Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I've been lazy ...

Not written anything here lately because I've turned just plain LAZY!  LOL!  But we have been on the go; not as much as in years past during our winter jaunts, but we haven't just sat around and read.  (Although, granted, we have done a lot of reading!) 

One of the things we like most is going to our usual places (library, church, grocery, barber/hair dresser, antique shops, thrift stores, etc.) and seeing what's different about these places in this part of our great country. 

The house we're staying in needed more than 4 teaspoons and 2 juice glasses, so we went to a thrift store.  That was fun!  The store we visited was just spotless -- they obviously launder all of their clothing and wash all of the dishes before they put them out.  And Wendell likes to go through the books at a thrift store.  I find a new/used cookbook every place we stay, and found a good one here, too!  (Lots of Tex/Mex cookbooks in all of the used book stores here.)  The library has a large choice of used books, too. 

We've been enjoying some pretty good weather here but have had more overcast days than we'd like.  No snow and no freezing weather, but not what's they're used to here.  Everyone we talk to says "this is not normal weather for this time of year."  The average high is 65 about now, but today it's not likely to get over 50.  However, when the sky is blue I don't care if it's 50 or 70. 

Found a great church and today I joined their prayer shawl group.  They meet every Tuesday a.m.  What a wonderful group of women!  They have two tubs of shawls ready to go, and distributed two shawls today while I was there.  About 10 women there today.  One of the two ministers (Barbara Aziz) came up and blessed the shawls and we all touched them and prayed over them.  Lots of interesting stories as well as some real heart breaking stories of people who will be receiving them.

Here's some pictures of one of the places we stopped at lately.  We went through Luckenbach, a real "tourist" spot and just a dot on the map along a county road ...

Here's the entrance to the Luckenbach P.O. and general store.  Sandwich joint in the back.  The firewood on the side is for an outdoor fireplace.  The mesquite wood they burn around here smells heavenly!
This stage is right out back of the P.O. and there's music there every day at 5 p.m.  It's right along the bank of Grape Creek.
To the right of the stage is a dressing/warm-up room and these chickens are a regular fixture just outside the door.  The roosters crow all the time!  Argh! 
This is the interior of the dance hall.  It's open evenings with live music.  Some of the benches that are usually placed around the edge of the room are up in the rafters!
I just thought this was funny ...
Along a back road, on the way 'home' that day, we came across this big guy!  Wow!  For some reason I love longhorns.  Just saw a program on RFD-TV about how at one time they were almost extinct.  Now they're abundant. 
Have a blessed week!