Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Up and down ...

I took several items to enter in the Owen County Open Class Fair last Saturday.  Supposed to work but county prez sent me home because I was ill.  (I must have looked awful to bring her to do that.)  Shouldn't have gone in the first place.  Actually I think I will be making up for it by working two other 4-hour shifts this week.  But I hated to let them down that day.

Besides jewelry, canning, a foliage plant and crochet, I entered that hooked mat "Prim Rose" that I posted a picture of here a few days ago.  And a woven rug that you might be interested in.  Since this was my first run of weaving I was amazed that this beginning project received a reserve champion ribbon!  This encourages me now to advance into more difficult projects and take full advantage of having a 4-harness loom.  The rug I entered is a simple over-under cotton rag rug.  Here's a picture but not a good one I'm afraid.  Looking at it here I see it is fairly straight along the sides.  My weaver friend, Paul, has given me tips on the selvage edges so I can do better on the next run.  I still have lots of this off-white cotton warped on the loom, so I will weave with that for now until I work it off.  Then when I'm done with off-white I'll change to a linen color warp I have and try something else.  I'm thinking of doing some place mats and a table runner.  Then I want to move on to various colors of warp.  But man, warp is so pricey!  This could get out of hand ! LOL !  ;-)

Sort of a blurry pix of the woven rug I entered in the fair ...
Everything else I entered in the fair got a blue or red ribbon (sigh) no grand champions this year.  But there's always NEXT year ...

Now, if I can just get back to normal, health-wise!  On the plus side, I went to the dentist for my 6-month check up yesterday and everything in my mouth is AOK.  Good.  I needed some good news yesterday from someone with initials behind his name.  While laying around the past week, feeling bum, I have finished two good books.  And done lots of crocheting.  But here's the not so good news; I cleaned the guest room last Friday and put the hooking away for a while ... Yes, I know, that was a big mistake.  When will I ever finish that runner rug, you ask, if I keep putting it "away"???  Right now it is draped over the banister in the front hallway.  That will remind me to get with it, right?

The corn is all out of the garden and we're estimating that from two 30' rows we had maybe six meals of corn on the cob and I got one (yes, 1) pint for the freezer.  Pathetic.  All that's left in the garden is peppers, tomatoes and some sick looking flowers.  Wendell is babying along the veggies with a dam around them and watering every few days.  Today we're going to Terre Haute.  It is supposed to be almost 100 degrees but it will be a fun day anyway regardless of the heat.  I need to get him away from the work of this place.

Have a blessed week and KEEP COOL!


Anonymous said...

Congrats:Pictures of your winnings, please.

Your sooo close on your hooking rug:(. But your keeping way busy with other projects.

I think it might rain in Indy today, I hear thunder.

Anonymous said...

Oh what 2 good books did you read.