now all I have to do is the dreaded physical (with PAP included) this week.  Since the women in my family have had both breast and cervical cancer, I always look forward to this time of year with fear and trembling.  But like I said, one down, one to go.

It's been a busy time in the garden!  Today I blanched and froze more snow peas.  Canned the last of the beets late last week and got those jars washed and put aside this a.m.  It is very satisfying to put things in the freezer and on the shelf that come from our garden.  Of course as I write this, you too are suffering through this drought.  We are torn about watering the garden.  Will our well go dry if this lack of rain continues?  We don't know.  Only God knows that.  So once a week Wendell waters the garden for about 2 hours.  We'll see ...  My flowers are just on their own.  I've been watering them with "left over" water.  Gray water to those of you who are wondering; I can capture some right at the sink that otherwise would just go down the drain.  I wish we had a cistern like we had in Ridgeville ...  I am wondering why our county doesn't have a burn ban yet.  

I have started hooking a new piece ... yes, I know.  I have two other uncompleted rugs.  What can I say?  I guess I get tired of one project so I start something new.  One of these days I'll get on fire and finish them all!  In a week!  (I can dream ...)

This week is Owen County Homemakers Achievement Day.  It's Wednesday evening.  For some reason "they" want to decorate the building one day, then the Achievement Day is the NEXT day ... Why tear up two days?  This could all be done on the same day; decorate in the a.m., go home and prepare your carry-in dish, then go to the program in the evening.  Whoever plans these things must just be all wrapped up in Homemakers.  With nothing else going on in their lives.  Do I sound p.o.'ed?  Yeah, I sort of am.

I am weary of the hot, humid weather already.  And it's not even July yet.  Sigh ...  Maybe that's why I'm sort of on edge.   Bless you all and keep cool.