Monday, November 5, 2012

An update on Mother ...

What a week for Mom!  Last Monday she went to the dr. and they decided she would have hip replacement surgery since she had some hardware floating around the area from a past surgery.  The next day she had the surgery at Lutheran Ortho Hospital in Ft. Wayne.  It seemed to go well.  But two days later she had a heart attack.  She was transferred to the heart failure unit at Lutheran and that's where I've spent a lot of my time lately.  For a while there on Friday and Saturday we thought we were going to loose her.  Then on Sunday she started to turn the corner!  Now she is doing somewhat better and there is even talk about her being dismissed to go back to RT Healthcare Unit in Bluffton eventually  So the power of prayer is real.  For a 94 year old she is doing about as well as can be expected.  (So much can happen in one short week, can't it?)

I got home late Saturday and have been resting up and catching up.  On Sunday afternoon I sat down and finished the last few inches of binding on this quilt.  It looks better spread out and I'll try to do that soon and take a pix.

Also, I thought you might want to see what that runner rug looks like actually on the floor, in use!  I am so thankful, glad, proud, relieved, elated, happy, pleased, joyful, delighted ..... that it's done!  LOL!!!  So here it is, coming and going:

 Thank you all for your positive thoughts, powerful prayers and kind words.  Judy.