Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"All is calm, all is bright." -- Joseph Mohr

Silent Night is probably my favorite Christmas hymn.  I'd like to say we're going to a Christmas Eve service at church tonight, but for some reason it doesn't t start until 10:30.  So we'll pass it up this year and hope next year they start it a little earlier ...

This has been a really good day.  Got some packing done this a.m.  Catching up on laundry.  Flipped some dust and ran the vacuum quickly.  Met Margo and Neil for lunch at Pepperoni Grill; always a good thing!  Home and taking it easy as we prepare for a quiet Christmas at home tomorrow.  Think tonight we'll watch The Christmas Story, Wendell's favorite ("You'll shoot your eye out kid!").  My fav is White Christmas and we've already watched that.  In fact we've watched almost all of our favorites the last couple weeks -- Prancer, Holiday Inn, Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life.  What more could a girl ask for this time of year!!??

It's raining and supposed to turn to snow.  So tomorrow we just may wake up to a white Christmas.  We've had Christmas with all of our little family last Sunday at Jeff & Jane's home in Winchester.  That was fun!  The day was just not long enough, though.  We stayed in Richmond that night and enjoyed a slow, leisurely drive home through southern Indiana Monday.  Went through some towns we hadn't been through in forever!  My favorite was Brookville, where there are hand-painted 3' roosters in front of lots of the businesses.  I was told it's their way of celebrating their 200th birthday.

I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas and get to spend it with the person or persons you love the very most.  We were given a great gift this year and we feel blessed.  God is good.  All the time.


P.S. Here's the two latest hooked pieces I've finished recently.  The bird's nest is on the dining room table.  And the Santa is on my front hallway chair right now.  Looking forward to more fun hooking in 2015!

"Bird's Nest", a Maggie Bonanomi design.