Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flooded in but made a break for it!

It seems like it's rained 40 days and 40 nights lately.  And I've been on the lookout for an ark floating down the White River, but nothing.  We noticed the water in the field in front of our house a week ago last Thursday and were stranded on our inland island for that day but Friday the water was back down enough to drive out.  However by Saturday it came back up and we were stranded here until Tuesday.  It seemed weird to miss church Sunday.  It was a beautiful day and we actually worked out in the yard.  So it just didn't seem like Sunday with that combination of missing church and working in the yard like you would on a normal week day ...

I'm happy to say that I am DONE cleaning flower beds.  I've gone through two containers of Preen!  Did a little transplanting and hope everything grows where it's planted.  And there's fresh mulch all around.  Our grass was so tall that on Monday Wendell mowed the large area west of the house again!  It just didn't "take" the first time!  LOL!  Looks nice now but really could be mowed again ... [sigh]

The vegetable garden is looking good!  I need to plant some flowers out there...  We have been enjoying asparagus; had some on a pizza couple nights ago.  Yum!

Even though I couldn't get off the island in the normal manner, I had a commitment in Spencer Monday, so I walked out on the railroad tracks and was picked up by a friend and made it ... "it" was the annual Cultural Arts and International Day event held by the Owen County Extension Homemakers.  Since I was the chair of the C.A. piece, I just thought I needed to be there.  Besides, I didn't want to let down our county president and my good friend Barbara T.!  Actually it all went very smoothly, even though it was my first year at this post.  (And she's already asked me to do it again next year!  Yeah!)  We had a very modest number of entries in these categories (so I need to work harder for next year's event): quilting & quilted items, needlework items, all other creative items, and a special IEHA 100th Anniversary period costumed doll category.  I made hooked and prodded lapel pins for the first, second and third places in each category.  Everyone seemed happy with their "prize".  Those in attendance voted for their favorites.  There was a lot of wonderful food to sample and a good program, too.  All in all it was worth the walk.  When we got out of there it was after 8:00 and I was sweating it.  Wendell walked out and walked back in with me!!!!  What a guy!!!!  It sure was good to see him standing there on the tracks when I walked down that little country road to start my journey home.  By the time I returned to our neighborhood it was just about dark.  And there were coyotes howling very nearby!  Sort of scary when you're out there in the dark with them!  But I made it there and back safely.  And I felt good about myself, that I could walk that far at my age.  My pedometer said I walked 4.4 miles ...

Here's a picture of what it looks like from our house when it floods (top) and the reason we can't get out (bottom).  We're on a road that dead ends at the river ... It is very quiet here when it's flooded except for the roaring of the river.  And I can't explain the feeling of freedom (usually) knowing I am just here and won't be going anywhere for a couple days.  I tell people, as long as we have plenty of TP and chocolate everything's good.  It's my life!