Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh, Fudge ...

Up and at 'em this a.m.  Took 12 bags of fudge to the bank in Spencer for an Owen County Extension Homemakers bake sale.  It's to fund the scholarship we give annually to a senior at Owen Valley H.S.  They do better there with individual bags of goodies versus whole pies and cakes, they say.  So I made some of my niece Lisa's candy bar fudge.  It is an excellent recipe and easy to make, but not cheap. When I got done mixing and cutting and bagging and labeling, I sat down and figured it out ... I got out my cash register tape and for the 5 items that make up the entire recipe I spent $11.66 at Walmart.  We were to price the fudge at $1.00 per bag for 4 pieces.  You do the math ... I made the OCEH $12.  I would have preferred writing a check for $12.00!  But if I were to dare to suggest such a thing I'd be drummed out of "homemakers".  SIGH!!!  (And that doesn't even count the trips to the grocery and then to Spencer to deliver the goods ...)

Do I sound crabby?  I'm sorry.  And I must say I tasted the fudge and it was good...  So there are dividends.  But here's my thinking ... if every homemaker that participated wrote a check for $12 our treasury would be $852 richer.  It will be interesting to see how much we make ........

Spending the day doing some pre-Thanksgiving cooking.  I have a pumpkin cheesecake in the oven as I type and when it comes out I'm putting in the bird.  I have a different plan for this year.  Gotta think of something to do to cut down on some of the stress/work so I can enjoy the day, too.  Maybe next year we'll all go out for Chinese!  LOL!  (Think "The Christmas Story".)

Have a great holiday with your family!

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