Friday, August 3, 2012

End of a good week ...

Today I'll be getting ready for the Lee family reunion.  It will be great to get together with all of the cousins, aunts, uncles and extended family.  We'll also celebrate Mom's 94th birthday.  The Lee farm has been in the family for more than 100 years and it is a special place to be.  I have so many wonderful memories of staying with Grandma and Grandpa Lee there when I was a child.  I can remember just how things were then.  Of course it is different now but it is sort of like holy ground for me.  So even though I will complain about the heat and the no-see-ums, I will down deep be enjoying myself and those creature discomforts will not be as annoying as if, say, I was out working in the yard (ugh!).  

Today I helped Wendell get a new gasket on the bottom of our garage door.  It needed it.  What a job!  Of course it is never simple doing anything around here, and I ended up cleaning the inside of the garage door!  How did that happen!?!?  When I was done with that job, I just stayed down there and tied the warp on the loom for the final run of rugs with that off-white warp.  (Wendell moved my loom to the house a couple weeks ago ... YEAH!)  There is not a lot of warp left on there but I'm curious to see how this next yarn I'm going to use will look as a rug.  It is a big chunky yarn I bought, thinking I would crochet an afghan for myself but I began and could see it would be WAY too heavy.  So it will be a red, white and green rug instead.  After that I want to do another colorful rug for Errin Logsdon, who lost the first rug I gave her.  (Errin gave me the loom.)  The Logsdon home, in Freedom, was destroyed by fire last week.  They lost virtually everything.  Our home extension club has already collected recipe books for her and I donated three books to that cause, but I think another woven rug is in order, too.  Tomorrow and last week our church is collecting $$$ for the family.  That is one thing that is a "positive" about living in a small community.  The caring for each other.  The negative is everyone knows your business (or thinks they do ...).

This week we had a strong storm through come here.  Luckily Wendell and I were in Terre Haute at a Rex baseball game and missed it.  Thank God.  I would have been beside myself.  For some reason the wind scares me so.  Our neighbor, Frank Cecil, lost his carport, front porch and some of the NW corner of his little rental house down the road from us.  Debris is scattered in the fields and along the roadside for a pretty good distance east from his house.  Our neighbors, the Bewley's, lost several trees.  They just snapped off about half way.  Another neighbor, with just a garage, gazebo and bathhouse on his property, has a tree on the top of the garage.  We had a little damage in the woods, but just trees that were already weak.  We "did" have a pick-up-sticks day here on Wednesday though ...  I was way tired the next day!  And actually there is more out there to pick up, but that will have to be next week.  The leaves were just plastered to the west side of our house.  And lots of them looked like they had been shredded.  On the negative side -- it was mostly wind and no rain.  We desperately need rain, being an area of extreme drought, and it appears it just blew, hailed and rained just a little.  We pray for rain daily at our house.

Have a blessed weekend.