Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spring Branch is cool ...

Well, we're here.  Spring Branch, Texas is cool (literally)!  Yes, I know; it's super cold back home, but still ... Our poor landlady has apologized over and over.  But, hey!  She can't control the weather!  I told her we've experienced this at other locations we've stayed for the winter and they all tell us the same story!  ("This is not normal weather for us!")  No, really.  It will eventually get back to normal.  It is cold here but sunny off and on.  Over the weekend it was in the mid-60's with bright sun.  We've been relaxing, exploring, reading and just getting ready for a warmer winter.  I'm enjoying my new Kindle a lot.  I brought my Featherweight so I've been doing a little sewing, too. 

On the negative side, this area is more heavily populated than I expected, so there are no leisurely drives.  There is always someone on your bumper.  And the speed limits on a state highway are usually 65, and in places 75.  So no "Sunday drives" for us this year.  I don't know how far into the country we'd have to go to not be run over by another driver ...  And I'm no slow driver myself ...

Yesterday we went to Gruene (pronounced green) which is a sort of suburb of New Braunfels.  It's a very old town with several interesting shops.  We visited Gruene Antiques, the mercantile (bought a jar of pecan butter - yum), a pottery, and last stop was for coffee and apple pie at the Gruen Coffee Haus.  (Yes, it's all German to me, too.)  Their chai latte was to die for!  We need to go back -- there are several other shops I want to visit as well as a couple wineries have outlet shops there.  The Guadalupe River snakes through Gruene and tubing on the river is very popular.  There are huge parking lots to accommodate the shoppers and tubers (i.e. -- this is a tourist town).  Lots of tube rental places.  We saw a good looking restaurant that we'll have to go back to some evening for dinner, right on the river.  When we left, we took a drive around the north side of Canyon Lake and then back home late in the afternoon.  It was a good day.  Here's a few pix I took ...

The front of Gruene Antiques.

This is what I liked about Gruene Antiques ... there was lots of stuff here you don't find in Indiana.  But things were much higher priced, too.

This safe was originally in this building which served as the general store, post office and "bank", as well as general meeting hall for the community.

The Gruene Hall is kitty-cornered from the antique store and is an historically designated building. Many well-known c&w performers have played here.  It's still in use daily.
Well, here's hoping you're safe and warm wherever you are.  The new year has gotten off to a good start for us.  I pray for your health and well-being in 2015 my friend!. 

I'll keep you updated on what we're up to.  More later from TX where we're taking it one day at a time.  GO COLTS!