Friday, February 28, 2014

It's beautiful and sunny today but still cold. (Don't come home yet, Nancy & Don!)

This has been a busy day!  Just finished baking 2 dozen cupcakes for the 4-H Roundup in Spencer over the weekend.  Easy enough because I don't have to decorate them.  That is what they want them for; a cupcake decorating contest.  The roundup is to create interest in joining a 4-H club.  Seems like Jolly Homemakers is always doing some community service project like that.  I'm serving on the cheer plate guidelines committee right now at Jolly and that is interesting; deciding who gets a plate of goodies that the Surgeon General of the U.S. would undoubtedly frown on.  (I gather that this is a very important subject to some of our members ...)  Also serving on the Nominations Committee and that should be easy because everyone seems happy with what they're doing right now.  Upcoming on the extension homemaker front is the Owen County Extension Homemakers National Day/Cultural Arts Day combo where I serve as chair of the C.A. component.  In March I'll try to visit each of the county clubs to drum up enthusiasm for entering their hand-mades in the contest.  I really enjoy doing that.

While I was making cupcakes I looked at the counter (I had 3 eggs laid out to reach room temp for the cupcakes and was getting lunch ready, too) and there it was ........ (drum roll)
Wendell laughed out loud (and those of you who know him know, that's loud!).  I couldn't help but whip out my camera.

We have been enjoying fresh eggs a lot lately -- a friend at church gives them to us regularly, then last Sunday night Randy & Benjie gave us a dozen, too.  So we've had scrambled eggs, pickled beets & eggs, egg salad, etc. etc. etc.  Yummy.

Wanted you to see what my sweetie got me for Valentine' Day / Wedding Anniversary ...
Lovely!  Thanks Wendell!
Along the same lines, for Becky S., here's the lovely poinsettia I bought from your women's council way back in early December.  They are staying so beautiful!  I recommend the Christian Church's poinsettia sale to anyone who is interested.  Will try to keep this plant alive and see how it does in the ground this summer.  Anyone have any tips on that?
They are a beautiful ivory color with a hint of pale pink. 
We went to Washington the other day to do some errands and just on a fluke went to Dailey's Furniture Store.  We found a pair of chairs for the living room! Yeah!  Been looking for a long time to find just the right thing for the room and something we can agree on (sound familiar?).  Sales lady had one on the floor and said her computer showed that there was a duplicate in the warehouse.  Well, the next a.m. Wendell loaded up our old faithful chair and ottoman and took them to the Sun Shine Shop in Worthington (because we were expecting to get those 2 chairs) and wouldn't you know, she called and said "someone" had sold the one in the warehouse so we'll have to wait for about 3-4 weeks until they can get us two new chairs.  Oh well, it's probably just as well.  Who knows how many people have been sitting in "my chair" there in the store!  LOL!  So things look sort of spare in the living room just now.

While we were in Washington, we had to go to the farm store and there's a flea market next door, so we went there, too.  You see and hear some interesting things in those places ... well, really, lots of places.  That makes me sound prejudiced.  But I digress.  Here's my question: who would nickname their toddler "Booger"?  and actually call him by that name in public?  is it legal to sell a used toilet seat?  does anyone still buy 8-track tapes???  is there a dress code anymore? anywhere?  Just askin' ...
Actually, I've been looking for a poster like this and I'm always on the lookout for stuff like that in flea markets.  btw; I'm "Greek", what are you?  [You just took off your sock to look, didn't you?]
We plan on going to see Monuments Men this weekend sometime.  Also have to go sometime and get some groceries (yeah).  Jeff and Jane are planning on coming down, and so is a snow storm.  I am sooooooo over winter.  But not Jeff & Jane.
This was a new one to me ... funny? sad? It's my life in Greene County.