Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On hold ...

I guess you could say my life's been on hold for a while.  Have been so busy with spring clean up (inside and out), trips to the dr., meetings and luncheons that I haven't had a chance to breath.  I did go to Vincennes with Margo, Teresa and Brenda a couple weeks ago and that was a fun day.  Had lunch at Pea Fections then spent the afternoon at Atkinson's Farm Yarn.  And Easter was a good day, too; we went for a nice drive after church.  Couple weeks ago we went to Michigan to visit the kids and see their new house (lovely).  In the same weekend got to visit with Mother and other son in Kokomo.

My head's been busy, too.  Working on a few different events such as the Cultural Arts contest for Owen County Home Extension (I'm chair of that committee), then trying to do all of the other things that the "homemakers" expect of their members (plus I'm treasurer of my local club), making 16 rug hooking kits for the HHRHG 10th annual Fiber Fair coming in mid-May, then last but most importantly plans for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration which will be in June.  To top this all off, we are re-doing both of our bathrooms this summer.  In fact we hope to begin within a few weeks if things work out.  (Keep your fingers crossed for us!)  If I play my cards right the only thing I will have to do is paint the walls and buy things!  Yeah!

We planted the (much smaller) garden last week!  Yeah!  Only planted radishes, lettuce, onions, garlic and spinach.  Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and some herbs will follow.  This is the part of the garden that will be fenced.  In the "old" garden I'm going to plant rows of flowers; I am so excited about that!  Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share ... Since Wendell tilled the garden the deer have been out there dancing.  At least that's what it looks like.  They can't WAIT for everything to come up I guess.  But that electric fence will be a deterrent when W. gets it put up.  I have three of the five flower beds cleaned, mulched and Preened; two to go!  (Yeah!)  But one will need a MAJOR overhaul!  (Boo!)

Here's a table Wendell made for me with a lot of help from Neil (who did the top).  I LOVE it!  It's in the wine room in the basement.  We have a little radio/cassette player that will sit on it.  But you know, I think I would love to have this table anywhere upstairs, too!  Didn't the guys do a good job?

There are two eggs in the bluebird box by the garden and that makes me feel like spring is really here.  They are singing their little hearts out!

Have a great rest-of-the-week.